Xbox Pro Action Replay Save (Europe)

Save Game File01/30/05jimfish286K
BOSS FIGHT: Doctor Killjoy
Save Game File08/26/04jimfish67K
Chapter 0: Waiting To Die
Save Game File08/22/04jimfish303K
Chapter 10: You've Mistaken Me For Someone Else
Save Game File08/22/04jimfish291K
Chapter 11: Hate The Sin, Not The Sinner
Save Game File08/24/04jimfish267K
Chapter 12: A Lonely Place To Die
Save Game File08/24/04jimfish291K
Chapter 14: Surfacing
Save Game File08/24/04jimfish320K
Chapter 15: An Eye for an Eye Makes The World Blind
Save Game File08/25/04jimfish278K
Chapter 16: Who Wants to Deny Forever?
Save Game File08/25/04jimfish235K
Chapter 17: Death Be Not Proud
Save Game File08/25/04jimfish125K
Chapter 18: Single Bullet Theory
Save Game File08/25/04jimfish112K
Chapter 19: And a Child Shall Lead Them
Save Game File08/20/04jimfish151K
Chapter 2: Descending
Save Game File08/21/04jimfish193K
Chapter 3: Slumber Of The Dead
Save Game File08/21/04jimfish243K
Chapter 4: Abbott Prison Blues
Save Game File08/22/04jimfish306K
Chapter 5: No More Prisons
Save Game File08/22/04jimfish266K
Chapter 6: I Can Sleep When I'm Dead
Save Game File08/22/04jimfish357K
Chapter 7: Everything Beautiful is Gone
Save Game File08/22/04jimfish266K
Chapter 8: Darkest Night, Eternal Blight
Save Game File08/22/04jimfish311K
Chapter 9: Oblivion Regained
Save Game File01/30/05jimfish187K
Saved right before the end of the game - Good Ending
Save Game File02/01/05jimfish192K
Saved right before the end of the game - Neutral Ending

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