How do I beat Marrow?

  1. I have tried the combination of Nightcrawler (he's at a really high level and is great for saving people, so i figure i need him), Wolverine, Magma (she uses "volcano" and it kills the lieutenants), and Cyclops.
    i know that i can win this fight if i just have patience and the right team set up. so for anyone that has beaten Marrow, what team did you use?

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    clownbaby346 - 8 years ago


  1. The key to shortening this fight is to take out the regenerating enemies as they appear in the circular areas just after you knock Marrow out..You'll only have a brief moment to hit them; but when you hit one it significantly reduces Marrow's health each time she regenerates.

    If you're unable to hit any of these characters, you can still defeat Marrow, it just takes more time to completely drain her health.

    The best team characters I would consider:
    1)Cyclops with his long range optic beam attack with either power enhancing equipment or the Unique equipment that boosts damage against mutants.
    2)Storm or Jean for their team shields and radial attacks .
    3)either a tank or a confuser
    4)if you choose a tank for #3, Gambit and his Kinetic Boost
    if you choose a confuser, Nightcrawler and his teleport frenzy

    this assumes you have put enough points into the key skills for these characters

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  2. What i did was i had Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler and Rouge (but she died fast) what you have to do is have storms lightning to atleast chain and her xtreme. then use storm xtreme and gang up on marrow. when marrow gets low hp just stand in a corner ( as wolverine) and keep hitting L so your allies attack with marrow dead, a couple reviving peoples will show up in the 4 corners. kill the reviver and repeat till marrow dies 5 times, then YAY!! next level

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  3. Try using iceman to freeze/slow the guys that are regenerating her health then you just use a tank character to bring them down. then you just berserk on marrow until she dies.

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  4. I just kept hitting her with lightning until storm died and used cyclops to finish her off. Then i didn't realise that there were healers so then i got gambit out before the healers could revive her!! lol

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  5. I just killed Marrow, and since it took me quite some time, I thought about giving the technique I used.

    First, the team :

    - Storm with her Xtreme power.
    - Iceman with Slow Beam to the max. Make him use it when on AI.
    - Wolverine with Feral Slash at a good level.
    - Nightcrawler with Teleport Attack at a good level. Make him use it when on AI.

    Now, the technique :

    1/ Start by killing Marrow fellows (the 3 close-combat ones), they can be really disturbing. Don't hesitate to split the fight and take them away from their boss. If you have enough Xtreme slots, you may use Storm to get rid of them quickly. Don't waste her attacks though, you'll need them.
    2/ Go to Marrow with Wolverine, make sure Iceman is close behind. Ask the team to attack so that Iceman freezes Marrow, and keep going with Wolverine's Feral Slash until she's knocked out.
    3/ Switch to Storm and get close to the healer spawning in one of the corners. Be quick. Once you're close enough, unleash Storm's Xtreme : Cyclon Furry. Make sure you hit the healer.

    Repeat 1, 2 and 3 until Marrow's life gets down to 25% when she's brought back to life. At this point, killing the healers isn't really necessary anymore. Keep killing Marrow and her close-combat friends again and again, you'll see Iceman and Nightcrawler are pretty useful in this situation as they prevent Marrow from attacking from a distance (which is pretty lethal).

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    LordArmeo - 3 years ago 0 0

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