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    FAQ/Walkthrough by gamelord12

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    For the propper effect, back away from your monitor a few feet.
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                            Metal Arms: Glitch in the System
                          Developed by: Swingin' Ape Studios
                    Published by: Sierra Soft and Vivendi Universal
                            FAQ is incomplete: version 0.48
                           creator: Andrew Banks (Gamelord)
    	As some of you may know, this is Swingin' Ape's first game. They
    wanted to make a good action game.  Like Swingin' Ape, I'm also a first-
    timer.  This is my first FAQ/Walkthrough.  I'll try to be as thorough as
    possible within my own gaming capabilites.  I am currently a freshman at a
    high school in a nowhere town in New Jersey.  I try to be funny, but it's
    usually in vain.  If you ever see some words in all caps, it not that I'm
    yelling at you, I'm just emphasizing something.  Send me an e-mail at
    gamelord@hotmail.com if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.
    [1.0] Intro
         [1.1] Conceptualizing Metal Arms
         [1.2] Making of Glitch's World
    [2.0] Starting Up
         [2.1] Controls
         [2.2] Pros/Cons
         [2.3] Basics
         [2.4] Weapons
    	  [2.41] Mining Laser
    [3.0] Game
         [3.1] Cutscenes
              [3.11] Language
              [3.12] Humor
              [3.13] Story <SPOILERS>
         [3.2] Walkthrough <SPOILERS>
    	    [3.201] Level 1: Hero Training
    	    [3.202] Level 2: Do Ore Die
    	    [3.203] Level 3: Seal the Mines
    	    [3.207] Level 7: Wasteland Journey
    	    [3.208] Level 8: Mozer, Schmozer
    	    [3.209] Level 9: The Zombie Bot King
    	    [3.210] Level 10: Into the Trenches
    	    [3.213] Level 13: Hold Your Ground
    	    [3.216] Level 16: F&!?ing Krunked
    	    [3.218] Level 18: Wasteland Chase
    	    [3.220] Level 20: I, Predator
    	    [3.225] Level 25: Unhandled Exception
    	    [3.231] Level 31: Get to the Tower
    	    [3.232] Level 32: Unwelcome Home
    	    [3.233] Level 33: 15 Minutes
    	    [3.234] Level 34: Round Two
    	    [3.235] Level 35: Last Bot Standing
    	    [3.236] Level 36: Fall to Pieces
    	    [3.241] Level 41: General Corrosive
    	    [3.242] Level 42: Final Battle
         [3.3] FAQ <SPOILERS>
         [3.4] Storyline Guide <SPOILERS>
         [3.5] Multiplayer
    	  [3.501] Big E's House
    [4.0] Credits
    1.0 Intro
    	Metal Arms: Glitch in the System is a game that stars a mysterious
    robot found in a junk heap and revived.  This robot-based civilization is
    on the verge of extinction as they are forced into slave labor.  You must
    help Glitch get through 42 action-packed (isn't that phrase used to death)
    1.1 Conceptualizing Metal Arms
    	The concept for Metal Arms was actually a poll taken at Swingin'
    Ape.  It started out as a game starring a space-travelling bounty hunter.
    Eventually, in the story board, the bounty hunter got to a place called
    Iron Star.  It was a planet inhabited entirely by robots.  The creators
    thought that Iron Star was cooler than the rest of what they created. 
    They decided to think of several different plot lines that revolved around
    Iron Star.  They voted and liked Metal Arms the best.
    1.2 Making of Glitch's World
    	Metal Arms has very photorealistic graphics, though based on an
    artificial world.  First off, when designing this game, they didn't just
    want to make a game where if you shot something enough, it would just die.
    Oh, no.  They fully modeled everything so that you can shoot off certain
    body parts.  Shoot off an arm, enemy loses a weapon.  Shoot off a leg,
    they hop.  Shoot off both, they shoot you from the ground.  Shoot off
    their head, they have REALLY bad aim.  So there is a lot of precision and
    	When making the robots, they wanted to throw in character and
    humor.  So, the Grunts- the most common enemies in the game- were made to
    walk with bad coordination, scream after being hit for a while, and be
    near brainless.
    	In designing Glitch, they actually pretty much threw out their
    first idea because he wasn't bada** enough.  They made him a little
    appealing by darkening him and adding more intricate designs.  Also, they
    made him a little more fierce.
    	When designing Iron Star, they ran into trouble with the light
    contrast.  They wanted to make it dark to look more serious, but they also
    wanted it to be bright enough to see.  They found the perfect median, and
    the result is what we have today.
    2.0 Starting Up
    	You all know how to put the disc in the system, so let's skip on
    2.1 Controls
    Control Stick: move Glitch
    C Stick: Aim
    Directional Pad: shortcuts for primary weapons
    A: Jump/Double Jump (while in mid-air)
    B: Choose secondary weapon (hold, then use Control Stick to choose)/Reload
       secondary weapon
    X: Choose primary weapon (hold...same deal)/Reload primary weapon
    Y: Action button (does everything that the other buttons don't)/Enter and
       exit vehicle, etc.
    Z: Melee Attack
    L: Secondary weapon
    R: Primary weapon
    START/PAUSE: Pause/Settings Menu/Statistics/Mission Goal (which isn't
    	     updated often)
    As a Grunt:
    Control Stick: move Grunt
    C Stick: Aim
    A: Jump/Double Jump (while in mid-air)
    B: Reload secondary weapon
    X: Reload primary weapon
    Y: Action button/Enter and exit vehicle
    L: Secondary weapon
    R: Primary weapon
    START/PAUSE: Pause/Settings Menu
    As a Titan:
    Control Stick: move Titan
    C Stick: Aim
    A: Jump/Shockwave (while in mid-air)
    B: Reload Rocket Launchers
    X: Reload SPEWs
    L: Rocket Launchers
    R: SPEWs
    As a Jump Trooper:
    Control Stick: move Jump Trooper
    C Stick: Aim
    A: Jump
    Z: Melee Attack/Homing Attack
    L: Super Jump/Hover (while in mid-air)
    R: Fire Scatter Laser
    As a Predator:
    Control Stick: move Predator
    C Stick: Aim
    A: Descend
    Y: Descend
    L: Super Scatter Laser
    R: Scatter Laser
    As an Elite Guard:
    Control Stick: move Elite Guard
    C Stick: Aim
    A: Jump
    L: Axe (melee attack)
    R: Scatter Laser (cannot do at the same time as Axe)
    As a Sentry Gun Turret:
    Control Stick: Aim
    A: Shoot
    2.2 Pros/Cons
    	Alright, let's list them right down the line!
    Pros: Better graphics than PS2
          Two more players in multiplayer than PS2
          Great action game
          Multi-style gameplay
          Awesome multiplayer!
          Weapons with many uses
          Fully modeled enemies to shoot them apart peice-by-peice
          Other stuff
    Cons: VERY VERY minorly flawed camera
          Frustrating at times when the creators said it never would be
          No aiming reticule for the Slingshot
          Originally designed on the Xbox to make it the system of choice (but
          GCN comes close)
    2.3 Basics
    	Here's your Metal Arms 101.  The basic thing is to keep your thumb
    on the C Stick all the time unless attacking.  Even then you need to aim
    (duh).  Okay, what helps a lot of times is when you are stuck on what to do
    (when no enemies are around) is to look around.  Basically anything you
    might be able to do in real life is what you need to do in the game.  For
    instance, shoot down bridges or drain water.
    	When you plan your attack, it's best to know what you're up
    against.  The easy way to take out Grunts (the basic, unarmored enemies)
    when facing mass quantities in an open area is to spread out your fire
    among them all.  Eventually, they will start screaming and cease fire.  Now
    for picking a target to dismantle, it's different in every situation.  If
    they have an annoying weapon, shoot that arm off.  If they are hitting you
    too much and they are surrounded by their own allies, shoot their head off
    and they will flail their weapons around, hitting you less and their allies
    more.  If you want them to stop moving so you can get behind them to kill
    them, shoot their legs off.  If you want to do straight-forward damage, aim
    for torso.  It's as easy as that!
    	When trying to figure out how to get to particular places, such as
    behind a wall or over a fence, try to find a way AROUND.  Retrace your
    steps, and find an alternate route.  Or, in the case of jumping, pointing
    your aiming reticule upward helps you to jump higher.  Also, try strafing
    and jumping to avoid fire (the gunshots; not flames).
    	Concerning washers, try to save them, and no matter what, DO NOT
    BUY AMMO!  There is plenty of it throughout the levels.  Try not to buy
    weapons, as well.  They would never make it so you HAD to buy it, and you
    don't, either.  It's okay to buy energy if you're really low.  However,
    when you die, you restart with either half of your health, or the amount
    you saved with (whichever is more).  The things you DEFINITELY should buy
    are weapon upgrades.
    	Now, here's how the energy system works.  A small energy heals one 
    battery (life bar) completely.  Also, large energies heal all batteries,
    but these are rarely found.
    2.4 Weapons
    	Here's a list of all of the 17 weapons I know:
    Primary:   Mining Laser--Weak, rapid firing weapon that draws energy from
    			 its user's battery.
    			 Never runs out of ammo, but needs to recharge.
    	   Ripper--Cut's and dismantles most joints.  Also good for
    		   cutting red, metal wire.
    	   S.P.E.W.--Small Projectile Emitter Weapon--Machine gun.
    	   Scatter Blaster--Short-range shotgun.
    	   Rocket Launcher--Also known as Barrage Cannon.  Fires strong
    	   Rivet Gun--Rifle that hits and detonates moments after impact.
    	   Toaster--Flame-thrower weapon.  Not upgradeable.
    	   Slingshot--Fires your current Secondary weapon farther.  Not
    	   Control Tether--Allows you to hi-jack the enemies and use
    			   their own evil against them.
    	   Wrench--Allows you to temporarily dismantle yourself.  Not
    Secondary: Coring Charges--Small grenades that have a large blast radius.
    			   Not upgradeable.
    	   Cleaner--Homing grenades that can lock onto at the most two
    		    enemies.  Not upgradeable.
    	   EMP Grenade--Grenade that shuts down all bots in its clearly
    			visible radius.  Not upgradeable.
    	   Scope--Allows you to zoom in, get enemy info, and increase
    		  accuracy of your weapon.
    		  Not all weapons are compatible.
    	   Recruiter Grenade--Changes the allegiance of any bot in the
    			      radius to your own.
    			      Not upgradeable.
    	   Magma Grenade--Grenade that does great damage and continues
    			  to burn the enemy after.
    			  Not upgradeable.
    	   Det-Pack--Used through the action button.  Detonates several
    		     seconds after placement.
    		     Not upgradeable.
    Mining Laser
    Lvl 1 Clip Ammo: Infinite
    Lvl 1 Ammo: N/A
    Lvl 2 Clip Ammo: Infinite
    Lvl 2 Ammo: N/A
    Lvl 3 Clip Ammo: Infinite
    Lvl 3 Ammo: N/A
    	The Mining Laser doesn't use ammo.  Instead it uses a um...charge
    meter, for lack of better words.  Basically, this charge meter fills while
    you're not charging.  If you noticed, the bar never fills, no matter how
    long you wait.  But, once your Mining Laser gets to level 2, you can
    charge your gun by only holding the button down half-way.  It will go all
    the way to the end of the meter and this will release a powerful, charged
    shot.  The level 3 gun is even better.  You can now use it to easily sever
    enemy body parts.  This is really the only level of the gun you'll enjoy.
    3.0 Game
    	Okay, basically the game is broken down into several sections, of
    which the majority is (thank God) the action.  They combined many different
    styles of gameplay into Metal Arms.  One great thing about the game is the
    story.  You can find this in the instruction manuel, in the actual game, or
    right in this FAQ.
    3.1 Cut-Scenes
    	A rewarding part of this game is definitely seeing a cut-scene
    right after you put your butt on the line, by yourself, taking on an entire
    army.  This way you get to see the outcome of your idiotic courage.  Plus,
    you get to find out what you're doing in the next level and why.
    3.11 Language
    	I know from going on message boards that language is definitely an
    issue in this game.  Even though the REALLY bad words are "censored", it
    still may not be appropriate for A LOT of children.  To tell the truth,
    they put a quarter-second *bleep* over the word and consider it censored.
    The words that they censor are the same words they can't put on TV (for
    anyone not quite sure and very much concerned).  Frankly, it's rated "TEEN"
    for a reason.  For all of you concerned parents out there, make sure you
    know what you're buying for your kids...or what your kids are buying for
    themselves.  One alternative would be to mute it (since there are no
    subtitles) whenever Krunk (the mechanic with four arms) appears.
    Seriously, he's the only one who curses REAL bad (don't quote me on
    that...I could be wrong/forgetful).
    3.12 Humor
    	This is actually one of the few "comedy" games out there (some that
    I really enjoy are Earthbound and Viewtiful Joe).  Even though there is a
    HUGE focus on action in this game, there are a lot of jokes; good ones!
    With comedic voices such as Patrick Warburton (Kronk in The Emporer's New
    Groove) and the stylings of other perfectly casted voices such as Dan
    Castellaneta who voices Homer in the best cartoon of all time (the
    Simpsons), you can't help but laugh.  The writing is genius, and I
    guaruntee that you'll get a big laugh EVEN WHILE SELECTING THE DIFFICULTY!
    Some jokes are not for kiddies, however, as is the language.  And, one of
    the funniest parts in the game is just how much Krunk curses.
    3.13 Story
    	The following story was taken directly from the instruction manual.
    	Located on the outer rim of a distant galaxy is a planet with deep
    secrets and a mysterious origin.  It is a planet unlike any other in the
    universe, and yet it would go entirely unnoticed by a passing starship.
    	This is Iron Star, a planet inhabited by a society of robots.
    Although Iron Star appears to be an ordinary organic planet, it was
    actually constructed in the distant past by ancestors of the current
    inhabitants.  Its construction is archetectural genius, consisting of a
    thick metal shell fastened to a solid core in the center.  The surface was
    terra-formed with imported dirt, shredded asteroids, and crushed ice.
    	Upon the planet's surface, many robot cities are scattered among
    the vast barren regions of the planet.  Some large and some small, these
    robot cities are home to the majority of the planet's primary robot
    civilization known as the Droids.  The Droids on Iron Star work with
    efficiency in their cities and live in the security that the planet's
    facade provides.
    	Deep within Iron Star, under its protective shell, is the planet's
    primary industry region operated by a small society of enigmatic robots
    called the Morbots.  Not much is known about the Morbots.  Since the
    beginning of Iron Star, they have remained below, forever committed to
    operating the planet's most valued resource: its power.  It's an
    unquestioned law that Droids never venture below the planet's surface.
    Even if that were possible: the only entrances into the Morbot region are
    what seem to be permanently sealed gateways decorated with unusual symbols.
    So mysterious is their existence that even the subject of Morbots is
    guarunteed to inject a hearty dose of discomfort into any conversation.  No
    Droid really knows why this is, although there are many eerie stories about
    the Morbots that have been passed from one Droid generation to another.
    The stories couldn't all be true, could they?
    	For the science Droids, improving the existing models of worker
    Droids has become routine.  The modifications usually improve efficiency,
    whether it involves movement, visual and audio processing, or the tools the
    robots are equipped with.  For generation after generation, the science
    Droids have progressively evolved every type of Droid in one fashion or
    another.  That is, every type except for the science Droids themselves.
    	The science Droids' specialty is their extremely complex brain
    circuitry, which makes them the only Droids capable of comprehending the
    inner workings and schematics of every other type of Droid on the planet.
    But their own brain electronics are too complex for them to understand, and
    this limitation has prevented them from evolving.  For as long as Iron Star
    has been in existence, the science Droids have remained exactly the same.
    Many attempts at self-improvement have been made, but all have failed
    miserably, usually resulting in a twitching pile of metal with a smoking
    brain circuit.
    	The most recent attempt to build a new science droid was
    devastating, and changed Iron Star forever.  A team of science Droids, lead
    by chief scientist, Dr. Exavolt, applied radical ideas to a new robot
    brain.  Although the first several attempts resulted in a robot with the
    intelligence of an electron, their perserverance finally, and for the first
    time in Iron Star history, produced a robot with the ambition and the know-
    how to evolve beyond its original design.  But with this ambition came a
    hunger for power!  The science team constructed a custom chassis to house
    their creation, and after a few calibrations, the new robot stood and
    looked around to study its surroundings.  It turned to face the science
    team, who were standing motionless with disbelief that the impossible stood
    before them.  It spoke four words, "I am General Corrosive."
    	Suddenly, from outside the science lab where General Corrosive
    addressed his makers, several loud explosions were heard along with laser
    fire and metal alloys clashing.  Then silence.  Other science Droids rushed
    down the hallways to the top-secret lab, and were shocked to find the door
    completely obliterated off its track.  Inside, the room was demolished.
    Equipment was torn into peices, still sparking and smoking.  Furniture was
    thrown about.  Broken glass and shards of metal lay spilled across the
    floor.  And mechanical fragments of the robot science team were scattered
    across every corner.  The debris lead out of the lab, through the door, and
    down the hallway, where it finally vanished.  Whatever did this had
    	It didn't take too long for the Droids to peice together what had
    happened in the top-secret science lab.  From the notes, Dr. Exavolt had
    been working with his team to create a new robot with a super brain.
    Radically new ideas were hastily used in the design and construction of the
    robot, and resulted in an unstably neural network in its cranium.  When the
    robot was powered-on, its unstable brain circuit entered a state of chaos
    and it destroyed the science lab and the robots in it.  However, Dr.
    Exavolt was never found, and his whereabouts remain a mystery to this day.
    3.2 Walkthrough
    	Alright, here's how it's going to work.  I'll give you the mission
    number, followed by the difficulty level (in my opinion out of 10 stars; 10
    being the hardest; based on Normal mode.  The difficulty levels that you
    can choose from at the beginning of the game are Easy, Normal, Hard, and
    Nuts of Steel), and I will point out every SECRET CHIP to my knowledge.
    However, some locations and times may be slightly inaccurate.  If there is
    ever a time when you are having a hard time on a level, I suggest to not
    worry about the SECRET CHIPs.
    Level 1: *Incredibly easy
    Droid Mines: Hero Training
    	This level is REALLY EASY (thus the difficulty level I put)!
    Basically, you get a funny opening story cut-scene.  Then, you follow Hosed
    and Screwed (lol) into the mines to  lead a resistance against the Mils.
    Okay, almost every part of this level is straight-forward.  All you have to
    do is follow your comrades.  Then, the first non-linear part of this level
    is when you get your first Coring Charges.  First off, STAND FAR AWAY FROM
    THE BLAST.  It will go far enough to hit the rocks.  The miners will come
    out, and then you should go right in to where they came out.  To your left,
    there is a SECRET CHIP; to your right there is a small energy.  After that,
    continue to follow Hosed and Screwed.
    	They will lead you to an area with a zip line.  When they tell you
    to take the zip line, DON'T.  Just go down on foot, and take out the Grunts
    at the bottom.  The easiest way is to use your Coring Charges (from a
    distance).  Then, go around behind where the Grunts were, and you'll find a
    SECRET CHIP all the way at the top near the gate.  Now you can go back to
    take the zip line.  Guess what.  That's the end of the first level.
    Level 2: *****Annoying due to the amounts of Grunts with your little health
    Mil Mines: Do Ore Die
    	You start off seeing your favorite losers, Hosed and Screwed, get
    killed.  Back up immediately into cover, and get the Ripper (the weapon in
    that safe area).  Then, fire at all of the red wires.  The more you cut,
    the easier this will be for you.  They will form ramps so you can climb
    across the stage.  Now here's the hard part.  You need to take on several
    Grunts so your Coring Charges will help a lot here.  Clear the area of
    Grunts, then you should see a hatch on the floor.  Blow it up with a Coring
    Charge, but keep your distance.  Climb in there, grab the health, then you
    will have the first checkpoint.
    	Shoot off the coverings on the grate one at a time, backing up
    after each shot.  This way, you can remain stealthy for a little while.
    Then, come out a little bit and shoot the red wires in front of you quickly.
    That will cause a big explosion that will kill several Grunts in the
    process.  Then use your Coring Charges and Mining Laser to kill the rest of
    the Grunts.  You may die several times while doing this, but keep trying.
    You will eventually get a chip.  Then go to the top floor using the ramp
    and you will see a vent.  Start navigating it. Using these instructions.
    	After you enter through that SPECIFIC vent, follow these
    instructions.  Turn right as soon as you enter.  Keep walking until you get
    to a left turn.  At the end of that section, there is a battery.  Take
    it...trust me, it helps.  There is a vent entrance at the end of this
    section.  Don't take it; it leads you to the beginning of the level.  Then
    head out and make a left.  Follow the linear path until you get to two
    different passages.  It doesn't matter which you take because they lead you
    to the same place.  Walk out slowly and you will end up on a pipe.  In front
    of you will be several platforms that were too high for you to jump to
    before.  There is ammo on top if you need it.  After you've aquired that,
    just jump right back.  Then once you're back in the vent, follow the linear
    path past where you found the battery, and past the green glowing door that
    is the entrance.  Go past one right turn so that you have to make a
    different right turn.  After that, make a right at the next turn.  You will
    be lead to a small section with a SECRET CHIP.  Then, turn around and make
    a right followed by an immediate left.  There will be an energy at the end
    of the hallway (which you shouldn't need right now).  Follow this linear
    path until you get to a cell with a green forcefield around it (on the
    outside so you can still get in).  Discharge your new ally in the cell, and
    shoot open the manhole.  Go down to get a SECRET CHIP.  Come right back up
    the same part you entered with a double-jump.  Then, recruit your ally and
    take him back to the entrance.  Do this by following a linear path until
    you get to a right turn.  Take that turn, and walk until you get to a
    section where your only options are left and right.  Turn left and, keep
    going until you get to the green entrance.  Go out.
    	Now take the available door that is normal-sized for a human.  In it
    will be your first console where you control a Grunt and kill all the other
    Grunts in the area.  Then walk over to the door with a red button.  Push
    it, then walk up the ramp again.  You'll see this electric thingy covered
    with glass.  Shoot off the glass then jump in it.  You'll now be Glitch
    again.  Walk out of that room as you hear mass explosions.  Some Grunts
    will come out of the big red door.  Kill them, then go in that room.  Many
    Grunts will come down an elevator.  They're very easy to kill.  Just
    quickly throw a Coring Charge at them to take out the majority.  Then,
    whatever is left, take out with the SPEW that you found earlier.  After
    that, take that same elevator up.  Kill the Grunts there, and proceed to a
    Green switch.  Hit it to free your comrades.  They will help you fight off
    some enemies who just came out of a door.  There are these flying things
    along with some Grunts.  Don't worry about the flying things; they take
    just as long to kill as a Grunt.  After that, go in that same door.
    	This will lead you to an elevator that will take you to the spot
    that the Grunt you controlled was at.  Collect all the washers left behind.
    And then go through that door that you opened before.  Get the SECRET CHIP
    in that crate, and then leave the area to go with your comrades.  One will
    be standing in front of the door you need to take.  Go to him to see a cut-
    scene that leads you to level 3.
    	Get 9:55 or better for a speed chip.
    Level 3: ***Pretty easy
    Mil Mines: Seal the Mines
    	When you start off, Glitch will start falling.  When you land, turn
    around.  There will be two glowing rocks.  Throw a Coring charge at the top
    of the big one, as this is the best way to blow it up.  A SECRET CHIP will
    come out of it.  Get it, along with the golden washer and Ripper ammo, too.
    There is health back there; keep that in mind.
    	Now progress the other way, heading into a very small firefight.
    There are about four Grunts there.  Dispose of them either with the SPEW or
    Mining Laser.  This should be fairly easy.  If you lost health, go back and
    get the one mentioned before.  Then head forward into the tunnel ahead of
    	Once out of the short tunnel, there will be a checkpoint and you
    will find two crates next to a loader (hover vehicle).  Hop into the crate
    on the right and grab the shield power-up so that this level will be even
    easier.  Then, pilot the Loader using Y and take out the surrounding forces
    using L to fire a machine gun and R to grab enemies where you can drop them
    in the water or shoot them when they can't shoot back.  Use that to march
    on through the rest of these forces.  There will be the standard Grunts and
    these new flying bots.  After taking all of them out, you can go through a
    small waterfall where you will find a crate with a golden washer and a
    SECRET CHIP.  There will also be a new gun in there.  Then head off to the
    left of where you started (facing away from the tunnel) there will be
    another tunnel; but your new Loader can fit in this one.
    	Work your way through this room, which should be easy with your new
    Loader.  Take out the flying bots and the Grunts.  They will drop plenty of
    health so don't worry.  Work your way up the hill.  After you kill all the
    Grunts, it's time to depart from your Loader because it won't fit through
    the next door.  Cross the long bridge and you will get a checkpoint.
    	Shady and Mr. Pockets will be in there, but you WON'T NEED ANYTHING
    FROM THEM (except for health if the bad guys managed not to drop any).
    Then, in the following room, there will be a few Grunts.  Take them out,
    then blow up the generator (trust me; it'll look like a generator if ever
    you saw one.  This will bring you to another checkpoint.
    	After that, take the elevator back up and walk along that edge.
    You will see a ledge that you can jump to with a cut-out door in it.  Jump
    to it and through it.  You will fall down the middle.  There will be health
    down there, but you can't go back to it anyway.  Get it while you can.  You
    will go into a slightly hard firefight if you don't attack correctly.
    Remember, it's always a good idea to use Coring Charges when there are a
    lot of Grunts.  After you take these guys out, look around the room for
    a crate with Det-Packs.  I'll give you a hint; it's only one that glows
    orange.  Right next to that will be an elevator.  Take that down to the
    last part of the level.
    	You will have to go down a series of decks (three to be precise) in
    which you will have to place those Det-Packs.  This is the only time in the
    entire game that the Det-Packs don't have a timed explosion.  They will
    explode only after you get all three placed, and that will end the level.
    I reccomend that you destroy all of the Grunts first, then go to the bottom
    floor and get your SECRET CHIP.  It's in plain sight around the perimeter.
    After that, go through and place all of your Det-Packs.
    	Get 10:52 or better for a speed chip.	
    Level 7: *****Medium/Hard due to the amount of (scary) Zombie Bots
    Wastelands: Wasteland Journey 
    	This is a hard level to explain, so I will do my best.  The level
    starts out with you emerging from a tunnel.  Immediately to the right a
    trash monster will come out and attack you, so throw a few Coring charges
    around the corner to deal with him quickly.  If you are out of Charges, I
    suggest running back up the tunnel you fell out of and shooting at it with
    the Missile Launcher.  With the trash monster dead, continue around the
    corner and pick up the slingshot and Charges.  Watch out for the Mil around
    the corner.  Continue onward until the screen shakes a bit.  When this
    happens a few garbage monsters, known as Zombie Bots, will charge at you,
    pick them off before they can reach you with the slingshot. 
    	With the trash enemies dead, cross the bridge.  But beware, there
    is a Mil bot to the upper left of the bridge area with a rocket launcher.
    Take him out with either the slingshot or the Missile Launcher.  Dispose of
    him quickly though, because two more trash monsters will be crossing the
    bridge toward you. Continue along the makeshift path and pick up the two
    health units.
    	To the left will be another cave with a Mil inside, but ignore it,
    as it is a distraction.  The real threat is the trash monster hiding below
    the Mil.  Approach the Mil and quickly leave the cave as the trash monster
    appears.  Let the two fight it out.  Destroy the survivor.  Beware though,
    occasionally another junk monster will sneak up behind you, but not always.
    Continue on up into the cave and onto the makeshift walkway. Ignore the zip
    line for now.  There will be two mils on the far side, snipe them.
    Continue onward, and ignore the zip line once again.   There is a cave just
    past that with a Mil inside, destroy it.  Now gather the weapons in the
    cave and turn the knob on the boiler thing for your first
    checkpoint.  About time!
    	Now take the zip line down.  Upon landing beware of the garbage
    monster inside the tunnel.  Try to take him out quickly or you may fall off
    the catwalk.  Don’t go up the cave (as it will lead you in a big circle)
    rather, fall off the catwalk to the right of the cave.  You should land on
    a platform below with a Coring Charge.
    	Follow this catwalk all the way around until it goes down onto some
    land.  Get the items and continue onward. When you get to the end of the
    long yellowish bridge thing, turn around and go beneath it for a SECRET
    CHIP. Now return back to land. As you walk on the land the big door should
    open and lots of garbage monsters will charge out of it.  Now you must face
    them.  I recommend taking out the missile launcher and throwing coring
    charges.  Make your way under the slanted sheet metal that is the ramp to
    the big doorway.  Under there you will find a shield and an attack buddy. 
    	After taking out the trash monsters, go up the sheet metal into the
    big doorway they emerged from.  Grab the ammunition and destroy the two
    garbage monsters.  Use the ripper to cut the wires of the platform that
    leads to the barter droids. Hop the fence and do some shopping.  I
    recommend buying the scope, as it will come in handy later.  When you are
    done shopping face away from them and there should be a SECRET CHIP behind
    the pipes on the left on the opposite side of the cavern.
    	Leave the cavern and cross the final bridge.  After crossing the
    bridge that faces the last door you should follow the shore on the right
    side and a SECRET CHIP will be on a floating
    crate.  Enter the door and prepare for some heavy combat.  However, there
    is a trick to making this section very easy.  Jump on one of the yellow
    crates in the room and just shoot all the garbage monsters until they die.
    Do not use explosives as you can easily kill yourself that way in such a
    small room.  Once all the bots are dead you can enter the grate in the
    upper portion on the level, which is the end of the level.
    	To obtain the speed chip beat this level in 8:51 or better.
    Level 8: **Easy as long as you use your secondary weapon
    Wastelands: Mozer, Shmozer 
    	Now, playing as your large ally, this level should be fairly easy.
    Simply step or club all the enemies in your path.  Use the sniper gun
    (rivet gun) only for those out of reach. Most enemies you do not even have
    to kill, just walk right by them.  Start off by heading left into the
    tunnel smashing all opposition.  When you emerge from the tunnel, head
    right and then under the arch.  Kill the robots coming out of the blue
    tunnel, and continue onward.  When you emerge from the blue tunnel,
    ignore the gunfire coming from the right, instead head left.  Try to avoid
    the vehicle and head into the next blue tunnel.  To take out the Mills in
    the turrets, you must use your rivet gun.  Continue down the path (passing
    through the blue tunnel) and head up, into another blue tunnel.  Continue
    onward into the cave, marking the end of the level.
    	To earn a speed chip on this level you must get 3:03 or lower.
    Level 9: ******Hard if you're not good with the Slingshot; if you ARE good
    		   with it, sweet!
    Wastelands: The Zombiebot King 
    	To start off, you must beat this boss quickly, otherwise your friend
    in the cage will be demolished and you will lose.  There are 4 holes that
    are bared off in the arena. You need to get the boss to hit them with his
    mace to open them.  The SECRET CHIP is located in the far-left corner (from
    the starting point).  The other holes contain various weapons and power-
    ups. Be sure to conserve the health until you need it.  The out edges of
    the area also hold ammunition.  However, the first thing to do is head
    directly left and pick up the Rocket Launchers.   Then, I recommend having
    the boss break open all the holes before you even start firing.  Once all
    that has been done, begin pummeling him with rockets, making sure to stay
    far enough away, and not get hit by his mace.  After about 4 hits he will
    rest and open his mouth.  Throw a coring charge into his mouth to hurt him.
    It is very hard to get it in his mouth, but it’s the only way to damage
    him.  Using your antenna as a crosshair works surpassingly well when
    throwing charges.
    	Repeat this process several times, and be sure to conserve the health
    until you need it.  Eventually the boss will send out trash monsters to
    kill you.  Do not use your coring charges on them, as you need to conserve.
    Do not use your missiles either.  This is probably the hardest part of the
    boss.  However, if you purchased the level 2 scatter cannon from the barter
    droids it will kill the trash monsters in one hit.  Eventually he will die
    if you repeat the process enough times.
    	Gamelord says--"Use the above process except I recommend to use the
    Slingshot to shoot the Coring Charges in his mouth...if you're good enough
    with it.  The reason for this is that you can get far enough away so that
    you don't get hit with the splash damage that it does.  If you're not good
    with the Slingshot, though...you might want to take the previous strategy,
    taking the chances on getting hit with your own explosion.  This is because
    you'll waste a lot of time trying to hit him if you're not good with the
    	Get 13:26 or lower to earn a speed chip.
    Level 10: ********Pretty darn hard...but fun!
    Mil Comm Center: Into the Trenches
    	Congratulations on your new Rivet Gun upgrade.  Pull it out and jump
    from rock to rock, heading to the right, to get a secret chip and a load of
    coring charges.  Jump down and quietly make your way through the fencing on
    the left side to come upon a sleeping Mil.  Kill him however you see fit
    (he's got Rivet Gun ammo), then look down where the zip line leads.  If you
    have a scope, use that to snipe the Grunts at the bottom with the Rivet
    Gun.  Otherwise, aim carefully and don't fire too rapidly, or you'll lose
    some accuracy.  After you've destroyed all of them, zoom out and look up
    across the trenches.  You'll see a clearing and a ramp down into an
    installation.  You should be able to snipe a few more Grunts from your
    perch, as well as take out a Grunt sitting in a pillbox.
    	After killing everything you can see, go ahead and grab the Rivet Gun
    ammo refill and proceed into the trenches.  Alloy will tell you to look out
    for Titans, but you won't run into one just yet.  Take out either the
    Scatter Blaster or the SPEW and blast through the trenches.  There will be
    a few Grunts that shoot down into the trenches at you, so be sure to look
    up to take them out. If the pillbox gunner is still alive, he'll be waiting
    for you at the end of the trenches, but there's a little stretch before you
    get to the ramp out, so he probably won't see you right away.  Hit him with
    an explosive or give him a good Rivet in the head (the explosives can
    actually destroy the gun).  If there are any Mil left, you can hop in the
    pillbox and gun them down.  After finishing off the Grunts, a Titan will
    come up the ramp from the installation.  This is your first Titan!  They're
    big, nasty, and very threatening. Titans have chainguns on either arm and a
    shoulder-mounted rocket launcher.  There are a few ways you can deal with
    this guy. If you have Magma Bombs, you can toss one on the Titan as it
    comes up the ramp.  As soon as it makes contact, run away!  The Titan can
    make short work of you with its rockets.  But fear not, the Magma Bomb will
    kill it.  (For future reference, a direct Magma Bomb will kill just about
    any normal enemy.)  If you're out of Magma Bombs, you can either take cover
    and hit it with your Rocket Launcher a bunch, or unleash a Cleaner on it
    then finish it off by getting in the pillbox and shredding it. EMPs work
    too, but they only shut it down for a few seconds, so you've still got to
    take it out quickly. The Titan will yield two Energy when defeated, so
    you'll be recharged and ready to go once you collect the ammo in the boxes
    across from the ramp.  In the installation there are couple Grunts and a
    Sentry turret mounted mounted on the ceiling.  The Sentry can grind you up
    pretty quickly, so toss a coring charge or two around the corner to soften
    it up, then run out with your Rocket Launcher and give it a couple good
    shots.  Proceed to an elevator and ride it down.  There's a SECRET CHIP on
    the level above your destination, which can be reached by double jumping
    over the elevator walls on the way down.  It may take a few elevator rides
    to see this, as you have to be facing away from the elevator door.
    	Gamelord says--"After you take out the Grunts, but before you
    encounter the Titan, there is a trench next to one of the rocks that the
    Grunts took cover behind.  Go down on the side where you are enclosed by
    some boulders piled up (the side that leads to a dead end; the side
    closest to the Titan).  After you enter that trench, there is an EUK for
    a Rocket Launcher Lvl 2.  This is very useful in this level for fighting
    off the Titans later on.  Speaking of Titans, here is my strategy for the
    FIRST ONE ONLY.  You'll end up taking more damage fighting him, than by
    running past him (9 times out of 10), so make like a chicken and RUN!  The
    door will open fast enough to let you through with little or no damage from
    the Titan.  You'll need all the health you can get later on."
    	After you get the chip and exit the elevator room, Alloy will warn
    you not to set off the Scouts.  The Scouts are tiny little things with
    small searchlights that basically just set off alarms if they spot you.  If
    they live to set off the alarm, they will run into you and self-destruct,
    and you don't want them to do that.  You can dispose of it easily at a long
    range with a few Rivet Gun shots. The impact will startle it, and it will
    get almost to the alarm, but the detonations should blow it up. If the
    Scout does set off the alarm (or you set off the alarm, which you can do),
    Grunts will come out of some locked doors.  If you go inside these doors,
    you may find some ammo.  Not worth getting shot up, though.  Past where the
    Scout was patrolling there are Grunts standing on either end of the hallway
    sort of hidden.  Proceed carefully and look at the walls.  Where there's a
    hole on either side, back up and toss a coring charge to surprise them
    rather than having them surprise you.  Proceed forward and to the left to
    grab a Rivet Gun refill; you're going to need it.
    	As the door opens, there'll be a Grunt patrolling the trench in front
    of you.  Gun him down and hop out to shoot the Grunt on your left.  Try not
    to draw too much attention to yourself.  Turn around and face the
    installation again.  Run around the the left side and climb the hill to the
    top.  Grab the secret chip there and pull out your Rivet Gun again.  It's
    time to snipe.  There are three pill boxes and one Titan to be concerned
    about.  Don't get the Titan's attention just yet.  In fact, don't shoot
    near it at all.  Take out as many Grunts as you can, including the ones in
    the tower.  After you're finished, you can refill your Rivet Gun again if
    you didn't pick up both of them in the installation.  Go around the right
    side of the tower and Magma Bomb the Titan with the Slingshot.  If you have
    no Magma Bombs, get into the trenches to enter the tower, take the elevator
    to the top, and Rocket it from up high.  There's a det pack up there, so
    don't go down without it.  From the tower, snipe the rest of the Grunts in
    the trenches.  Then jump down and head to the wall on the right side.  Det
    pack it and hop in the pillbox.  Gun down the Grunts that hop out to
    investigate.  A Titan will come running too, so you can get some pre-
    emptive shots in on it, but don't sit still if it jumps over to your side
    (which it may or may not do).  Hop the wall and finish it with some Rockets
    and Coring Charges, then get into the trenches again and make your way over
    to the second tower.  Deal with the Grunts at the top, and do some more
    sniping.  There's a Mega Energy here, so grab it before heading into the
    second installation.
    	There's a Scout around the corner as you enter, so be ready to blast
    it.  If you've got a good amount of energy left, you can set off the alarm
    (or let the Scout do it) and run back to the locked door at the entrance
    of the installation.  Blast the Grunts out of the way and run into the
    room to get a secret chip.  Some Grunts will probably be gathering around
    the alarm, so you can give them a coring charge for their trouble.  Around
    the next corner is a Scout backed up by a Sentry.  Try to take out the
    Scout with some careful Coring Charge throwing or Slingshooting, but pull
    back in fast because the Sentry will spot you quickly.  It's not a very
    good idea to shoot out the Sentry first, because the Scout will notice and
    get to the alarm before you can reload and stop it.  A couple of Rivets or
    Rockets into the Sentry will silence it after you've dealt with the Scout.
    Just one more area left to go!
    	Walk out onto the bridge and turn right to deal with the two Grunts
    on the far end.  Don't collect the Energy they leave behind yet unless
    you're missing a full Battery.  Turn left to face the two bunkers.  On top
    of the left one, there are two Grunts.  Use the Slingshot to put a Coring
    Charge between the two of them, hopefully killing or disabling them both.
    Now go over to where the Grunts were on the bridge and shoot out the gunner
    of the pillbox on the platform below you.  There's a Titan down on the
    ground, so just use your Rockets to take it out.  If it gets near the
    barrels by either bunker, shoot those and the resulting explosion will do
    massive damage to the Titan and probably drop an arm off. After the Titan
    is gone, jump down to the pillbox and blast every Mil in sight.  There's
    also a short checklist of things to blow up: The two rockets on the bridge
    between the two bunkers, the round tower below that bridge, and the two
    round towers to the right of the right bunker.  The tower explosions should
    get the attention of some Grunts, and they'll run out and get drilled into
    pieces by the rain of bullets the pillbox provides.  After there's nothing
    left in sight, jump down and pull out your Rocket Launcher.  Head towards
    the left bunker.  The door to the right bunker will explode and a Titan
    will come out.  Duck in the bunker and lure it over to the doorway.  This
    is the perfect place to strafe out, fire a rocket, take cover, and reload.
    If there are barrels left, try to get it near those and blow them up.
    After you've dealt with the Titan, head inside the bunker it came out of
    and kill the Grunt with a Rocket Launcher on the ramp.  Take said ramp up
    to the top of the bunker, then head over above those ruined towers that you
    blew up.  The left one has a SECRET CHIP in it, so just jump in.  Get back
    onto the roof and take the bridge where you blasted the rockets over to the
    roof of the first bunker.  Take the zip line out of the compound.  Some
    Mils will rush out of the second bunker as you pass by, but don't bother
    shooting at them.  Jump down over the fence and run into the cave to finish
    the level.
    	Gamelord says--"I have another coward strategy for you.  After you
    get out of that door to the cat-walk, kill the Grunts (both the Rocket
    Launcher Grunts and the SPEW Grunts) and then wait out of sight of the
    Titan (preferably, behind one of the pillars next to you).  Wait until
    there is an opportunity to shoot the rockets (when the Titan can't fire at
    you, or when you can avoid the fire).  After that, you can throw an EMP at
    the Titan, run down past him, behind the buildings, head right, run up the
    ramp, run along the cat-walk (the one the Rocket Launcher Grunts were next
    to), onto the platform, jump to catch the zip-line, then get shot MAYBE
    one time on your way to finishing the level."
    	Get 20:09 or better for a speed chip.
    Level 13: ******Pretty hard but not impossible
    Mil Comm Center: Hold Your Ground
    	Here's the deal: you man a turret and take out quite a few enemy
    RATs.  They will come out of three different caves, randomly.  Also, there
    are some Predators that fly from above these caves, so watch out!  It will
    take quite a few seconds to take out the Predators.  Be prepared for them.
    The RATs take almost no time at all.  This is due to the fact that there
    are the most of these.  Now while it may seem like a good idea to keep a
    constant stream of fire (as it is most of the time), you should try not to.
    The reason for this is that you may accidentally hit one of the few trump
    cards you have: an oil tank.  These will (as you probably guessed) cause a
    big explosion should you have missed a few RATs and they are right next to
    you.  These can take out several RATs rather easily but only when they are
    close enough.  You will have a time limit (nothing unreasonable).  When it
    goes down to "0", whatever is left, you must kill.  If you don't, you lose.
    The stage is broken down into three waves, each faster than the one before
    it.  You may have trouble, but give it time.  If you die, you restart on
    the most recent wave.
    	Get 6:31 or better for a speed chip.
    Level 16: ****You might die a few times, but still somewhat easy
    Mil R & D Labs: F&!?ing Krunked
    	Well, you have to use all of your EMP grenades at your disposal to
    hi-jack the other bots and use their own evil against them.  First, take
    that Grunt in front of you.  Use him to kill all the other Grunts; then do
    as much damage as you can to the other bots before dying (which will be
    fairly quick).  After that, use your EMP grenades to render Titans, Elite 
    Guards, and any remaining Grunts helpless so you can get behind them and
    use the control tether.  You will be hit by the other bots occasionally as
    Krunk, but then there will be plenty of health.  After you destroy all the
    bots but the one you're in, a door will open with Glitch on the other side.
    DO NOT EXIT YOUR BOT!  Kill yourself so that that particular bot does not
    come back to kill you.  Then meet up with Glitch for the end of the level.
    It is normal, as you know by this point in the game, to die several times.
    So, don't give up.
    	Get 3:15 or better to earn a speed chip.
    Level 18: *Not that hard at all
    Wastelands: Wasteland Chase
    	This level is easy enough to beat.  Like in level 5, you are in a
    RAT.  The difference this time is that you are shooting instead of driving.
    Okay, for starters, shoot any gas tanks (they're the giant capsule-shaped,
    multicolored things) or oil barrels that you see.  This will blow up near-by
    enemies that you don't know are there most of the time.  Also, the targets
    that take priority are the Predators.  Shoot them first and any RATs second.
    When you get to a part where you stop and Krunk tells you to shoot the
    generators, shoot the bridge down first.  That will kill any Grunts that are
    firing at you.  Then, shoot the aforementioned generators, which are on
    either side of where the bridge used to be.  A gate will be open, and your
    chase will continue.  Soon after that, you will meet up with Vlax, whom you
    have been trying to kill for the past I-don't-know-how-many levels.  Shoot
    at him for a while, and his RAT will break down.  Then you get on foot.
    Hold off on killing Vlax for now, though.  Two buildings, that you should've
    stopped near, have a SECRET CHIP inbetween them.  After that, go back and
    kill Vlax.  Don't worry, he dies just as quick as any normal Grunt.  After
    that, you just wait a couple seconds for Alloy to finish talking to you.
    Level 20: ****You might die a few times if you're careless
    Morbot City: I, Predator
    	Before you do anything else, turn right, and go up to a fountain and
    there will be a SECRET CHIP above it.  At the start, ride the elevator up
    and be quiet, or you'll wake the Mil at the top.  Tether him and use his
    Rivet Gun to take out as many Mil down below as possible.  He'll probably
    get killed by rockets, so ride down to the island as Glitch when you're
    done and finish off anysurvivors.  There are usually a couple Grunts
    remaining to the left as you get off the island via bridge.  Once finished
    with them, proceed to the ramp and destroy the two Jump Troopers that
    attack you (Rivet Gun works nicely).  Then walk around on the extreme right
    to get to an  alcove above the ramp with a SECRET CHIP.  Jump down from
    there and use the console at the bottom to take control of a Predator. 
    	Hit the A button to descend and Y to ascend.  Primary fire is lasers
    and secondary fire is a burst laser barrage.  This part is pretty straight-
    forward, so fly through the tunnel and destroy the bridges with the rocket
    emplacements with the burst lasers.  Destroy enemy Predators with burst
    lasers at medium range and primary lasers at long and short range.  Destroy
    shields by shooting the bouncing disk along the shield's surface, primary
    lasers work best.  You should eventually get to a huge chamber with a big
    core in the middle.  Fly down level with the core and shoot it with your
    burst lasers when the glass shielding rotates out of the way.  The whole
    place should explode and you'll fall dramatically out of the sky and die. 
    	Take Glitch back to the bridge to the island and turn right to find
    the door you just unlocked.  Run through and shoot anything left over from
    before.  Below, in the water, you should see some small islands with four
    small arches coming out of the water leading into a large hole.  Jump down
    onto the closest of those islands and drop down the hole into a pipe.  Run
    through the pipe to finish the level (there's a Control Tether upgrade if
    you don't already have it).
    	Get 8:31 or better to earn a speed chip.
    Level 25: ***Not really too hard
    The Spy Factory: Unhandled Exception
    	Once you get in, Agent Shhh will tell you to meet up with two
    Droids who will smuggle the info chip to safety.  Go through the factory,
    and destroy any Sentry Gun Turrets with your Rocket Launcher.  You will
    get to a balcony with a circle in the middle.  This is an elevator; take
    it down to ground level.  Once there, kill the Science Droid with your
    Rocket Launcher.  Then, go the opposite direction to see some open
    containers.  One of these will have a Wrench inside.  This level revolves
    around the Wrench.  Take it and go to where there is a crane trying to
    pick something up from a mound.  Use the Wrench to fall apart, and the
    crane will pick up your head.  After your head is placed down, reassemble
    and you will have some awkward controls.  Walk over to the next area and
    use the Wrench in the same way.  Then walk all the way over to the right
    and you will see a crate with a SECRET CHIP.  Grab it, and then go over
    to the last spot and use the Wrench once more.
    	You will then be taken to an area where you will be assembled.
    A Grunt will walk in and out of the room.  When he leaves, go and check
    each cabinet.  When he gets back in the room, make sure you are standing
    in the EXACT same spot.  Keep looking until you find a chip.  It should
    be all the way against the right wall...in one of those lockers.  After
    that, you will be taken to a Simon Says-type game where you need to
    follow the instructions whenever he says "command".  Easy enough.
    	After that, you have to beat the other Droids in the "survival
    arena".  Don't worry.  It's pretty easy and short.  Just beat the heck
    out of any red dots on your radar.  After that proceed back to the room
    you were in at the start by going into the room that opens up.  After
    that, take out your SPEW and go crazy at the door on your crate that you
    get locked in.  The door will open and you can kill the two Grunts that
    are guarding your crate.  Then, go through the door that's available to
    you and the level will now end.
    	Get 9:51 or better to get a speed chip.
    Level 31: ****Not too hard, but you can still die a lot
    Mil City Center: Get to the Tower
    	This level is best described in two halves.  The first half that
    you find yourself in at the beginning, will give you directions on what
    to start off doing.  Basically, what you have to do is get inside the
    garage and use the tank to get to the next area.  You may notice a
    problem: the door to the garage is locked.  But what better place to put
    a skylight opening than on the roof of a top-secret, military weapon
    garage.  So, you need to get in through the hole in the roof.  Here comes
    my emphasis again: YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST HI-JACK A JUMP TROOPER!  That's the
    only way to beat the level.  Use a Recruiter Grenade or an EMP Grenade to
    get the Jump Trooper ready for easy Control Tether use.  Once in the Jump
    Trooper, you'll have to watch out for the other Jump Troopers because they
    will never stop coming.  There is a machine that you can't destroy that
    constantly gives you Jump Troopers to destroy (or hi-jack if the one you
    are using gets destroyed).  Well, in any case, make a break for the roof
    of the center building.  There will be a clearly obvious hole that you can
    go through.  Once you fall in, go toward the gate and you will see a green
    button.  Push it and kill any Grunts until your Jump Trooper dies.  Then,
    you will start to notice that most of the enemies are dropping either EMP
    Grenades or Recruiter Grenades.  Stock up!  Now go into the garage as
    Glitch.  You will see several crates.  One contains health, the other a
    SECRET CHIP.  Get both.  Then, pilot the Sentinel.  Don't worry about any
    enemies in your way.  Just work your way to the corner with a large gate.
    Just run your Sentinel right through the gate and on to the next half of
    the level.
    	As soon as you get through that gate, there will be some health.
    Get it if you need it.  Drive your Sentinel all the way to the top of the
    ramp in front of you.  When you get there, you will come face-to-face with
    Predators and Grunts.  As long as you are in your vehicle, these are easy.
    Take them out, and then make your way up the actual-size statue of General
    Corrosive.  Keep climbing and climbing and go into the globe that the
    hands are holding.  In there will be a SECRET CHIP.  After that, climb
    over to a series of cat-walks.  These will lead you to different zip-lines
    to take you to fenced-off areas.  One leads you to the Barter Droids where
    you can buy a SECRET CHIP for (I think) 50 washers.  Another will lead you
    to some crates.  One has a SECRET CHIP, the other has ammo.  Then, there
    will be one last zip-line that will lead to the end of the level.
    	Get 9:27 or better to get a speed chip.
    Level 32: *********One of the most difficult levels in the game
    Droid Town: Unwelcome Home
    	This level is very hectic.  Your pathetic army takes on an
    incredibly powerful army.  I hope you stocked up on Recruiter Grenades in
    the last level like I told you because they are a God-send in this level.
    The first thing you should do is turn around to walk back and get the easy
    SECRET CHIP there.  Then, head out the right way, and be prepared to fight
    for a while.  So, use your Recruiter Grenades (preferably one per group) to
    put them to use instead of risking your butt trying to kill them all.  They
    will be really helpful in your upcoming fights.  If you run low on health,
    there is a Mega Energy behind a building on the right.  After you fight off
    two waves, you go through a tunnel to the next area.
    	Fight off (or recruit) another wave.  Then a cut-scene will arise.
    Take a jump pad to get onto a bridge.  There you will find a SECRET CHIP.
    Another wave will come.  Get on top of the roofs for the best position to
    fight off this wave.  Rivet Gun is a good choice to fight off the Jump
    Troopers.  Just pump them full of Rivets quickly and they will be down.
    You could play roof-top cop for a while and shoot them from there.  The
    level will not end until you kill every Mil (or recruit them).  Go to the
    area with the last Mils after you kill the rest.  Snipe them and the level
    is won.
    	Get ??:?? or better to get a speed chip.
    Level 33: *******Can be frustrating
    Coliseum: 15 Minutes
    	Now, after the previous level, you were taken prisoner.  This is
    JUST like an old sci-fi movie.  Since you were prisoner, you were taken to
    a coliseum where you fight to the deat at the pleasure of the Mils.  These
    events are being watched by many Mils and General Corrosive himself!
    	You start off in your cell, where there is a very old, rusty cell-
    mate of yours.  He will talk on and on, but trust me: it's a good idea to
    listen!  Anyways, you can't exit the cell until he's done talking (because
    that's when your captives take you to the arena).  But you're not done with
    him yet.  After the cell door opens, push him (run into him) past the
    doorway.  The Grunts that will escort you to the arena will shoot him, and
    he will leave two Cleaners behind.  Pick them up because guess what: all
    your weapons have been stripped and you now only have three batteries.
    Don't worry; this isn't permanent.  You'll get all of your batteries and
    weapons back on level 37, after the coliseum levels.
    	Your hosts will now take you to a small room where you will have a
    choice of one of several different kinds of weapons.  You can only choose
    one, so for our purposes, let's choose the Rivet Gun.  Now, after you enter
    the arena, there will be a small scene where some Mils enter the arena.
    Guess what you have to do.  That's right; you have to kill them all with
    just one weapon.  However, if you've played through the rest of the game,
    your experience should guide you through this challenge...but not
    experience alone.  If you go left as soon as you enter (keeping cover, mind
    you), there will be an EMP Grenade.  This is the only one you get.  Use it
    wisely.  Now there will be (I'm pretty sure this is accurate) two Jump
    Troopers, one Titan, and one shielded Titan.  Yes, it does sound tough, but
    this guide will make it easier.  As for the Jump Troopers, you know that
    they are the smartest Mils in the game; they will come after you right away
    at a fast pace.  Now, try to attack them as well as keep cover from the
    Titans.  This shouldn't be hard to keep cover because there are a million
    things inbetween you.  Shoot away at the Troopers, and they will drop
    health or ammo.  If it's health (and you lost one or more batteries
    already), take it.  That's what health is there for, and it's not a waste
    if you take it when you are missing a FULL battery.  Don't take it if
    you're not missing a full battery.  Sorry for talking to you as if you're
    four, but I need to get a point across.  After the Jump Troopers are dead,
    notice that there are targets all around the stadium.  They want to help
    you...just not when you're too close to them.  Only shoot them when you are
    far away (say, middle-of-the-arena length...meaning that don't need to be
    in the middle but the same distance) and when there is a Titan or two near
    one.  They will be sucked into these spinning spikes of death.  The same
    can happen to you if you are two close.  These spinning spikes will not
    hurt the shielded Titan...that is, until you remove his shield.  I know I
    just told you the spikes won't hurt this Titan, but nonetheless, wait until
    he gets really close to one, then shoot it.  He will get sucked in, giving
    you the perfect chance to reduce his shield.  Use the Cleaners or the EMP
    Grenade if you still have them, or use any other means that you know
    reduces shields.  I know for a fact that your Rivet Gun will work.  So,
    avoid fire and lower that shield.  As soon as it's gone (provided that the
    spikes are still spinning, which they spin really long), "Bye-bye Titan"!
    If you did not manage to lower the shield before the spikes stopped
    spinning, shoot the target again, and it will start spinning again.
    	Now to get the SECRET CHIP, there are these two things flying above
    you that you can destroy.  Shoot both of them.  Your prize will be in one
    of them.  To end the level, kill all the bots.
    	Get ??:?? or better to get a speed chip.
    Level 34: ******Somewhat hard
    Coliseum: Round Two
    	Alright, this level is definitely easier than the last one.  You have
    a choice between several different weapons of which I recommend the SPEW or
    the Scatter Blaster, although I think SPEW might be a better choice.  When
    you enter the arena, you will be confronted by about six Zombie Bots and a
    few Grunts.  Later on, after you kill a few Zombie Bots, two Elite Guards
    will show up.  These can easily be taken out with some Magma Grenades found
    under some of the debris.  If you choose the SPEW, you can always have
    plenty of ammo around.  If you choose the Scatter Blaster, it's only level
    two, so it will take you a while to fire your next shot.  This will be a
    problem when you take on the Elite Guards.
    	Anyway, to get the first SECRET CHIP, it's right in plain sight in
    the middle of the cage that the Zombie Bots come out of.  As for the other
    one, there is a SECRET CHIP in one of the flying things, as it is in 15
    	Get ??:?? or better to get a speed chip.
    Level 35: ****Not that hard but requires some skill
    Coliseum: Last Bot Standing
    	When you get to the weapon selection, choose the Slingshot.  When
    you get out in the arena, pick up any secondary ammo that you can.  You will
    be surrounded by Grunts.  Kill them off with all the fire-power you can get.
    Then, after you kill them off, a Predator comes along.  Stand on the middle
    platform so that you can get enough height in your shot.  Kill the Predator
    but only after you get your SECRET CHIP (if you're interested) which is,
    again, in one of the hovering lights.
    	Get ??:?? or better to get a speed chip.
    Level 36: **If you die, it's alright, but you shouldn't have to die.
    Coliseum: Fall to Pieces
    	This level is one of the easiest in the game.  If you remember from
    the first coliseum level, your cell-mate says that the only way out is in
    pieces.  Well, listen to him!  Once you enter the arena, you will see a lot
    of different boxes, followed by the 100-foot-tall General Corrosive jumping
    out of his throne in the back-ground.  To open the boxes, stand on top of
    or next to one of them.  Then, let General Corrosive shoot them with his
    missiles.  One of these boxes will have a Wrench.  Use it to fall apart.
    Do it only right after the missiles hit the ground, and when you're behindd
    a box so that he can't see you.  The reason for this is that he thinks that
    he shot and killed you.  You will be taken out of the stadium in pieces and
    this will complete your mission.
    	Get ??:?? or better to get a speed chip.
    Level 41: **********Beginning is VERY hard
    Mil Space Station: General Corrosive
    	You can't kill Corrosive. He's invincible. You're going to have to
    take him over.  Disappointing, isn't it?  To do this, you'll have to find 4
    chips to activate his control console.  Beware his missile attacks and his
    gigantic boot heel, which will instantly kill you.  Make sure to keep
    moving throughout this level.
    	There are boxes everywhere and some of them have Shield and Speed
    powerups.  If you bust the boxes to your right as you start, you should be
    able to find a Shield.  Hug the walls to avoid having Corrosive stomp you,
    and make your way to the far end of the room.  On the left side of the
    corner (facing the same way you were when the level started) there should be
    a long box and two stacked boxes.  One of those should have the chip,
    usually the long one.  There should be a speed powerup somewhere in the
    cluster of boxes in the center of the corner once you find the chip.
    (Coring charges are best for blowing up the big stacks.)  Then, turn left
    and run to the other corner of the room.  Corrosive should get stuck behind
    the bridge for a few seconds, buying you time to coring charge the clusters
    of boxes to look for the chip.  After you find it, turn left again and head
    to the third corner, the one to the left of where you started. The box with
    the chip is left of the clusters of boxes.  I think there's a small string
    of boxes in an area with blue lighting, but I may be wrong about the
    lighting.  After you find the chip, turn around and face the tower in the
    middle.  This is the hard part.  The chip is in one of the boxes in front
    of the section of the tower facing opposite the "Mil Bots Only" computer
    terminal. Rocket and grenade until it's all gone and search around.  Then
    take a jump pad at the base of the tower up to the top and activate the
    tower to take control of Corrosive.
    	If you're still having trouble getting from corner to corner, learn
    the location of the powerups.  Speed is especially useful for evading the
    deadly foot of Corrosive. Either hug the walls and keep running or blast
    open the grates and jump down into the trenches near the tower to get
    around.  The trenches also have full health powerups, so if you're taking
    heavy missile damage then grab one of those.
    	Once you have control of Corrosive, it's time for fun. You'll have
    his stomp and missile attacks, as well as a quite useless fist pound for
    melee.  Exavolt will warn the Mils that Corrosive has gone under Droid
    control, so big swarms of Mil will attack you.  Don't worry.  You're still
    Corrosive, and you're still invincible.  Blast everything away with
    missiles, and if anything gets near your feet, well, Corrosive has done it
    enough to you, now do it to them!  After a few waves of baddies, Agent Shhh
    will contact you.  Make your way over to the giant "Mil Bots Only" terminal
    you saw earlier, and activate it.  Then exit Corrosive to finish the level.
    	Get 16:03 or better to get a speed chip.
    Level 42: ****Pretty easy, but you may die a few times
    Wastelands: Final Battle
    	This level is just as it sounds: the final battle of the game.  But
    don't worry because like most games, the final level isn't the hardest.
    I'll tell you why.  In the previous level, General Corrosive was completely
    invincible.  Guess what: after the previous level, the space station
    crashed in the Wastelands.  The crash took off General Corrosive's
    invincible chassis, not to mention some of his body parts.  This makes him
    susceptable to good old-fashion lead.
    	Now, strategy time.  To your left, there is a low-hanging bridge-type
    thing that you can go under.  The reason I want you to go under here is
    because his stomps are still lethal, one-hit-k.o. attacks.  Now this
    eliminates an unfair death.  Let's eliminate all death.  His missiles can
    still launch, so when he launches them (as in: as soon as you hear it
    launch), flip-jump to the left and forward or to the right and forward so
    that you don't get hit by the splash damage or the missile.  As soon as the
    missile passes, get back under that overhang so as not to get stomped on.
    He will also manufacture Jump Troopers.  He sort of coughs them into his
    hand.  You can either recruit them, hi-jack them, or (as I found was much
    easier) use the plan of attack found below and they may be destroyed in the
    	For the plan of attack, use weapons that have splash damage.  When
    you start off, you'll see Corrosive in front of you.  Equip your Rocket
    Launcher quickly and then shoot the heck out of him.  As soon as you get
    under the overhang, switch your primary to the Slingshot and your secondary
    to any Magma Bombs you have left.  Shoot away and try to aim--if you
    can--at his right arm and leg.  The reason you should use weapons with
    splash damage is so that even if you miss, you hit him in the right spot.
    So, after you use up all your Magma Bombs, use Cleaners to hit him.  Then
    switch to Coring Charges and your Slingshot.  Hit him as best as you can.
    Then, if you want to--for instance, if you didn't have 3 Magma Bombs like I
    did--go to your right a little, and under a peice of wood will be health,
    and ammo.  Some of that ammo is for your Cleaners.  Use them on him because
    they always hit him.  Then, after you're done with the previously mentioned
    weapons, go back to your Rocket Launcher and blast away.  You know when
    you're doing good because his right arm and leg will fall off.  Then after
    some more hits, the next thing to look for would be General Corrosive
    exploding and then falling towards you.  I'm not sure if this damages you
    or not, so just steer clear of it.  Now, when I went through this level
    with this strategy, I didn't encounter problems with Jump Troopers.  I
    THINK it has to do with the splash damage caused by my tactics.  Oh, well.
    That actually works out better.
    	Now, if you're after multiplayer levels, then here you go.  Your
    first SECRET CHIP is on top of that rocket pad you landed on.  There should
    be some sheet metal that you can use to get to it.  Near the crashed
    rocket, you'll find another SECRET CHIP on top of a box.  If you keep going
    along the wall for a ways, you'll find another SECRET CHIP under some
    wreckage.  For the last SECRET CHIP, if you look up along the wall, there
    will be two cannon-type things.  The chip is on the tip of one of them.
    You'll have to look upward and double-jump twice to get there.  A word of
    caution: I reccomend to get these chips AFTER YOU BEAT THE GAME and go back
    to them.  I only tell you this because if you're interested in beating the
    game and you try to get the chips as you beat it, you will have a VERY hard
    time, my friend.
    	Get ??:?? or better to get a speed chip
    CONGRATULATIONS:  You've just beaten the game!  I hope this walkthrough
    3.3 FAQ
    Q: If this game is as good as it looks, sounds, and plays, then why don't
       many people know about it?
    A: Well, it is a good game.  There hasn't been a bad review for it yet
       (that I've seen).  Many people say that it's because it's under-
       advertised.  I don't think so because I've seen a lot of commercials
       and ads on the internet.  My theory is that the best-selling games are
       advertised in a different way: video game magazines.  Whatever game the
       magazines put big previews for, and they--themselves--hype about, is
       what the readers hype about.  That's just my theory, however.
    Q: If this game is so unheard of, how did you find out about it?
    A: To tell you the truth, I saw it in a Nintendo Power strategy guide.  But
       it wasn't the actual game that caught my attention, it was the fact that
       it was rated "T" with "Strong Language".  This was astounding for me to
       hear, so I read into it, not expecting to get drawn into the awesomeness
       of the game.
    Q: Is the lanquage so bad that people under 12 REALLY shouldn't play it?
    A: Well, there's a section of this guide that'll explain this, but yes.
       Although some very monitored parenting may allow this to slide.
    Q: Is it normal to have slow-down?
    A: Yes, this game revolves around the processor it's using.  That's why the
       PS2 version is not the version of choice.  In large fire-fights, there
       will be slow-down.  In the XBox version, there is no slow-down, but it's
       replaced with a new problem known as screen-tearing that comes up in the
       same situation
    Q: How can they make a game so funny?
    A: I don't know.  If you ask me, this entire game was written by 
       "The Simpsons" writers...although that is completely inaccurate.
    Q: How do I beat Zombie Bot King?!
    A: THERE ARE GUIDES, PEOPLE!  This is the most asked question about the
    Q: How do I get past level 13--Hold Your Ground?
    A: This level takes patience, so just keep at it.
    Q: In level 41--General Corrosive--do I have to buy the last of the four
       chips from the Barter Droids?
    A: No, but if you can't find the last one and you (somehow) have enough
       money, go ahead.  All of the chips are randomly placed in the general
       areas that are stated in the guide.  Do whatever you find to be easier.
    Q: Is there going to be a sequel to such a great game as this?
    A: Yes, but Swingin' Ape is very secretive with the info they're giving
    Q: Is that the best text-art you have?
    A: Maybe.  I was deciding between that and this picture of Glitch on the
       space station while standing in front of the title logo.
    Q: I have more questions.  Why isn't this FAQ longer?
    A: Because I'm too lazy and you need to send me more questions by e-mailing
       me at gamelord@hotmail.com so that I know what your questions are.
    3.4 Storyline Guide
    	Before we actually get into guiding you through the story, you have
    to understand the characters.
    Glitch- Glitch is our mysterious hero, aligned with the Droids against the
    	Mils.  Playing him, you will get to free enslaved bots and
    	rediscover who he is.  Glitch is adaptable and can learn to use any
    	discarded weapon, as well as any new ones dreamed up by Krunk.
    Colonel Alloy- Colonel Alloy is commander of the Droid rebellion.  Long
    		   ago, Alloy was a Droid architect, designing the incredible
    		   cities that populated the surfaces of Ironstar.  His final
    		   project, cut short as war between the Droids and the Mils
    		   began, became known as Droid Town, and its location remains
    		   a secret to the Mils to this day.
    Krunk- This foul-mouthed mechanic is vital, even though no one likes him too
           much.  His superiority with gadgets makes him an ass(et).
    Agent Shhh- A loud-mouth spy who always yells at you to be quiet.  Don't make
    	    fun of him, though, because he has important, top-secret info.
    Grunt- the Grunt is the basic fighting unit of General Corrosive’s Mil
    	 army.  Though their intellectual circuits are primitive, these units
    	 can be armed with a flexible arsenal of small arms and can be mass
    	 produced quickly with minimum recourses.  Encountered in small
    	 numbers, they can be easily defeated. But in large numbers, it’s
    	 often another story.
    Vlax- A nastier Mil Grunt that hates all Droids. He would just as soon have
    	all Droids recycled, but slaves work as well.
    Elite Guard- He’s larger, stronger, faster, and more intelligent than a
    		 standard Grunt.  And he’s not scared off easily.  They carry a
    		 staff/axe that fires bullets from the tip or it can be used as
    		 a melee weapon.
    Titan- The Titan is the biggest in the Mil army.  With twin chaingus and a
    	 shoulder mounted rocket launcher.  It could be the strongest in the
    	 Mil army.
    Zombie Bot- Through the scope it says “WTF?”.  They must be “killed” twice
    		 to actually die.
    Grunt- Almost anything. 
    Elite Guard- Use the ripper to take the arm holding the weapon. When the
    		 arm is dislocated it can’t attack at all.
    Titan- Take out arms and rocket launcher with ripper. (It may still fire
    	 but won’t have very much accuracy.)
    Zombie Bots- Two shots with Lv. 1 scatter blaster, one rocket launcher
    		 shot, coring charge you must kill twice.(every time you kill
    		 it you must wait for it to regenerate completely before
    		 killing again or it will come back again.)
    Levels 1-3:
    	These levels (of course) take place right after the opening story
    (found in the instruction manual and the opening video).  You are Glitch:
    an obviously built-for-war robot that was found with "strange markings" on
    his head.  This goes without answer, but with foreshadowing.  In the first
    level you are led on an expedition into the Mil Mines.  Your friends, Hosed
    and Screwed, show you the basics.  Then, after they meet their untimely
    demise, you're on your own.  This kind of stinks for you, the rookie,
    because there is nobody else to help you out on your first mission.  Guess
    what.  Your mission is to destroy the Mil Mines and get your carcass out.
    Levels 4-18
    	After level 3, you get back to Droid Town, which you find has been
    invaded by Mils.  One Mil particularly, Vlax, is in charge of this group.
    He is [probably] the most evil of the team.  Somehow, you manage to kill
    everyone but Vlax.  After that, you go through various levels searching for
    him, fighting off various creepy enemies along the way.  You meet up with a
    bot known as Mozer.  He looks down on his life because he is getting old,
    out-dated, and under-maintained.  You send him back to the Droid rebellion
    He could be a major help in the sequel (it's a possiblity).  One of the
    missions that pops up in that time is to destroy the communication arrays.
    You [hopefully easily] get through that situation.  But, destroying the
    entire area gave away your position...go figure.  Now there's an entire
    army after you.  You need to man a turret and fight them all off.  Believe
    it or not, easier done than said.  When you leave this area, you find that
    our favorite foul-mouthed mechanic has been kidnapped.  Now you're on a
    rescue mission.  After going through a few really funny cut-scenes, you
    save him.  He [along with Zobby] helps you pilot a RAT.  However, this
    time, you're shooting instead of driving.  After a long drive, you finally
    kill Vlax (it's about time).
    Levels 19-31
    	When you get back to Droid Town, you are asked to go into the
    Morbot mines.  Now, if you've been paying any attention to the game at all,
    you'll notice that the "strange markings" on Glitch's head are similar to
    (if not exactly the same as) the markings on the Morbots' door.  This hints
    to a lot of relation between Glitch and the Morbots.  Think about it.  No
    one knows where Glitch came from, he kicks butt better than any twenty
    Droids in the rebellion, and you never really see any other Morbots in the
    game (I think this is because the Morbots were either all killed or
    captured by the Mils).  Then, as you work your way through the mines, you
    have to destroy all of the Mils' plans to control the energy of Iron Star.
    You meet up with a pyromaniac named Slosh who could prove useful to the
    Droid rebellion.  He goes back through the door you used to Droid Town.
    As soon as you get out of the Morbot City, Agent Shhh says that you now
    need to sneak into the Mil complex to get into their spy factory.  The only
    way for you to get in is to use the Wrench, which takes you apart and makes
    you invincible.  This is only in two levels.  You get taken piece-by-piece
    into the spy construction area.  They build you and put you into the
    training program.  After you pass with flying colors, you can successfully
    meet up with two Droids.  They smuggle the chip out so you can put it to
    use.  Now you need to go meet up with Agent Shhh again.  Now, he definitely
    has some very important info that you need.  The only problem with getting
    to Agent Shhh is that he is currently in the middle of Mil City.  Your
    rendevous with Agent Shhh tells you that Exavolt, the creator of General
    Corrosive, is being held captive by the Mils.  On your journey, you meet up
    with Goff, a mutinous Grunt that has met Corrosive face-to-face.  This is a
    feat that not many have ever been able to tell.  You, being the nice guy
    that you are, send him to join the rebellion.  You eventually get into the
    Mil confines and rescue Exavolt.  What you didn't know is that he wanted
    you to save him for a reason...
    Levels 32-36
    	You take Exavolt back to Droid Town to talk to Colonel Alloy.  He
    asks if Exavolt knows anything about General Corrosive--weaknesses
    particularly--that will help the Droid Rebellion end the war.  Then Dr.
    Exavolt mocks you (and somehow that goes unnoticed in their joy of finding
    Exavolt).  He calls up his "assistants" and says "Not only do I have the
    location of Droid Town, but I am currently standing in it!"  Exavolt was
    secretly the leader of the Mils (but that was pretty obvious to all of us
    gamers playing it).  He sends in his Mil army to destroy Droid Town.  Of
    course, he doesn't destroy it, but takes some Droids captive.  One of those
    Droids was you.  You get taken to a coliseum to fight for the entertainment
    of the Mils (just like an old sci-fi movie).  You fight through your first
    three matches easily, much to the dislike of the Mils watching.  So, just
    so there is never a surviving Droid, General Corrosive, himself, fights you
    in the fourth round.  Corrosive, as mentioned in any information about him,
    is invincible.  He has an indestructable chassis.  So, believe it or not,
    Ripley, you CAN'T win!  You make your way out by playing dead.  Glitch
    can't die because, let's face it, he's the hero!
    Levels 37-42
    	You get taken out in pieces to the outside, where you rebuild
    yourself and totally kick butt.  You find out that Zobby, your mechanical
    canine, has been captured and taken on a rocket on course for a space
    station.  You race over on a RAT and hop on the rocket just before it takes
    off.  You get to the space station and work your way through the space
    station.  You are noticed, however, and they send all forces on the ship to
    try to take you down.  They don't succeed, though.  This really ticks off
    General Corrosive, who just happens to be on the space station.  Guess what
    you have to do now.  You knew it was inevitable.  You have to face off
    against General Corrosive, himself...again.  But this time you're expected
    to win.  Well, sort of.  He's still invincible.  So since you can't kill
    him, you're going to have to take control of him.  Exavolt is aware that it
    is not General Corrosive anymore, so he sends in what's left of his army.
    They're still no problem for the invincible chassis of General Corrosive.
    After you wipe out the army.  You set the space station on a crash course,
    so that you destroy anyone that can continue the war.  Of course, you still
    find a way to save Zobby and yourself.  When you land, you are out of
    Corrosive's body, and Corrosive is out of his indestructable chassis.  Now,
    you can harm him.  You send a barrage of lead and explosions at him until
    you are the last bot standing.
    	You beat the bad guy, the good guys are happy, blahdy, blahdy,
    blah.  One thing that stands out at the end, after you see the celebration
    in Droid Town, is that (apparently) Exavolt took an escape capsule and is
    hovering over Iron Star, plotting his revenge on Glitch.
    	Some things that we can draw from this is that General Corrosive
    probably isn't as smart as we are led to believe.  My hint to this is that
    he always grunts...never speaks.  Also, he was controlled like a puppet by
    Exavolt.  Also, Glitch HAS to be a Morbot.  There are too many references
    within the story that point to it.  I'm sure we will all be enlightened in
    the sequel.
    3.5 Multiplayer
    	This is a multiplayer mode similar to that of Halo.  You get
    vehicles, various weapons, and a lot of fun.  There is some work needed,
    Pros: Awesome levels; some of which are straight from single player
          Sniping, hi-jacking, and destroying
    Cons: Little to no customization options
          Minor glitches (no, not the character)
          Requires WAY too many secret chips to unlock everything
    Big E's House
    Gamelord's rating for this level: 8/10
    Starting Weapons: Mining Laser level 3, Slingshot, Control Tether level
    		3, 2 Coring Charges
    Other Weapons: Ripper, SPEW levels 2+3, Barrage Cannon, Rivet Gun levels
    	      2+3, Scatter Blaster levels 2+3, Scope level 2, EMP
    	      Grenades, Recruiter Grenades, Magma Grenades, Machine Gun/
    	      Missile Launcher Turret
    Bots: 2 Titans, 1 Jump Trooper
    	What makes this level a lot of fun is that there are a whole lot
    of hidden passageways.  These usually hold new weapons, giving you the
    advantage.  Also, the Turret is fun to use to protect yourself and have an
    advantage for a while.  Sniping is also fun in this level.  Big E's house
    was definitely built with 4-player multiplayer in mind.
    4.0 Credits
    For Making Such A Great Game: Swingin' Ape
    Help Getting Secret Chips: Hal486 and his Secret Chip Locations and Times
    Reference and Second Opinion: CatSnack
    Some Info for Multiplayer: CatSnack
    Most Characters in Storyline Guide: Glitch Destroyer
    Walkthrough for levels 10, 20, and 41: L33tKio
    Walkthrough for levels 7-9: Regulus7000
    Walkthrough for levels 1-3, 13, 16, 31-36, and 42: Gamelord
    Editing: Gamelord
    Everything else: Gamelord

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