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"Terrible, repetitive, and generic levels bring the game to a crashing halt"

Strange vans and wasp cameras have shown up around Springfield, and a new improved Buzz Cola has been released. Playing as the Simpsons and Apu, players will have to unravel the mystery behind the strange occurrences.

The story is average, and the writing is okay. The characters have one liners that they will say however the amount of one liners are low, and they will repeat the same one liners over and over which gets old fast.

The controls are decent and not too hard to grasp.

Graphic wise is one of the better aspects of the game, and the game has the look of the show. The animation ranges from decent to bizarre like the animation of NPCs when they are kicked.

Music is another area where the game is good, and the characters are voiced by their correct actor from the show. The sound effects are okay.

The Simpsons: Hit & Run is a mission based driving game, and the game play is where the game comes to a crashing stop.

The missions are generic and forgettable that are repeated way too much, and the missions consist of racing, destroy cars, follow car, and collect items. Unfortunately the characters are invincible and cannot die at all even though cars can be destroyed because of this the developers had to create artificial difficulty which is done by a terrible time limit which are usually very unforgiving. The levels to begin with are uninteresting but add in the time limit make them even more annoying.

Even worse are the cars which handle poorly and the narrows roads do not help at all, and the NPC drivers have terrible AI and help make the levels even more annoying.

Some of the missions make very little sense like one mission where Lisa has to help Apu ram Cletus's truck to make him drop road kill then must collect the road kill. The whole level Lisa is trying to find Bart so this mission makes no sense whatsoever and feels out of place. The level should have been removed since it is badly design and not a fun level at all. Not just because of the time limit and bad AI, but also the questionable hit detection where sometimes even hitting the vehicle will not make it drop road kill.

When taking a break from the story missions, there are cards to collect, gags to do, clothes and cars to buy, races, and wasp cameras to destroy. At first, I found it fun to do, but after a while it becomes boring and eventually I stopped caring about them and gave up on them.

Replay value of the game has the side missions mentioned above and a bonus 4 player racing game which adds a little replay value.

The Simpsons: Hit & Run could have been a great game however boring, repetitive, and atrocious level design hold the game back from being fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 06/18/12

Game Release: The Simpsons: Hit & Run (US, 09/16/03)

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