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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BNii

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/07/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Cold Winter FAQ/Walkthrough
    Version 1.0
    June 7, 2005
    By Brian Nii (bnii at hawaii dot edu)
    Table of Contents
    1. Version History
    2. Controls
    3. Weapons
    4. Items
    5. Strategies
    6. Walkthrough
    7. Frequently Asked Questions
    8. Acknowledgements
    | 1. Version History |
    Version 1.0 (June 7, 2005) – Finished the walkthrough.
    Version 0.4 (June 6, 2005) – Added the walkthrough for the Black Market.
    Version 0.3 (June 5, 2005) – Added the walkthrough for Salah's Den and Setech 
    Version 0.2 (June 4, 2005) – Added the walkthrough for Qataraa.
    Version 0.1 (June 2, 2005) - First version of FAQ. Added the walkthrough for 
    the Chang Political Prison.
    | 2. Controls |
    Move: Left Analog Stick
    Look/Aim: Right Analog Stick
    Fire Weapon: R1
    Throw Grenade: R2
    Jump: L1
    Crouch: L2
    Melee Attack: Triangle
    Reload/Pick Up Weapon: Square
    Activate/Interact: X
    Select Grenade/Bomb: Circle
    Sprint: L3
    Iron Sight/Scope Zoom: R3
    Left Directional Pad: Use Medipack
    Right Directional Pad: Switch Weapon
    Game Pause Menu: Start
    Player Pause Menu: Select
    | 3. Weapons |
    PSU 9mm Suppressed
    Description: Sterling begins each mission with this handgun. It's fairly 
    accurate and the silencer is useful for taking out enemies in a discreet 
    Note: Based on the H&K USP (PSU backwards). It looks like it has an illuminator 
    attached to it, but you can't use it in the game.
    288 9mm
    Description: The 288 is the standard sidearm for most enemies in the game. It's 
    pretty much the same as the PSU performance wise.
    Note: Possibly based on the SIG-Sauer series. Doc007 writes in to mention it's 
    probably based on the P228. The reason I thought it was the P226 was because it 
    doesn't have the SIG-Sauer logo on the grip, but it could have just been 
    for the game.
    Description: The most powerful handgun in the game. Unfortunately, ammunition 
    for it is rather scarce since it uses .45 instead of 9mm rounds.
    Note: Full name is the AMT Longslide Hardballer. It's primarily used for target 
    shooting rather than actual combat.
    B93 Burst
    Description: Fires in three round bursts, making it quite effective in close 
    range combat. Less accurate over range due to its recoil.
    Note: Based on the Beretta Model 93R.
    288 Special
    Description: Basically a 288 with a scope attached, drastically increasing its 
    accuracy at long range.
    Description: Its high rate of fire makes this sub machine gun quite effective 
    at close quarters.
    Note: Based on the Micro-Uzi, sans the folding stock.
    Description: Closer to an assault carbine than sub machine gun, the K53 fires 
    7.62mm instead of 9mm rounds, making it a formidable close quarter weapon.
    Note: Based on the H&K MP5A3 design. The real life MP5 series is chambered for 
    either 9mm or 10mm rounds, and not 7.62mm. I probably should have made that a 
    bit clearer. Thanks to Doc007 for writing in about that.
    P5K SMG
    Description: Similar in design to the K53, the P5K is a 9mm sub machine gun 
    that features a fore grip for stability when firing on full automatic.
    Note: Based on the H&K MP5K.
    9mm TMP SMG
    Description: Similar to the P5K, the TMP also features a fore grip to improve 
    Note: Based on the Steyr TMP.
    P5K Suppressed
    Description: Same as the P5K except with a silencer attached.
    P90 SMG
    Description: The P90 is a compact sub machine gun that fires 5.7mm rounds, 
    making it quite powerful for its size.
    Description: A derivative of the venerable AK-47 7.62mm assault rifle, the AKS 
    features a folding metal stock.
    Stur ARG
    Description: The ARG is a 5.56mm bullpup assault rifle with an integrated 
    Note: Based on the Steyr AUG assault rifle.
    Description: A compact version of the M16 with a telescoping stock and 
    shortened barrel.
    G11 Assault Rifle
    Description: A futuristic assault rifle, the G11 fires special 4.7mm caseless 
    rounds. Fires three round bursts and features an integrated scope.
    Pump Action Shotgun
    Description: A 12-gauge tactical combat shotgun.
    Note: Based on the Franchi SPAS 12. The SPAS 12 can be used semi automatic as 
    well as pump action.
    Sawn-Off Shotgun
    Description: A double-barreled 12-gauge shotgun with the barrels cut down for a 
    much wider shot spread.
    Description: A 12-gauge combat shotgun with a large cylindrical magazine.
    Note: Based on the Jackhammer 12-gauge automatic shotgun.
    Dragunov Sniper Rifle
    Description: A Russian semiautomatic rifle designed for close range sniping.
    Note: The actual Dragunov uses 7.62mm rounds, not .338.
    PS1 Sniper Rifle
    Description: A highly accurate semiautomatic sniper rifle with a silencer 
    Note: Based on the H&K PSG1 sniper rifle. It uses 7.62mm rounds, not .338.
    Description: A powerful semiautomatic .50 caliber rifle with extreme range.
    Note: Based on the Barrett M82A1 Light Fifty.
    Description: A highly accurate bolt-action sniper rifle.
    Note: Based on the PM L96A1 sniper rifle. It uses 7.62mm rounds, not .338.
    Description: A powerful .50 caliber heavy machine gun mounted on a tripod or 
    PK-S Medium Machine Gun
    Description: A Russian 7.62mm light machine gun used by infantry.
    Note: The PK-S is actually the tripod-mounted version of the PK machine gun.
    40mm Grenade Launcher
    Description: A compact 40mm grenade pistol.
    Note: Based on the H&K HK79A1.
    RPG Launcher
    Description: An antitank rocket propelled grenade launcher.
    Note: Based on the RPG-7 antitank/antipersonnel grenade launcher.
    KV-8 Dragon Flamethrower
    Description: A diesel fuel portable flamethrower. 
    Note: While this flamethrower doesn't exist per se, there was a KV-8 
    flamethrower tank used by the Russians in World War II.
    Description: A light disposable antitank rocket launcher.
    Note: Based on the M-72 light antitank weapon.
    Fragmentation Grenade
    Description: Standard military issue fragmentation grenade.
    Smoke Grenade
    Description: Emits thick smoke that obscures vision. Used to screen movement.
    Poison Gas Grenade
    Materials Needed: Ammonia, Bleach
    Description: Emits a highly toxic chemical, which also obscures vision.
    Flash Bang Grenade
    Description: Produces a loud explosion and bright light to disorient targets.
    Molotov Cocktail
    Materials Needed: Empty Bottle, Fuel Can, Strip of Cloth
    Description: Improvised firebomb, used to set targets ablaze.
    Timed Explosive
    Materials Needed: Plastique, Alarm Clock
    Description: High explosive set to detonate after a set period of time.
    Sticky Timed Explosive
    Materials Needed: Plastique, Alarm Clock, Tin of Glue
    Description: A timed explosive that adheres to surfaces.
    Motion Sensitive Explosive
    Materials Needed: Plastique, Motion Sensor
    Description: High explosive set to detonate after detecting nearby movement. 
    Sticky Motion Sensitive Explosive
    Materials Needed: Plastique, Motion Sensor, Tin of Glue
    Description: Motion sensitive explosive that adheres to surfaces.
    Fire Bomb
    Materials Needed: Fuel Can, Plastique, Alarm Clock
    Description: Highly explosive firebomb with a timer.
    Motion Sensitive Fire Bomb
    Materials Needed: Fuel Can, Plastique, Motion Sensor
    Description: Fire bomb that detonates after detecting nearby movement.
    | 4. Items |
    Medipack: This item can be used to completely restore Sterling's health by 
    pressing left on the digital pad. It takes a few seconds to activate, which 
    leaves Sterling vulnerable to attack, so it's not a good idea to use in a 
    firefight. If you're low on health retreat to a safe location and use it. You 
    can use the medipack an unlimited amount of times.
    Body Armor: Body armor protects Sterling from incoming fire, but it can be 
    shredded quite quickly especially against assault rifles and machine guns. You 
    can usually find some by searching dead guards, or in crates. Note that the 
    amount of body armor you find on bodies depends on how much damage their armor 
    had taken when they were killed. An enemy that was shot in the head will give 
    much more armor than one that was pumped full of bullets.
    Lockpick: This device unlocks certain padlocks in the game. To create a 
    lockpick you need wire cutters and a metal sprue. Each lockpick you create 
    requires a metal sprue, but the wire cutter can be used an unlimited amount of 
    times. Sterling can't do anything else while he's picking a lock, so make sure 
    the coast is clear before doing so.
    Hacking Device: Some locked crates in the game require a hacking device to 
    open. To create a hacking device you will need a circuit board and a bundle of 
    wire. Like using a lock pick, Sterling is vulnerable while hacking a lock.
    Shaped Charges: Sterling will usually find these explosives during his 
    missions. They are required to destroy key targets or get past obstacles. Be 
    sure to get to a safe distance once they're armed, otherwise you'll get caught 
    in the explosion yourself.
    E.D.O.: An electronic door-opening device capable of opening most electronic 
    locks. Takes a while to function, but can be used an unlimited amount of times.
    Mine Detector: This device reveals the location of antipersonnel mines. To 
    create one you will need a radio and copper wire. While the detector is in use 
    Sterling cannot defend himself unless he puts it away.
    Bio Suit: This biohazard suit offers protection against biological and chemical 
    hazards (such as poison gas), but impairs vision. It offers limited protection 
    like body armor, but can be destroyed if it takes too much damage.
    Meal: A common meal that restores health when eaten. Usually found in kitchens.
    [Combination Materials]
    Strip of Cloth: A piece of cloth used as an improvised fuse for a Molotov 
    cocktail. You can usually find these on the bodies of certain enemies.
    Empty Bottle: An empty bottle used to create a Molotov cocktail. You can find 
    these lying around the area in most places.
    Fuel Can: A fuel can with fuel. It can be used to create Molotov cocktails or 
    firebombs. If used for Molotov cocktails it can be used to create multiple 
    bombs. A fuel bomb requires one fuel can.
    Plastique: Plastique used to create explosives. Usually found in munitions 
    Alarm Clock: Clock used to create timing devices for bombs. Usually found in 
    barrack areas.
    Motion Sensor: A device that detects movement used for motion sensitive bombs.
    Tin of Glue: A strong adhesive used to place explosives.
    Circuit Board: An electronic circuit board used to create a hacking device.
    Bundle of Wire: Can be combined with a circuit board to create a hacking 
    Radio: A common radio. Combines with copper wire to create a mine detector.
    Copper Wire: Copper wiring. Used with a radio to create a mine detector.
    Ammonia: A common chemical agent. Combines with bleach to create a toxic gas.
    Bleach: A common chemical cleaner. Combines with ammonia to create a toxic gas.
    | 5. Strategies |
    [Take Cover]
    While this sounds like common sense, it's absolutely vital in the higher 
    difficulties, where the enemies are uncannily accurate regardless of how far 
    they are from you. Strafe around corners if you suspect an ambush. If you see a 
    smoke/poison grenade being thrown, you know there are enemies waiting for you 
    around the corner. Sometimes you can peek just enough so that you can see the 
    enemy, but the enemy can't see you. In this case use the R3 button to aim 
    carefully to take them out with a clean shot. 
    Most tables can be overturned to create an impromptu barrier, but other items 
    can work just as well. Enemies will do the same as well. When behind cover 
    press the L2 button to crouch in order to minimize your profile.
    [Search Everywhere]
    During the game you'll come across numerous desks, cabinets, crates, etc. Most 
    of them can be opened with the X button when you get close enough. Sometimes 
    they're empty, but other times you can find ammo, intelligence, materials, or 
    even weapons. You're not penalized for taking your time in a mission, so feel 
    free to search or investigate an area for anything you can get your hands on.
    [Read Intel]
    While some intelligence isn't very useful, others can provide clues or hints 
    about what to do next.
    [Follow the Waypoint]
    If you're lost and haven't a clue what to do next, just follow the waypoint 
    indicator which usually indicates where you should go or what you should 
    interact with.
    [Improve Your Accuracy]
    Using the R3 button to use the iron sights on a weapon drastically increases 
    accuracy. Kneeling also improves accuracy, especially when using a sniper 
    rifle. Note that the aiming reticule expands as you move and tightens when you 
    aim or kneel. The tighter the reticule the more accurate your shots will be.
    [Personnel Means No Unauthorized Personnel]
    If you see a door with "Personnel" on it in the game, you can't open it so 
    don't bother trying.
    | 6. Walkthrough |
    Optional Objectives: 1. Access Armory
                         2. Eliminate Interrogator
    # of Intel: 5
    At the start of the mission follow Kim's instructions and follow the light as 
    she moves it. Once you're done she'll give you a silenced handgun and medipack. 
    Use the medipack to recover, and then follow Kim out the room. Outside you'll 
    find a letter on the wall (Intel #1). Speak with Kim, and then search the guard 
    corpse for wire cutters. The gate in front of you is locked, so head left down 
    the hall. Around the next corner to the left is a guard sitting at a desk. 
    Quickly shoot him in the head before he alerts the guards upstairs. Even if 
    they are alerted it's no big deal. You need to take them out anyway, and they 
    can be easily taken out with your handgun. Search the guard for keys and check 
    the cabinet near him for another set. You can backtrack to the previously 
    locked gate for some ammo in some crates. If you took out the guard silently, 
    there should be two additional guards upstairs past the gate standing there 
    oblivious to your presence. Aim carefully and take out one with a headshot. 
    Then take out the second guard. Grab all the 9mm ammo. You can pick up one of 
    their handguns as well if you want. Be sure to search all the bodies as well. 
    Up the stairs you'll see another letter on the wall (Intel #2) and a crate 
    containing body armor. Keep going up the next room.
    There's a table in here, which makes for a nice place to fall back if things 
    get out of hand. There are several guards in the hallway past the door. When 
    you exit quickly turn right and take out the guards there. The gunshots will 
    alert the guards on the hallway to the left, so be ready for them as well. Once 
    you've cleared all the guards in the vicinity, feel free to check out the 
    restroom on the right for a constipated guard. Shoot him in the head for fun, 
    and then turn left down the hall towards the armory. There's a note on the gate 
    (Intel #3). The armory is locked, but there's a metal sprue next to the gate on 
    the right. If you took the wire cutter from the guard corpse previously you can 
    create a lock pick to use on the door. Once you're inside the armory you'll 
    have completed optional objective #1. Grab everything you can, especially the 
    AKS on the table. Once you're done head back out and down the hall to the left.
    There might be some guards waiting in some of the side rooms if you haven't 
    cleared them out previously, so proceed with caution. Around the corner to the 
    right at the end of the hall is a drunken guard slumped over a table. Shoot him 
    in the head and grab the notice on the table (Intel #4). Then head back down 
    the hall to the opposite end where some loose flooring is. The floor will 
    collapse and dump you into the interrogation room. The interrogator you were 
    acquainted with previously will spot you through the door and run away. A few 
    moments later two guards will burst in, knock over the tables, and open fire on 
    you. You can get the drop on them by waiting in the corner next to the door and 
    shooting them as they enter. Once both of them are dead grab the nearby report 
    (Intel #5) and head up the stairs. The administration office is to the right, 
    but instead head left through the previously locked door. Walk around the hole 
    in the floor and head right down the hall. The interrogator is holed up in a 
    room to the left. Peek carefully around the doorway and take him out. Doing so 
    completes the second optional objective. Make your way back to the office to 
    continue the mission.
    There's a guard sitting inside, but you can easily gun him down before he can 
    do anything. Grab the metal sprues inside (there's also a wire cutter in the 
    desk if you don't have one already). Upload the data bomb in the computer. 
    After a short conversation with Kim, several guards will come through the door 
    on the right outside of the office. Take them out, and then carefully make your 
    way through the door they just came through, gunning down any guards that might 
    be waiting in the next hall. There's a locked gate to the left where you can 
    use a lock pick to get some additional ammo and armor. And the end of the hall 
    some debris blocks the way, Crouch under it and head right towards the kitchen.
    Inside the kitchen is a cook but you don't have to worry about him. He won't 
    alert anyone and won't fight back, so you can safely leave him cowering in the 
    corner. There are a few meals in the freezers if you're hungry. Exit the 
    kitchen via the right window. You'll wind up in an outer courtyard with several 
    guards, one of which is manning a .50 caliber Browning machine gun. Suffice it 
    to say, taking the machine gun nest head on is suicide (same goes for just 
    about every machine gun emplacement in the game). Fortunately, the machine gun 
    only covers roughly a 180-degree arc, so it is possible to flank it by 
    approaching it to the side. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to sneak around 
    the right side without being seen (the gate blocking the approach needs to be 
    picked, drastically increasing the odds you'll be spotted). If you do manage to 
    avoid being detected, you can take out the gunner from behind. The second 
    option involves sprinting to the corner so you can attack the gunner from the 
    side. Once the gunner is taken down you can use the Browning to clear out the 
    rest of the guards in the courtyard. Note that once you've been spotted an 
    alarm will sound, brining in more guards from the nearby doorway. Once the 
    courtyard is cleared of all opposition, grab all the 7.62mm ammo from the 
    guards and strip all of them for armor. Once you're done, follow the waypoint 
    to the end of the level.
    Optional Objectives: 1. Obtain Intel on Guard Density
                         2. Access Storeroom
    # of Intel: 10
    Open the door to the outer courtyard and be prepared for a firefight. There are 
    quite a few guards milling about out there, so carefully take them out one at a 
    time. A few of them may shoot at you through the gate in front, and some might 
    come at you from the left from the next area. Once the gunfire stops, search 
    all the bodies for items (a few have strips of cloth that you can use to make 
    Molotov cocktails later). Head left through to the next area. Make sure the 
    coast is clear before going through the heavy door. Inside you'll find a notice 
    (Intel #1) and a munitions crate with fragmentation grenades. Grab them and 
    head out to the next area. More guards await, so use the doorway for cover and 
    take them all out. Once they're dealt with, proceed towards the cart in front 
    of the door to the left. Take the notice nearby (Intel #2). A few more guards 
    come out from behind your position. Deal with them, and then grab the letter 
    posted to the left (Intel #3). Head back towards where the guards came from. 
    You'll notice a lit room above to the right. A guard is stationed up there, so 
    get ready to nail him as you approach. Outside posted to the left of the door 
    is a notice (Intel #4). Grab it and you'll fulfill the first optional 
    objective.  Enter the barracks and enter the first door you see (not the 
    The first room is empty, but there's a wealth of items inside. Search and take 
    everything inside, making sure to take the letter (Intel #5) on the bed as 
    well. The door on the side of the room leads to the next barracks area. There 
    are three guards inside, so quickly gun them down before they can retaliate. 
    Raid the room as you did the previous one. There's a report and photograph 
    (Intel #6 & #7) in one of the drawers. Grab the keys from the cabinet, and also 
    take some empty bottles near the punching bag. Head back out and through the 
    door left of where the crates are stacked. The moment you step outside a truck 
    comes crashing through the door. Several elite guards jump out of the truck, 
    which also has a Browning mounted on the back. Quickly run back into the 
    barracks and around the corner. They'll toss a smoke grenade to screen their 
    movement, but you already know they'll be coming around the corner, so just 
    wait patiently and gun them all down when they do so. Peek around the corner 
    and snipe the gunner on the truck in the head. Once they're all dead head back 
    outside to the truck. Grab the fuel can on the left side and the shaped charges 
    on the right. If you've been collecting things religiously (as you should have) 
    you now have the materials to make Molotov cocktails. Be sure to also take the 
    notice on the gate where the truck came through (Intel #8). The elite guards 
    have shotguns so you can pick one up if you like. Once you have the charges 
    head all the way back to where the cart was in front of the gate to the 
    catering wing. Several guards will attack you on the way back, so be on guard. 
    Once you reach the gate place the charge on the gate and step back. Once the 
    gate is blown a helicopter will appear. Ignore it for now and head through the 
    hole. In the next area you'll find some pigs hanging on racks. There's another 
    fuel can here, as well as some weapon crates with a shotgun and AKS. Continue 
    to the next area with the pond. Body armor is floating around in there and a 
    few empty bottles are nearby. Grab them if you need them, then head right to 
    the kitchen.
    Inside the kitchen you'll find a report next to the door you came in (Intel 
    #9), a frightened chef, and some food. To the right is a storeroom with a 
    letter nearby (Intel #10). The door is locked but you can pick it open. Head 
    inside to complete the second optional objective. There are a few goodies 
    inside, including some body armor and grenades. Head back out and through the 
    exit to the outer courtyard. Several guards and Browning emplacements are 
    stationed outside. You can either take them down using the corner as cover, or 
    you can quickly rush the Browning emplacement from the side and use it to clear 
    the courtyard. Once the guards are dead, stock up on body armor in the crates 
    lying around and head for the corner indicated by the waypoint. At this time 
    the helicopter you saw previously will appear and drop three elite soldiers in 
    the courtyard. Man the Browning and gun them all down. Once they've been dealt 
    with the helicopter will appear and attack. The Browning is the only thing that 
    can harm the copter at this point, so fire away when you get a clear shot. 
    There are two Brownings in the courtyard, so switch between them if you need to 
    get a better angle. The helicopter will attack with either its heavy machinegun 
    or rockets. If it fires the latter quickly run away as the rockets can kill you 
    in one hit. If you take too much damage run behind cover and use the medipack. 
    There are also several crates of body armor lying around as well. Keep firing 
    at the helicopter with the Browning until it goes down.
    The helicopter crashes into the gate, opening up the way to the next area. 
    Several guards on the other side of the river are attacking Kim. Carefully make 
    your way through the destroyed gate (the flames can set you ablaze if you're 
    not careful). Take the guards out one at a time from a distance. Once they've 
    been taken care of, rendezvous with Kim and follow her out to complete the 
    Optional Objectives: 1. Explore Optional Sewer
    # of Intel: 7
    Exit the safe house and turn left up the stairs. The first camera point is 
    nearby next to a notice (Intel #1). Place the camera and head right. The second 
    camera point is behind some boxes in the corner. Nearby is a note posted on the 
    wall (Intel #2). When you're done placing the second camera head over to the 
    shutter on the right and open it. Don't worry if the civilian spots you. Like 
    all the non-combatants in the game they aren't any threat to you. Continue to 
    the right to the dumpster where the last camera location is. Once you've placed 
    all three cameras return to the safe house. While Kim is talking search the 
    couch for the dresser keys, then loot the dresser and apartment for items. When 
    Kim finishes her briefing, head back out around to the right. A lone guard 
    should be patrolling in the area, so gun him down and take his M-320 sub 
    machine gun. Keep going until you reach the entrance to the town square. A 
    manhole is nearby, as well as a note (Intel #3). While you can't open the 
    manhole yet, make a note of its location, as you'll be returning here later. Be 
    careful when you approach the door as a guard is standing nearby and will open 
    fire the moment you get near. Take him out, but don't enter the square yet as 
    there is a large group of enemies situated there.
    There are two Browning emplacements in the square, so rushing in isn't a good 
    idea. Stay next to the dumpster and clear out the enemies one at a time. Note 
    that there are red gas canisters positioned all over the place. Shooting them 
    will have explosive results, and any guards next to them when they go off will 
    be toasted. When the enemies are cleared from the entryway position, move in 
    and take out any stragglers. You might want to trade in your PSU for the K53. 
    The K53 looks like a sub machine gun, but it fires 7.62mm rounds like an 
    assault rifle. It's also more accurate than the M-320. Loot all the corpses in 
    the square. At the far end is another manhole and notice (Intel #4). Head up 
    the stairs to the upper level. Note that the awnings on the upper level can be 
    knocked down to provide cover, which is important if any guards you missed 
    start opening up on you from the square. Keep going until you reach the 
    derelict hotel. Head upstairs until you reach a room where the floor collapses. 
    Make your way downstairs until you reach the contact. Grab the address on the 
    wall (Intel #5) and the assorted supplies nearby. Once the contact is done 
    talking, head outside and unlock the nearby gate that leads back to the town 
    square. Go back and turn left from where you came out of the hotel. Sterling 
    should make a comment about the blocked passage.
    Continue onwards until you reach a cafe. Several guards will attack outside, 
    and some will open fire at you from the bar area. Take cover behind the low 
    wall nearby and take them out. There's a crate of grenades nearby as well. A 
    notice is posted on the scaffolding nearby (Intel #6). The scaffolding will 
    collapse if you try to climb on it for some reason. Also pick up the crowbar 
    nearby. Enter the remnants of the café. There's another crowbar near the bar, 
    as well as a note (Intel #7). There's also a grenade launcher behind the 
    counter if you want one. Several guards will show up outside while you're 
    ransacking the bar. Take them out and head back towards the town square. 
    Several guards will ambush you at the square, so be prepared. Make your way 
    back to the manhole you saw at the beginning of the level and open it with the 
    crowbar. Follow the sewer all the way to the end where you'll find a crate with 
    a grenade launcher and some ammo. This completes the only optional objective 
    for this level. Head back to the other manhole at the opposite end of the 
    square. Climb down to the water below and swim through the tunnel. At the other 
    end a guard is patrolling on the walkway above the water, so try to get a jump 
    on him when his back is turned. Climb out of the sewer and go through the gate 
    to complete the level.
    Optional Objectives: None
    # of Intel: 12
    From the ally slowly make your way forward until you see a guard patrolling on 
    top of the building. Carefully aim and take him out. This should attract the 
    attention of his friends. Take them out as well. Keep going down the street 
    until you see a guard stationed on some scaffolding in front of you, next to 
    some very sensitive gas canisters. Blow them up with gunfire and clear out the 
    remaining enemies. Before moving on check out the shop to the left for some 
    items. From here on out just follow the waypoint through the alleyways, taking 
    out the random guards that confront you. Remember if you see smoke grenades 
    being deployed, stay back around the corner and let them come to you. 
    Eventually you'll arrive at the Pyramisia apartments. Several guards are posted 
    in front so take them all out. Once the area is clear grab the patrol order 
    nearby on the ramp (Intel #1) and the vacancy notice to the left (Intel #2). 
    The doors to the apartments are closed so you'll need to find an alternate 
    route. Turn right and make your way through the back alley. If you turn another 
    right you can spot a party flyer (Intel #3), and further back are some crates 
    with plastique and grenades. Turn back and follow the waypoint to a club called 
    the Golden Narghile. You can't enter at the moment, and if you try to use the 
    intercom two guards will come out of the back alley and attack. While you can 
    avoid conflict by not using it, you need to do so if you're aiming for 100% 
    kills. Open the nearby manhole and head down to the sewers.
    Climb down and head for the sluice level. Activating it floods the sewers and 
    allows you to swim through the pipe leading to the apartment basement. Inside 
    search the sofa for some keys, then grab the remaining items before heading 
    upstairs. There aren't any enemies in the apartment (yet), so don't worry about 
    being attacked for now. At the front desk you'll find a cowering manager 
    ("Please, leave me alone!") and a set of keys on the desk. If you have a lock 
    pick open the door behind him that leads to the office. You'll find a notice 
    (Intel #4) and if you have another lock pick you can grab a sawn-off shotgun 
    from a locked case. When you're done looting the place head up the stairs to 
    the second floor. You'll find a locked apartment. If you're running low on lock 
    picks you might want to skip this one and use it on the third floor apartment. 
    Otherwise, feel free to pick the lock and rummage through the rooms for some 
    items. Head up to the third floor where yet another locked apartment awaits 
    you. Pick the lock and search the couch for a letter (Intel #5). Search the 
    kitchen and bedroom for even more items. Once you're done head to apartment #5. 
    You won't need a lock pick since you helped yourself to the key downstairs. 
    Grab the note posted on the wall nearby (Intel #6), and then head into the 
    apartment. There's a photograph on the wall to the right (Intel #7) and a note 
    on the kitchen counter (Intel #8). Check the oven for a warm meal. Yummy. Enter 
    the bedroom and move the bed to reveal the safe underneath. Open it to find a 
    letter and work diary (Intel #9 & #10). At this point guards will blow open the 
    barricaded door downstairs. Head back down to the lobby. They'll throw a 
    Molotov cocktail as you reach the bottom. Wait for it to extinguish, then turn 
    right around the corner and take out the guards stationed in the lobby. Once 
    they're gone several more guards appear outside. Use the lobby doorway as cover 
    and take them all out. Head for the Golden Narghile when the gunfire stops. 
    With the letter you picked up from the safe you now know the password for the 
    club. Use the intercom and enter the club.
    Make your way into the front desk area where you can find a report and memo 
    (Intel #11 & #12), as well as a grenade launcher. There's going to be some 
    hairy fighting in a minute, so you may want to pick it up. Continue through the 
    club until all hell breaks loose. The way out is blocked by fire, and you're 
    very vulnerable standing in the middle. Sprint for the bar and quickly take out 
    any guards here. From the bar you have somewhat a tactical advantage. Gun down 
    any guards visible from your position, and then make your way upstairs. Even 
    more guards appear behind cover. Take cover yourself, and return fire until 
    they're all dead. Follow the waypoint to the restroom and head up the ladder to 
    finish the mission.
    Optional Objectives: 1. Bug the Telephone Exchanges
    # of Intel: 6
    Head down the alley from the butcher shop. There's a poster on a nearby wall 
    (Intel #1). Continue to follow the waypoint to the main street. Grab the notice 
    nearby (Intel #2). The cars parked on the street are apparently filled with gas 
    and will blow up spectacularly if you shoot them. Note that if a car does land 
    on you on the way down, you die instantly (trust me on this, I know first 
    hand). There are quite a few guards patrolling the area, so carefully make your 
    way down the street. Fortunately, there are also some gas canisters strewn 
    about, so you can use them to help clear out the area. One guard has a grenade 
    launcher, so take him out ASAP lest he blow some cars up in your face. Further 
    down the street are some stairs to the right leading up to room overlooking the 
    street. There are two Browning emplacements here, along with some explosives. 
    Clear this room, and then use the Browning on any guards visible from your 
    position. Head back down and continue onwards. There's a transformer room 
    nearby, but make a note of its location for now. At the end of the street is 
    another Browning emplacement, along with several guards. Make judicious use of 
    explosives if necessary. Near the Browning is a note (Intel #3). Make a quick 
    detour to the scooter shop nearby. There's a poster outside (Intel #4). To the 
    right of the shop is the entrance. Pick the lock and head inside. You'll find a 
    Hardballer in a nearby case, and a letter in the shop (Intel #5). Head back out 
    and follow the waypoint to the ladder next to the building for a cut scene.
    Grab the surveillance devices near the toolbox. There's a telephone exchange 
    nearby. Go ahead and place the device. You won't be able to place the second 
    one until a while later, so head back down the ladder. Now you need to make 
    your way back to the butcher shop. Unfortunately, the streets are now crawling 
    with guards. Fortunately, the Browning is still downstairs. Feel free to use it 
    to clear out some of the guards. Keep going down the street, noting that the 
    Browning emplacement in the upper room has a guard stationed there. Aim 
    carefully and take him out behind cover. When you get back to the butcher shop, 
    Kim will open the door for you. Head inside and get briefed.
    Once Kim is done talking grab the Dragunov, shaped charges, and the rest of the 
    gear on the table. There's also a notice on the table nearby (Intel #6). Go 
    through the rear exit and up some stairs to the balcony. Kim will take up a 
    sniping position nearby. Change to the Dragunov and start sniping the guards 
    than come running down the street. Kim is an excellent sniper, and chances are 
    she'll take out a guard that you were just about to shoot. When no more guards 
    appear, head back the way you came and out the shop. Remember that transformer 
    station you saw earlier? That's your next objective. There are two more snipers 
    to the right of the station. Take them down, then enter the station and use the 
    shaped charges on the transformers. Head for the waypoint and the charges will 
    blow. A philosophical cut scene ensues.
    Afterwards a truck crashes into the gate at the end of the street (I have no 
    idea what just happened, maybe the driver was drunk?). Carefully make your way 
    down the street. Several guards will appear, along with several snipers on the 
    rooftops. Carefully take them down with sniper fire. When the coast is clear, 
    head through the smashed gate. Don't go through the door just yet. Make your 
    way to the alley in the back. Head up the ladder and you'll see another 
    telephone exchange. Place the second device and you'll complete the optional 
    objective. There's also a Hardballer in a case nearby in case you missed it 
    back at the scooter shop. Head back down and through the door to finish the 
    Optional Objectives: 1. Collect 5 Shipping Information Folders
    # of Intel: 15
    Head down the stairs to the warehouse floor where you'll receive a transmission 
    from Parish. To the left you should see a ladder leading to the top of the 
    shelf. On top there's the first of the shipping information folders (Intel #1). 
    Don't get down just yet. You'll notice that you can walk across the tops of the 
    shelves. Follow the path and jump across to the munitions crate nearby. There's 
    a shaped charge inside that you'll need. Make a large jump to the shelf next to 
    the forklift. Break the boxes and you'll find a file (Intel #2). Drop down next 
    to the forklift and activate it. Follow the waypoint to the wall and place the 
    shaped charge on it. Go through the hole to the next room. There are some 
    crates with sub machine guns if you want them. Pry open the nearby grate, and 
    follow it to the generator room. There's a letter on one of the generators 
    (Intel #3). Around the next corner are some guards. Nail them using the corner 
    as cover and proceed onwards.
    At the end of the hall there should be an elevator to the left. Pry it open and 
    gun down the guard waiting inside. Grab the goodies in the elevator and 
    continue around the corner. Several more guards are waiting for you in the next 
    room. Take it nice and slow. When they're dealt with make your way into the 
    security office. A short cut scene plays. Grab the second shipping information 
    folder to the right of the monitors (Intel #4) as well as the file on the left 
    (Intel #5). Make sure to grab the keys in the cabinet behind you before you 
    leave as well. More guards have appeared in the room you just came from. 
    They'll toss a few smoke grenades; let them come to you instead of the other 
    way around. As you saw in the cut scene a Browning emplacement now blocks the 
    passageway you came from. While you can take out the gunner you still can't get 
    past it. Use the keys you took from the security room to open up the cellblock. 
    Several more guards are inside. You know what to do. When the guards are dead 
    enter Kim's cell and take everything. You should get some orders (Intel #6), 
    some tracking devices, and the E.D.O. (Electronic Door Opener). Exit the 
    cellblock and you should see an electronically locked door. Before you open it 
    make a detour to the armory on the left. Pick the lock and grab everything 
    inside. The Hammer automatic shotgun will come in especially useful in close 
    quarters firefights. Head back to the electronically locked door.
    Use the E.D.O. on the locked door and eventually it will open. The next room 
    will have several guards, some of which will come out from the room on the 
    left. Blow them all away and grab the letter from the shelf that's blocking the 
    corridor (Intel #7). Head to the room on the left and take out the guards 
    inside. There's a cabinet with a file (Intel #8) and across the room is a 
    letter (Intel #9) and the third shipping information folder (Intel #10). Watch 
    out as some guards from outside may barge in during your search. Exit the room 
    and follow the hall to the next room. More guards will barge in. You know the 
    drill. Inside the room you'll find two more letters (Intel #11 & #12) as well 
    as the fourth shipping information folder (Intel #13). Exit the room and you'll 
    find yourself in a circular area that's going up in flames. Gun down the guards 
    and search the room for a letter on the left side (Intel #14) and the final 
    shipping information folder (Intel #15), which completes the optional objective 
    if you've been collecting all of them so far. The last folder is on the top of 
    the shelf so you'll need to jump to get it. The room exit is locked 
    electronically. The moment you use the E.D.O. several guards will enter via the 
    door you came in. You can get the jump on them by waiting right next to the 
    door after you set the E.D.O. and gun them all down as they enter. Once the 
    door is unlocked, head through it and follow the waypoint to a room with a weak 
    floor. When the floor drops underneath you the mission will end.
    Optional Objectives: None
    # of Intel: 13
    From the start grab the book on the nearby box (Intel #1) and the note by the 
    post (Intel #2). Knock the post over to create a ramp leading upward. Exit the 
    room and grab the letter inside of the box to the left (Intel #3) then head 
    right to the open elevator. Jump up to reach the ladder inside and climb to the 
    next level. There's a Dragunov inside a nearby case. Be sure to grab it. In the 
    outer yard to the right several guards will open fire at you. Use the sniper 
    rifle to pick them off one at a time. Watch out for the one stationing the 
    Browning on the truck. When they've been cleared head to the end of the hall 
    and unlock it with the E.D.O. Past the door is another yard filled with more 
    guards. Use the sniper rifle to pick them off as well. Unlock the next door 
    with the E.D.O. and you'll find yourself in a room going up in flames. Exit the 
    room and keep going. Eventually you'll reach the distribution office.
    The door to the office is locked, so head left to the next room. You'll find a 
    ladder leading up to the ventilation duct that goes above the distribution 
    office. How convenient. Climb up and enter the duct and follow it to the hole 
    at the end. Wait until the guard stops underneath and blow his head off. Jump 
    down and start raiding the office. There's a letter and map on the wall (Intel 
    #4 & #5), a file and cassette in the file cabinets (Intel #6 & #7), and a 
    letter on the desk (Intel #8) along with a key card. Be sure to check the rear 
    room for even more items. Pick the lock on the armory and grab everything. Once 
    you're done clearing the room grab the chair that's blocking the door and head 
    outside. Use the key card to open the door. You'll end up in a long hallway 
    leading to the main warehouse. The door is electronically locked, so you'll 
    need to use your friend the E.D.O. again. A wave of guards will attack when you 
    do so, so take cover and return fire. Some guards may come from behind during 
    the firefight so stay on your toes.
    Once the warehouse doors are open head inside and get ready to snipe more 
    guards. Some will approach from the ground and some will appear in the catwalks 
    above. Your objective now is to plant tracking devices on the trucks stationed 
    in the warehouse. Start with the two trucks on the right. Follow the waypoints 
    and plant the devices. A gate blocks the third truck, so head up the stairs to 
    the office on the second floor. A few guards are inside to get ready to take 
    them down as you enter. You'll see a lever nearby, but ignore it for now and 
    thoroughly search the office for items. Check the walls, file cabinets and 
    desks. Inside are two letters, a file, photos, and a CD ROM (Intel #9, #10, 
    #11, #12, & #13). When you've cleared the office, head back and hit the lever. 
    The door blocking the last truck will open, but it's too late to place the 
    device on it. Two more guards enter and start heading for your position. Wait 
    on the catwalk and nail them as they come for you. The only thing left is to 
    follow the waypoint to the end of the mission.
    Optional Objectives: None
    # of Intel: 3
    We last left Sterling in the burning wreckage of the warehouse. Grab the nearby 
    shaped charge and place it on the wall. Follow the sewer tunnels, ducking 
    underneath the pipes and smashing the boarded up areas. At the end of one 
    tunnel you'll find the K53 submachine gun that the guard was referring to in 
    the note you picked up in the last level. Keep going through the tunnel until 
    you reach a staircase leading up. You'll see a Molotov cocktail land right in 
    front of you. Do not head up the steps. Turn around 180 degrees and aim 
    upwards. There's a guard right above waiting for you. Carefully move back until 
    you can just barely see the top of his head, and then give him a haircut with 
    the firearm of your choice. With the guard gone continue up the stairs. At the 
    top you'll find a room with some items and a notice (Intel #1). Exit the room 
    and you'll end up on a metal walkway. Several guards are on the walkway to the 
    right. Aim carefully and take them out. In the next room is another notice 
    (Intel #2). Exit the room and you'll see that the passageway is blocked ahead. 
    Head down the ladder and you'll wind up in an unfinished sewer pipe. Outside 
    several guards will take up position and a helicopter will fire off some smoke 
    grenades. Wait until the smoke clears, then carefully snipe the guards 
    positioned above the pipe. Head forward to reach a second area of open pipe. 
    Once again snipe the guards above. Continue onwards until you reach a ramp 
    leading upwards. At the construction site is a notice on the wall to the left 
    (Intel #3). After the helicopter blows a hole through the wall head through the 
    opening and you'll end up in an underground area.
    Inside the tomb area a wall gets blown up and several guards appear on the 
    other side. Carefully return fire and clear the area. Follow the tunnel to the 
    next open area. Several more guards appear along with a Browning gunner. Take 
    them all down and grab all the assorted munitions in the area. Exit and go up 
    the ramp, which leads to the outside. In the narrow streets above several more 
    guards will appear. Use the corners wisely for cover and take them down. 
    Eventually you'll reach a large open area. Do not rush in. Stay near the 
    entrance and shoot the guards that approach from the right. There will be 
    several waves coming in. Once you're certain that everyone is dead, cautiously 
    enter the area. The helicopter you saw earlier will fly in. Get to the Browning 
    on the left side and gun it down as soon as you can. Several guards will appear 
    behind the helicopter, but ignore them for now and concentrate on shooting the 
    copter down. Once the copter is down a truck will appear to the left with more 
    soldiers. Now this is the fun part. Not only does the truck have a Browning 
    mounted on it, but also the leader that hops out has a RPG launcher and uses it 
    with wild abandon. Not to mention that several soldiers on the rooftops to the 
    right start opening up and tossing grenades as well. There isn't really any 
    reliable strategy that works well other than to take out the leader ASAP. Once 
    the leader is gone you can deal with the Browning and grenadiers. Once all 
    the enemies are dead head for the truck to complete the mission.
    Optional Objectives: 1. Navigate the Minefield
                         2. Eliminate the Train Guards
    # of Intel: 13
    Sneak around to the front of the guard shack to your left. There should be a 
    guard sitting at a table inside. Carefully take aim and pop him in the head. 
    Unless you have sloppy aim he'll never touch the nearby alarm. Enter and take 
    the letter from the desk (Intel #1) and the memo in the file cabinet (Intel 
    #2). Be sure to snag the radio on the table as well. Exit the shack and climb 
    up the nearby watchtower. At the top you'll find a silenced PS1. While it's 
    very tempting to try it out on the guards in the distance, I'd highly recommend 
    saving it for later in the level unless you're extremely accurate. Head back 
    down and go to the nearby tool shed. There's two notices posted on it (Intel #3
    & #4). Knock down the post to make the roof collapse, which may or may not 
    alert the guards so you might want to take care of them first. Climb up and 
    drop through the roof of the shed. Grab the bolt cutter and crowbar, and then 
    lever out a window to exit. Proceed onward to the electrified fence.
    Before tackling the fence, run down to the gate and grab the memo on the 
    security checkpoint sign (Intel #5). Head back up to where you saw the flashing
    electric cable on the fence. Use the cutters on the cable, and then cut open 
    the non-electrified fence. Now comes the fun part. Make your way to the 
    guardhouse near the guard shack by the gate entrance. Several guards are 
    roaming around outside, and several more guards will open up at you from the 
    inside of the building. Use the shack as cover while you eliminate them. Once 
    the opposition is dealt with, head inside the building. Grab the nearby notice 
    (Intel #6) and the items on the shelves. Stand back and shoot the gas canisters 
    to blow out the back of the building. Make your way to the truck parked in back 
    and grab the keycard, wire cutters, and shipping document (Intel #7). The 
    moment you take these items a mortar team will set up position at the far end 
    of the compound. If you run into the street at this point you're going to get a 
    mortar shell in the face. This is what you've been saving the sniper rifle for. 
    There are two ways you can go about taking them out. You can peek right around 
    the corner and carefully snipe them before they can fire at you. Or you can 
    make your way to the top of the barracks you just blew open (there's a ladder 
    in the back) and snipe them from the roof.
    Once the mortar team is taken out, you're pretty much free to explore the rest 
    of the area. While you have the keycard to open the security checkpoint down 
    the road, the area beyond is mined so you'll need to make a mine detector 
    first. Directly across the barracks is a locked gate. To the right of that is a 
    shack with some items and a memo (Intel #8). Keep exploring the remaining 
    shack, keeping in mind that several guards will pop out of them as your 
    approach. The shack next to the security checkpoint sign contains an order 
    (Intel #9) and a metal sprue. Use it to make a lock pick and return to the 
    locked gate you saw earlier. Unlock it and grab all the supplies inside, 
    including a list (Intel #10) and some copper wire. Use the radio and copper 
    wire to create a mine detector. Once you're done head back to the security 
    checkpoint and unlock it with your keycard.
    The rough road area ahead is loaded with mines. While you can simply bypass 
    them by going the long way around to the right, you wwon't be able to complete 
    the optional objective. As you approach the minefield you'll have the option of 
    turning on your mine detector. The mines appear as red dots on the ground. 
    Carefully make your way down the road until you reach a building to the left. 
    Once you reach it you've completed the optional objective. Inside are two 
    switches, a memo (Intel #11), and some weapons, including the B93 Burst 
    automatic handgun. Flip the switches if you want, and continue down the mined 
    road. Several guards will appear down the road ahead. If they attack while 
    you're still on the mine road carefully put down the detector, shoot them with 
    the sniper rifle, and continue with the detector down the road. Watch out for 
    the sniper in the tower nearby. Once all opposition has been eliminated, make 
    your way to the building on the left with the swinging sign on top. There's a 
    ladder at the bottom of the building that leads inside. Search the room for 
    some items and a notice (Intel #12). Exit the room and head to the barracks 
    opposite your position. Inside you'll find a letter (Intel #13) and some body 
    armor. At this point a second mortar team takes up position underneath the two 
    lime tanks opposite your position. Use the sniper rifle to take them out. Head 
    for their position to make a rather grizzly discovery. Nearby is a large sign 
    you can knock over to form a bridge to the other side.
    As you cross over several guards will come rushing out from the shack on the 
    left. Shoot them all and search the shack for supplies. Afterwards make your 
    way across the bridge leading over the tracks. As you reach the other side two
    more guards approach in the distance down below. You can either snipe them from
    the bridge or go down and meet them head to head. Continue towards the waypoint
    and you'll eventually reach an elevator. At this point a train will arrive at 
    the station and several guards in bio suits appear with Stur ARGs and poison 
    gas grenades. If you have sniper rifle ammo now is the time to use it. Once all 
    the train guards are dead the second optional objective will be completed. 
    Before you head down the elevator you might want to pick up one of the Stur 
    ARGs from the guards. The scope makes it much more accurate than the P5K you're 
    probably using now. Return to the elevator and take it down. When the elevator 
    crashes, crawl out and follow the passage to an underground area. If you follow 
    the walkway it will eventually collapse on the other side. Instead from the 
    entrance turn right, jump over the rail and take the ladder on the side of the 
    building. A guard will exit the doorway so get ready to gun him down. Enter the 
    building and make your way to the other side. Several guards on the opposite 
    side will open fire through the window. Use the scope on the Stur ARG to take 
    them out with accurate fire. When they're all dead activate the switch to lower 
    the bridge and cross it to the other side. Note that there's an alternate route 
    to the door via the path going around the cavern to the right, but you might as 
    well take the bridge since it's faster. Exit through the door on the other end 
    to finish the mission.
    Optional Objectives: 1. Collect Five Technical Progress Reports
    # of Intel: 13
    Get ready for a marathon of a mission. Start out by taking the decontamination 
    notice near the door (Intel #1). Enter the decontamination room and take the 
    memo in the locker (Intel #2) and notice by the bio suit (Intel #3). Step into 
    the shower area to start the decontamination procedure. Afterwards the 
    dispenser with the bio suit will open. Grab the bio suit. The bio suit obscures 
    some of your vision, but the good news is that you're complete immune to poison 
    gas while you're in it. It will get destroyed if you take too much damage, 
    however, so be careful. Exit the room and head for the air lock on the right. 
    On the other side a scientist is trying to open a malfunctioning door. Grab the 
    sign on the elevator nearby (Intel #4) and the security notice on the counter 
    (Intel #5). Enter the next area and you'll see a scientist vainly trying to 
    extinguish a fire in the computer room. Ignore him for now and head for the 
    cafeteria to the right. The door soon opens and a decontamination soldier 
    charbroils two scientists. These soldiers are equipped with flamethrowers that 
    not only set you on fire, but also obscure your vision with the flames. The 
    suits they wear also absorb quite a few bullets, so take them down as quickly 
    as you can. Several guards open fire from behind the counter, but they're 
    secondary compared to the flamethrower guard. Continue through the exploding 
    kitchen and enter the door to the left of the maintenance room. Grab the note 
    on the wall (Intel #6) and the first technical progress report on the file 
    drawer (Intel #7). Also grab the keys in the cabinet before leaving. Exit and 
    enter the maintenance room. Take the circuit breaker nearby, oopen the panel, 
    and place the circuit breaker inside. Then use the key on the door to the 
    right. Turn the two valves to extinguish the fire blocking the door you saw 
    earlier. Head back through the office and the previously engulfed room to reach 
    the now working door.
    After the cut scene several guards attack from the left. Take them out and 
    continue clockwise around the chamber. The nearest gate is unlocked, but the 
    passage will collapse if you try to go through it. Ignore it and follow the 
    waypoint indicator to the communication console. Kim will open the north wing 
    gate. Step inside the lab area. Several guards appear from the opposite door, 
    one of which has a flamethrower. Take them out before going further. When the 
    coast is clear search the left half of the lab. Next to the toolbox you'll find 
    a work order (Intel #8) and nearby the second technical progress report (Intel 
    #9). Don't bother entering the vent, as it's inaccessible for the time being. 
    Instead head towards the opposite door and left into a maintenance room. Grab 
    the circuit breaker and install it in the panel. Return to the lab and enter 
    the vent near the toolbox. Follow the vent to an upper level overlooking what 
    seems to be a test lab. The third technical progress report is on the floor 
    nearby (Intel #10). Follow the hall to the next vent and hop inside. Continue 
    through the vent and drop through to next area.
    Several guards are patrolling the circular area, so you might want to clear 
    them out before anything else. Once the coast is clear activate the switch near 
    the monitor then talk to Kim via the communication terminal. You need to 
    activate four fuse boxes before you can use the elevator again. Grab the fuse 
    in the cabinet near the bio suits (which you can take if you lost yours 
    previously) and move to the panel labeled J21. Open it and activate the switch 
    inside. Move on to J22 and open it. Insert the fuse and activate the switch. 
    Move to J23, open it, and activate the switch. Repeat for J24. Once you've 
    activated all four the elevator will start working again. Get into the central 
    elevator and it up to the upper level. Several guards attack the moment you 
    arrive (including one with a flamethrower). Kill them all and make your way to 
    the south wing gate. When you see the biohazard sign on the floor get ready to 
    The next room is a large open area with a lower and upper level. The moment you 
    turn the corner several guards begin attacking. The guard on the upper level 
    will throw poison gas grenades while the guards on the lower level close in on 
    your position. This is a tough fight; don't hesitate to back off if things get 
    too crazy. The best weapon to use is the Stur ARG since most of the fighting 
    will be done at long range and the scope makes aiming a lot easier. When you 
    clear out the enemies in your line of fire, make your way upstairs. Several 
    more enemies appear on the second level. If you're under heavy fire, retreat 
    back to the stairs and make them come to you. Salah will fire at you from the 
    office, so you might actually end up killing him by reflex without even knowing 
    it. When the gunfire stops, head to the office. Inside you'll find a photograph 
    (Intel #11) and the fourth technical progress report (Intel #12). Open the key 
    cabinet and take the key inside. Use it to unlock the nearby cabinet with the 
    keycard. Don't forget to hit the switch on the nearby wall to unlock the gate. 
    Head back to the elevator and ride the elevator back down to level 2. Follow 
    the waypoint to the west gate.
    A fire blocks the exit, so you'll need to figure out a way to extinguish it. 
    Talk to Kim via the communication device nearby. She'll tell you to go through 
    the lab in the next room and activate the sprinklers in the maintenance room. 
    The lab is filled with poisonous gas however, so if you don't have a bio suit 
    on go and get one from the elevator area. Inside the lab you can find the last 
    technical progress report on a counter to the right (Intel #13), which 
    completes the optional objective. Several guards burst in through the opposite 
    door when you enter. Gun them down and enter the door they just came through. 
    Head for the maintenance room (the stairs in back lead back to the upper level 
    you came through when you went through the vents). Turn both valves to 
    extinguish the fire, and then head back to the elevator to finish the level.
    Optional Objectives: None
    # of Intel: 6
    After Kim's long and excruciating briefing, exit the elevator and head right to 
    the office. You'll see two guards inside shoot a scientist. Enter and gun them 
    both down. Search the room to find three pieces of intelligence (Intel #1, #2, 
    & #3) and a circuit board. Enter the room in the back and take everything that 
    you can, including some shaped charges and a keycard. One of the crates is 
    locked electronically, but you don't have the materials for a hacking device 
    yet so ignore it for now. Head back outside and follow the hall past the 
    elevator and some flaming crates until you reach a locked gate. Use the keycard 
    on the gate and go through the nearby door. You'll hear gunfire, but it's not 
    you they're aiming at. Follow the stairs down until you see a guard near a 
    scientist's corpse. Shoot him and search the toolbox nearby for a set of keys. 
    Grab the letter nearby as well (Intel #4). Head back upstairs and turn left to 
    get to the maintenance room.
    Use the keys to unlock the door and head inside. Take the document near the 
    valves (Intel #5), and then turn the two valves to extinguish the fire that you 
    saw previously blocking the vent. This triggers several guards to appear down 
    the hall and near the elevator. Note that there's some wire nearby you can 
    combine with the circuit board to create a hacking device with. Carefully make 
    your way back to the vent, taking out the two guards in the hall. Several more 
    guards ambush you as you near the vent, one of which has a flamethrower. 
    They'll throw a few poison grenades as well, so wait until the smoke clears and 
    gun them all down. When the coast is clear open the vent and head inside. 
    Before doing so you can head back to the office storeroom and open the crate 
    with the hacking device, but you only get a few plastique explosives for your 
    The vent leads to a large reservoir area with several guards patrolling below. 
    Take aim and snipe at them from your vantage point. When they're dealt with 
    make you way down to the lower level and head for the first pump room. Take the 
    order nearby (Intel #6), and then place the shaped charges on the two pumps in 
    the room. Head back out and make your way to the second pump room. Unlike the 
    first pump room, this one has two guards in it. Take them down and blow the 
    third and fourth pumps. This triggers a large group of guards to appear in the 
    central area along with some dramatic music to boot. When you exit get ready 
    for a firefight. Use the doorway for cover and take them out one at a time. 
    When they're all dead head to the upper level where they appeared and enter the 
    second reservoir area via a flooded passage. As you open the door several 
    poison grenades will come flying at you. Drop back and wait for the enemies to 
    come in and then take them on. Several more guards are waiting in the central 
    area. They'll come from both sides, so don't hesitate to fall back and make 
    them come to you. When the coast is clear head for pump room number three.
    You'll notice something rather different in this pump room; namely that the 
    room is flooded with water and electrified. Needless to say if you jump in 
    you'll get fried pretty bad. To place the charges you'll need to jump across 
    the objects in the room to get to the pumps. Once pumps number five and six are 
    destroyed, head back out to the fourth and final pump room. There are two 
    flamethrower guards inside. Take them out and blow up the last two pumps. When 
    all the pumps are destroyed follow the waypoint to the upper level. As you go 
    down the hall the floor collapses revealing a water filled passage beneath you. 
    Jump down and swim towards the elevator shaft. Climb up the ladder to end the 
    Optional Objectives: 1. Kill All Nine Snipers
                         2. Destroy the Tank
    # of Intel: 7
    Start things out by grabbing the nearby L50 sniper rifle. The .50 caliber round 
    this rifle shoots easily goes through body armor, so you can effectively kill 
    enemies in one shot through either the body or the head. Grab the nearby body 
    armor, map (Intel #1) and grenades. Climb the nearby vine and continue up the 
    mountain until you get a cut scene with a sniper. Several guards come in from 
    the right. Shoot them all and search them for some plastique. When you turn the 
    corner a sniper is positioned above to the left. Take him out with the L50, and 
    then nail the guard in the distance patrolling the bridge. Head for the 
    waterfall and dive in. Turn left and follow the underwater passage to the next 
    area. Several more guards are stationed here, along with the second sniper 
    positioned on a ledge to the left. Continue up along the rock ledges. As you 
    come around the bend a third sniper is lying in wait on the right. Shoot him, 
    and then jump across to where the barrier is. From the barrier turn right and 
    snipe the guard on the distant bridge. Then turn left and head forward until 
    the path splits into two. If you want to complete everything you'll need to go 
    both ways. For the sake of the walkthrough we'll go right for now.
    On the right path more guards appear in your way. After eliminating them keep 
    going forward until you reach a large area with some temple ruins. Don't enter 
    the area yet. Sniper number four is perched on the top level of the ruins. 
    Snipe him from the entrance. About a dozen guards appear from the ruin area. 
    Hole up in the entryway and gun them down from there. Using the sniper rifle 
    makes things much easier, but be sure to save some ammunition for later on. 
    When the guards stop appearing grab the memo to the right of the temple 
    entrance (Intel #2). Head further inside for some ammo and other supplies. Exit 
    the temple and continue up the path. A passage to the right leads to the upper 
    level where the sniper was. Head onto the upper level and grab the supplies on 
    the other end. This triggers the appearance of several more guards outside. 
    Head back out and shoot them from around the corner. Continue along the path 
    until you reach a large central area with some ruins. Grab the nearby book on 
    the right (Intel #3). Then turn around and head all the way back to where the 
    split in the path was and take the left path.
    Climb the vine to the upper level, but be careful as the fifth sniper is 
    positioned right in front from the top. Grab the photograph nearby (Intel #4). 
    The sixth sniper is perched on a slope ahead. Aim high and take him out. The 
    seventh sniper is to the right of the steel plate walkway. Cross the walkway 
    and you'll see a ladder across on the other side. Move as far down the path as 
    you can to get as close as possible to the opposite ledge, and then jump 
    across. This is somewhat of a difficult jump, so you might have to try a few 
    times. A guard is patrolling underneath your position so you might have to take 
    him out before trying the jump. Once across climb up the ladder and you'll come 
    across a sniper's nest. Nearby you'll find a book (Intel #5) and a L50. Head 
    back down and follow the path until you reach the large central area you saw 
    earlier. As you enter the area several guards will appear in the distance. Take 
    them all out, then check out the tent on the right for a book (Intel #6). Trade 
    in your secondary weapon for the RPG in the crates (hold onto the L50 for now 
    though). Step back out and grab even more RPG rounds outside by the altar. Head 
    out of the area and a cut scene plays.
    After the cut scene equip the L50 and step carefully around the corner. The 
    last two snipers are posted above to the left and on the bridge respectively. 
    If you took out the previous snipers this completes the optional objective. 
    Keep moving forward with the L50 scope until you can spot several more guards 
    on the ledge in the distance. One of them has a RPG launcher so take him out 
    ASAP. Nail the rest of the guards, and then take a passage on the right and 
    follow it to the upper level. Across the bridge is a photograph on the wall to 
    the right (Intel #7). Follow the tunnel to the end. Around the corner to the 
    left are several guards and the tank you saw earlier. Try to take out as many 
    enemies with the L50 as possible before they can throw poison gas grenades. 
    When visibility is obscured, fall back into the cave and wait for them to come 
    to you. After the guards are all dead, equip the RPG launcher and start firing 
    at the tank. It takes three shots to blow it up, so make them all count. 
    Destroying the tank completes the second optional objective. Before you head 
    down the road drop the RPG and grab one of the M4A1s. Past the tank wreckage is 
    a waterfall with some leaves floating in it. Jump into the waterfall and follow 
    the underwater tunnel until you reach the exit. Climb up and follow the 
    waypoint to finish the level.
    Optional Objectives: 1. Destroy $200,000,000 of Arms Stock
    # of Intel: 10
    You'll start the level overlooking a helipad with several soldiers milling 
    about below. Snipe as many as you can from this position. Note that one of the 
    guards near the tents on the left has a RPG launcher, so make him your primary 
    target when he shows up. If any guards survive your initial sniping attempt 
    they'll come up the stairs behind you. Note the crate nearby with the rockets 
    in it. Blowing up crates of rockets or freestanding rockets is part of an 
    optional objective to destroy the arms stock in this area. It takes several 
    shots from an assault rifle to blow one up, or one shot from the L50 sniper 
    rifle. Destroy the crate of rockets nearby and well as the rockets near the 
    stalls below. The tent closest to the helipad contains a crate with a note 
    (Intel #1). Outside are two price lists posted on the stalls (Intel #2 & #3). 
    Near the helipad is a path leading up the cliff side, which leads to a small 
    supply room containing a L50 sniper rifle. Be sure to get it since you'll be 
    doing some serious sniping action later on.
    Head back down past the "Fariq's Arms Fair" sign and you'll see an electrified 
    fence in the distance. To the right of the "No Unauthorized Personnel" building 
    is a note (Intel #4). Turn right, equip the L50, and take out the arms dealers 
    near the tanks in the distance. As you approach the tanks several more guards 
    will appear. Snipe them all until they stop coming. Head to the building on the 
    right to get some shaped charges. Follow the waypoint to the generators and 
    blow both of them up. On the way back several more guards will appear. Snipe 
    them all and head through the now open gate. Take the warning on the right of 
    the barriers (Intel #5). Don't go past the barriers or the automatic machine 
    guns in front will rip you to shreds. Instead head left and go up the stairs. 
    Quickly sprint across the narrow makeshift bridge and drop into the building 
    below. Deactivate the guns and head back out through the door. A large group of 
    guards will appear and attack from outside. Snipe them all and follow the 
    waypoint to the bridge where a cut scene will occur.
    After the lengthy conversation pick up the schedule on the bridge (Intel #6). 
    Several arms dealers will attack in the distance. Fortunately, there are 
    several rockets nearby you can blow up to take them out and destroy the arms at 
    the same time. Be careful of the enemies on the bridge above. One on the far 
    left has a RPG launcher. Clear the area of guards, arms dealers, and arms 
    stock. You can pick up two price lists on the left near the stalls (Intel #7 & 
    #8), and find a letter in one of the tents on the right (Intel #9). Head up 
    over to the stairway on the left and dispatch the two guards that come down to 
    greet you. Follow the path through the tunnels and across the bridges. As you 
    approach the second bridge several guards appear on the other side. As you 
    cross the bridge several more guards will appear from behind. When they're all 
    taken care of continue down the tunnels and proceed down to the lower level 
    near the guard tower. When you see the well in the distance take out the L50 
    and carefully turn the corner. Several guards will appear in the station across 
    the canal. Snipe all of them from around the corner. When you're done hop into 
    the canal and swim through the underwater tunnel to the other side. You'll end 
    up in a storage area with more arms stock to blow up, along with several 
    soldiers. Clear the area out and proceed to the firing range in the distance.
    As you enter two arms dealers in the distance will grab some weapons and start 
    firing at you. Snipe them both, then snipe the sniper in the tower in the 
    distance. Grab the nearby schedule (Intel #10). Note that there's a rocket you 
    can blow up nearby. One of the arms dealers drops a PK-S heavy machine gun. 
    Swap your non-L50 weapon for it and grab the 7.62mm ammo nearby. Be sure to get 
    the shaped charge on the table as well. Several guards will appear on the 
    opposite end of the firing range during the ruckus. Feel free to test out the 
    PK-S on them. When they're all dead follow the waypoint to the room at the 
    opposite end and blow the wall with the shaped charge.
    The next area is crawling with guards. It's tempting to snipe them all from a 
    distance with the L50, but if you're low on ammo you should definitely hold off 
    on it. A few more arms stock is near the railroad tracks, so blow them up when 
    you have the chance. Head for the Octopus module and grab the crowbar next to 
    it. Head to the rear of the unit and pry it open. Then head to the front and 
    enter the codes Parish provides. Now it's time to disarm the missiles. Before 
    that head to the left of the large missiles and you'll see two smaller rockets 
    you can blow up. If you've blown up all the arms stock so far you should be 
    just 5 million short of the 200 million. The last remaining stock is near the 
    lift at the far end to the left of the missiles. Sprint to the lift and take a 
    look in the distance to the lower right. You should spot a crate of rockets 
    there. Blow it up to fulfill the optional objective. Head back to the missiles 
    and disarm both the firing system and warhead on each of them. It doesn't 
    matter which one you disable first, but the second missile firing system you 
    try to access will be jammed. Don't worry about it and disable the warhead. 
    When both missiles have been taken care of make your way to the waypoint. Be 
    sure to equip the L50 before you get there. The missile you didn't disarm the 
    firing system on will take off but will explode harmlessly shortly after 
    takeoff. A cut scene ensues.
    Fariq and his men will approach from the lift directly in front of you. Use the 
    L50 to kill as many as possible before the poison gas grenades obscure too much 
    of your vision. If possible try to kill Fariq first. He has a RPG launcher that 
    he's not shy about using. The waypoint indicator will mark his position if he 
    manages to get out of sight behind an obstacle. If he manages to get too close, 
    switch to your close combat firearm and quickly rush him before he can fire a 
    RPG shot. After he's dead take out the remainder of his guards to finish the 
    Optional Objectives: 1. Collect Six Requisition Orders
                         2. Destroy the Missile Systems
                         3. Shoot Down Twelve Helicopters
    # of Intel: 17
    Slowly move forward and take down the lone patrolling guard in the distance. To 
    the left on the ground you'll see a note on the ground (Intel #1). Pick it up 
    but don't go any farther down the tunnel. There's a Browning emplacement around 
    the corner and it will tear you to shreds the moment you come into range. 
    Instead keep going around the mountainside. You'll have to jump across a small 
    gap along the way. Another soldier is patrolling nearby. Take him down and them 
    grab the L96AW sniper rifle nearby. Break the nearby boxes and grab the 
    ammunition. From this position you can see the Browning emplacement in the 
    distance. Snipe the gunner, and then gun down the guards that arrive shortly 
    afterwards. When the guards stop coming head down into the open area and 
    collect the assorted supplies lying around. Head inside the building afterwards 
    when you're done.
    Around the corner are several guards waiting for you. Take them down, then turn 
    the next corner and nail the guard coming down the ramp. Now that the immediate 
    vicinity is clear, you can go ahead and head back to the two previous doors. 
    The one with the note near the entrance (Intel #2) is the barracks. Enter the 
    barracks and clean the room out. Inside are several smoke grenades, a journal 
    (Intel #3), and a CD (Intel #4). Don't miss the wire cutters and bundle of wire 
    either. Head out the door and to the room opposite, which contains a notice 
    (Intel #5) and the first of six requisition orders (Intel #6). There's a locked 
    cabinet with some plastique and an electronically locked case with a grenade 
    launcher inside, but right now you probably don't have enough items to open 
    either of them for now. Head back outside and to the ramp leading to the upper 
    level. To the left of the ramp is a note (Intel #7). Head upstairs and through 
    the door nearby. Two more guards appear left of the doorway. Then them down and 
    head through the door nearby. Inside are a photo and memo on the wall (Intel #8 
    & #9), a bundle of wire, and a set of keys in the cabinet. With the wire you 
    can create a hacking device to get the grenade launcher from the armory 
    downstairs. Use the key to open the door leading outside to the lift area. To 
    the left of the lift on top of one of the boxes is the second requisition order 
    (Intel #10). To the right of the lift is the entrance leading downstairs. 
    Behind a box to the right of that is a crate with some grenades. Head down 
    stairs and continue downwards to the area underneath the lift. There's a metal 
    sprue you can use to make a lock pick and grab the plastique from the locked 
    case in the armory. Head back up one floor and out to the lift. Hit the switch 
    on the wall and the lift will slowly make its way down to you. Climb on and hit 
    the switch on the lift to head up to the upper area.
    Several guards come in from the left as you get to the top. Shoot them all and 
    the additional guards that appear from the door behind them. Once they've been 
    taken care of grab the nearby note on the wall on the right (Intel #11) and the 
    third requisition order on top of the crates to the left (Intel #12). You can 
    also find another metal sprue on a crate near the lift area. Head opposite from 
    the door the guards came through and you'll see a locked room on the right. 
    Inside is the fourth requisition order (Intel #13) and some supplies. Be sure 
    to grab the circuit board. Head back out and continue through the door the 
    guards just came through. Head downstairs into another room. Inside of an 
    electronically locked case is the G11 assault rifle. Grab the bundle of wire in 
    the locker and use it to make a hacking device, and then use it to open the 
    case with the G11. Trade in your current assault weapon for the G11 and smash 
    the nearby boxes for some 4.7mm caseless ammunition. Don't trade the L96AW, as 
    you will still need it later in the next level. Exit through the door.
    Outside several guards are patrolling the area. Use the G11 to gun them all 
    down. Note the missile launcher turrets nearby. Blowing them up is an optional 
    objective, but right now you don't have any shaped charges on you at the 
    moment. Continue around the corner and up the ramp. Several more guards attack 
    from both the left and right. The G11 scope comes in handy when picking them 
    off. Near the crates you'll find the fifth requisition order (Intel #14) and a 
    supply manifest (Intel #15). Ignore the ramp on the left for the moment and 
    continue following the waypoint. Some guards will come from behind at this 
    point so be ready to turn around and gun them down. As you enter the tunnel two 
    more guards pop out. Pop them both and turn the corner. Near a portable heater 
    are two cases with five shaped charges. You can go back and blow up the two 
    missile turrets if you want, but we'll be heading back this way again so you 
    can hold off doing so until later; they're not going anywhere.
    Follow the waypoint to the radar array. Place the first charge near the first 
    point, and then head down the ladder. Follow the long stairway down to the area 
    below. Enter the nearby door and take the key from the cabinet and open the 
    next door. Several red suited technicians start firing at you immediately when 
    you enter the computer room. Gun them down and search the cabinets in the rear 
    for a log (Intel #16) and the last of the requisition orders (Intel #17). Place 
    the charge in the room and exit. Open the door to the engine room with the key 
    you took from inside and head down the ladder. Place the last charge on the 
    gear and head back up the way you came all the way to the top. Follow the 
    waypoint to the safe distance and the radar array will blow up. Parish will 
    alert you to the approach of helicopters, but don't worry about it. Continue to 
    follow the waypoint until you reach the central area. The previously locked 
    gate is now open, and several guards will open fire as you approach. Take them 
    out, but don't enter just yet. Head back to where the missile launchers were 
    and blow both of them up to complete the first optional objective. Head back up 
    the ramp and take a left up the nearby ramp. Note that there's a gray waypoint 
    indicator in addition to the blue one. Follow the gray indicator into the 
    building and outside where you'll see an anti-aircraft gun emplacement. Jump 
    inside and start shooting the helicopters that appear shortly. The AA gun fires 
    slowly, but it only takes one hit to blow a helicopter up, and you have 
    unlimited ammunition. The helicopters don't shoot back, so it's basically a 
    shooting gallery of sorts. Shooting down 12 helicopters completes the second 
    optional objective. Several more helicopters appear afterwards, but you don't 
    have to shoot them down unless you want to blow more up for fun. Head back out 
    and follow the waypoint back to the gate. A room to the right has a switch that 
    opens the main door to the cable car bay. As you enter the area several guards 
    will appear in waves. Some will appear above on the upper walkway, while others 
    appear through the side doors, and some ahead of you. Take cover and use the 
    G11 to take them down one at a time. When the guards stop appearing hold off on 
    entering the cable car just yet. Search the area to the left for a L96AW and 
    some ammunition. Equip the sniper rifle and head for the cable car to end the 
    Optional Objectives: 1. Collect All Four G11 Intelligence Reports
    # of Intel: 11
    Get ready for some hardcore sniping action. The first section of the level 
    takes place entirely on the cable car. Enemies will attack from various 
    locations as you make your way up the mountainside. Normally this wouldn't be a 
    problem, but all of them are so far away that only the L96AW has a reasonable 
    chance to hit them. Add to the fact that the cable car is constantly in motion 
    and you've got a real challenge on your hands. Not only do you have to aim 
    accurately, but you also need to take into consideration the movement of the 
    cable car. Also remember that the L96AW is bolt action and not semi-automatic 
    like the other sniper rifles in the game, which means that the reload time 
    between shots is significantly higher. Now that we have all that out of the way 
    let's get on with the mission.
    At the start you'll see a large fenced in area with some storage tanks on the 
    left. When you get closer several guards will appear and start firing at you. 
    One of them has a LAW (light antitank weapon), so try to take him out ASAP. Try 
    to take them down quickly as a cable car heading opposite your direction 
    appears to the left shortly when you go past the area. Several guards fire from 
    the car as you approach. Finally after the car you'll see a station in the 
    distance. A guard fires at you with a Browning emplacement on the lower level. 
    When the cable car reaches the station it will stop. Step out of the car get 
    ready your close range weapon before you enter. You might also want to grab the 
    crowbar that's in the cable car as well.
    Inside the station several guards open fire the moment you open the door. A few 
    will also come in through the door on the left. Take them down, and then 
    cautiously gun down the guards holding out in the room on the left. Before 
    heading inside the room, raid the armory to the right and replenish your sniper 
    rifle ammunition. After you're done head into the room on the left. Inside is 
    the cable car override switch. Activate it, but don't head back just yet. 
    Nearby you can find a map, notice, and the first of the G11 intelligence 
    reports (Intel #1, #2, and #3). Head out the room, take a left, and head 
    downstairs to the lower level. Inside the locker room you can find a notice 
    (Intel #4) and in the supply room nearby some additional items. If you have 
    ammonia and bleach you can now create some poison gas grenades. Head back 
    upstairs to the cable car and activate the controls to continue.
    Don't let the serene music fool you. Things are going to heat up rather 
    shortly. On the right you can spot a small bunker in the distance. As you get 
    close several guards will appear and open fire at you. A little further up is a 
    second bunker on the right. As you pass more soldiers open fire, including one 
    with a Browning. Fortunately, a gas canister is conveniently placed right in 
    the middle of them. Fire one shot into it and they'll all get blown up at once. 
    Once they're gone turn your attention towards the front of the cable car. A 
    helicopter will fly by right in front of you, but it's just a distraction for 
    the real threat: two guards with LAWs will open fire from a bridge in the 
    distance. Note the gas canister in the dead center of the bridge. You can 
    probably guess what to do next. When the bridge guards are taken care of, 
    several more guards will come running in from the left in the far distance. One 
    of them has a LAW. Try to shoot them before they get too close. Otherwise 
    they'll run right beneath you and open fire at point blank range.
    When the cable car pulls into the station, several workers will spot you from 
    the right. One will open fire while the other activates an alarm. This opens up 
    a blast door nearby with a Browning emplacement behind it. Snipe the gunner in 
    the head, and then eliminate the remaining enemies with your assault rifle. To 
    the right of the docking area is a notice (Intel #5) and behind some crates the 
    second G11 intelligence report (Intel #6). Cautiously move around the corner to 
    the left of the Browning. Several guards will open fire in the distance. One of 
    them as a LAW, so take him out ASAP. Continue down the passage until you see a 
    small area to the left. There's a notice posted near the gate that you might 
    miss (Intel #7). More guards appear as you proceed down the passage. Eventually 
    you'll wind up in a large area with some pipes hanging from the ceiling. Guards 
    will appear from the upper level and make their way down towards you. Take your 
    time and nail them with the G11. When they stop coming, search the wall on the 
    right for a notice (Intel #8). Head up the stairs to the upper walkway and 
    enter the door. Keep going until you reach an upper walkway overlooking a 
    tunnel area. Several guards open fire as you enter. Eliminate them, and then 
    head down the stairs to the lower level. Head for the waypoint next to the 
    keycard reader. Grab the note nearby (Intel #9), and then head back down the 
    tunnel in the opposite direction. More guards appear in the distance, one of 
    them with a LAW. Take them down and grab the third G11 intelligence report on a 
    crate to the left (Intel #10). When you reach the end of the tunnel grab the 
    ammunition nearby and head back the way you came. A gate on the left that was 
    previously locked is now open. A guard will come out, but chances are he'll be 
    looking in the opposite direction so you can take him completely by surprise. 
    Near the entrance a guard will fire at you immediately. Take him out and head 
    inside. More guards will appear. More killing ensues. Head towards the office 
    where you'll find the door is locked. Use your trusty E.D.O. on the door. While 
    the E.D.O. is working its magic, more guards appear from the upper walkway. Gun 
    them down, and then open the door when it's unlocked. Inside a cabinet is the 
    last G11 intelligence report (Intel #11), which completes the optional 
    objective. Grab the keycard and head back to the locked gate. Use the keycard 
    to open the gate and head inside to finish the level.
    Optional Objectives: 1. Poison the Security Room Air Supply
                         2. Collect 5 Plasma Fusion Reactor Intelligence Reports
    # of Intel: 12
    When the elevator door opens, proceed down the tunnel and take out all the 
    guards along the way. If you still have the sniper rifle you can use it to make 
    things much easier. Grab the memo on the nearby crate at the beginning (Intel 
    #1). Once you reach the end, the gate leading to the power room opens up. Head 
    back and through the gate. Inside is a large circular chamber. The moment you 
    enter a large group of guards appears in the area. Some will approach from the 
    front, and some will approach from the left. Once the area is clear head 
    through the gate on the left.
    As you make your way down the corridor you'll see a memo near a metal cart 
    (Intel #2). Grab the ammonia nearby as well. Keep going down the corridor on 
    the left. Several guards attack at the end of the hall. Use the cover on the 
    side pillars and take them down. As you turn the corner more guards attack from 
    the lower level. Eliminate them as well. The security room door can be opened 
    with the E.D.O., but there's a much more entertaining way to gain access. Go 
    down the stairs and past the armory. There's a bottle of bleach nearby. Also 
    pick up the first of five PFR (Plasma Fusion Reactor) reports behind the crate 
    (Intel #3). If you don't already have a poison gas grenade combine the ammonia 
    and bleach to make one. Now head back to the door to the security room and turn 
    left around the corner. All the way at the end is an air filter that you can 
    remove. Take out the air filter and throw it away. Then carefully aim and toss 
    a poison gas grenade into the hole where the filter was. Not only does this 
    open the security door and kill everyone inside, but it also fulfills an 
    optional objective as well. Head into the security room and mercilessly gun 
    down the incapacitated guard on the floor. Ignore the big device in the center 
    of the room for now. Take the photograph and second PFR report on the consoles 
    nearby (Intel #4 & #5). Head up the stairs to the upper room and grab the diary 
    on the station (Intel #6) and take the armory key from the cabinet. Now head 
    back downstairs and stand in the middle of the circular platform to activate 
    it. After about a minute or so the computer will finally scan your bio-
    signature into the database.
    After the scan head back out and make your way to the armory on the right. 
    Unlock the door with the key you got from the security office and head inside. 
    Hit the switch to unlock the gate, and then grab all the shaped charges inside. 
    You'll need these later in the level, but since you're here already you might 
    as well grab them now. Head back to the glowing central area and use the 
    scanner to open the gate on the other side. Near the entrance on the left 
    hidden behind the pipes is the third PFR report (Intel #7), and on the right is 
    a photograph on the wall (Intel #8). Before you pick either one up through, you 
    might want to deal with the red suited workers nearby that will open fire as 
    you enter the area. Clear the area out, and take the CD ROM from the file 
    cabinet on the left along the way (Intel #9). As you make your way forward 
    several more guards appear from the upper level and flood down the stairs. 
    Methodically take them down as they come and move upstairs. Continue clearing 
    out the guards until you reach the area in front of the reactor core. Take a 
    right and go down the first ladder you see.
    The ladder leads to the area below the reactor core. If you don't have one 
    already, grab the crowbar nearby. In order to deactivate the laser blocking the 
    way you need to turn the cylinders so that they are all lit up. Whenever you 
    activate/deactivate a cylinder, the cylinders on both sides of it either 
    activate (if they were off) or deactivate (if they were on). It isn't too 
    difficult to activate all of them. Just keep trying and eventually you should 
    be able to activate them all at once. Head past where the barrier was and 
    carefully make your way along the narrow walkway to the panel. Lever it open 
    and disable the first safety lock. Go back and up the ladder to the previous 
    level. Continue down the passage until you see a ladder going up. Skip the 
    ladder for now and head past it through the doorway next to it. Head downstairs 
    and grab the memo at the bottom (Intel #10). Head back up the stairs and go up 
    the ladder you passed. You'll end up in another corridor with another laser 
    barrier. Deactivate it the same way you did the previous one. Step out along 
    the walkway, pry open the panel, and deactivate the second safety lock. When 
    this is done all that's left is to find some shaped charges and blow the 
    reactor to kingdom come. Since you already have the shaped charges all you need 
    to do is the latter. Head back down the ladder and continue down the hall to 
    the right. Several guards will appear near the doorway at the end. Gun them all 
    down and step inside the control room. A memo is nearby on the panel (Intel 
    #11) and the final PFR report is tucked underneath the control panel on the 
    left (Intel #12). Getting it completes the optional objective. Hit the switch 
    to open the gate leading into the reactor core. Head out of the control room 
    and down the passage, where two guards appear from the left as you approach the 
    gate. Shoot them both and open the gate with the retinal scan. Continue forward 
    and take the left passage to the glowing central area. If you forgot to take 
    the charges at the armory the right passage leads back to the security area. 
    From the central area you can access the reactor core via the gate you just 
    Inside the reactor core two guards will open fire from the walkway above. Take 
    them down, and then proceed to the inner core. Several more guards will appear 
    from the left door, as well as a few from the upper levels. Take them out while 
    placing the four shaped charges around the central core. When the fourth charge 
    is set, make your way out of the core area. You now have a minute to escape 
    before the reactor blows up. The counter starts as soon as you exit. Go 
    straight ahead to the gate opposite of your position. As you reach the gate 
    several guards appear running to the left. Don't bother shooting them as they 
    get blown up shortly afterwards. Turn left and follow the tunnel to the 
    elevator to finish the mission and the game.
    | 7. Frequently Asked Questions |
    Q: What difference does your rank make when you finish a level?
    A: As far as I can tell, absolutely nothing. It's simply a ranking of how well 
    you did in a level.
    Q: What affects rank?
    A: Rank is based on how many secondary (optional) objectives you've 
    accomplished (you need to fulfill the primary objectives to finish the mission 
    so they don't count), your accuracy, the percentage of enemies you've killed, 
    the number of weapons you've found, the number of combinable items you found, 
    and the number of intelligence items you've found.
    Q: What's the highest rank?
    A: The highest rank is S which, assuming you've completed everything else in 
    the level, requires a minimum accuracy of 80%.
    Q: How do I unlock Elite difficulty?
    A: Complete the game on any difficulty to unlock Elite difficulty. You need to 
    save your profile in the option menu after you finish the game, since the game 
    doesn't automatically save once you've finished it.
    Q: Do I get anything for finishing the game on Elite difficulty?
    A: The only thing difficulty affects is the accuracy of enemies and how much 
    damage they can take. Nothing else changes game wise. Difficulty does not 
    effect your ranking either.
    Q: Are there any cheat codes?
    A: There are no known in game cheat codes at this time.
    | 8. Acknowledgements |
    Special thanks to Sierra for publishing and Swordfish Studios for developing 
    possibly the greatest first person shooter for the Playstation 2.
    This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission by the author. Use of 
    this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly 
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Currently this FAQ/Walkthrough is only hosted at www.gamefaqs.com. Do not post 
    this document on other websites without permission from the author.
    Copyright 2005 Brian Nii

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