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    Roster Update FAQ by tonedef724

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    Madden 2004 Roster Update FAQ
    author: ToneDef724
    1. Legal Info
    This section is usually for a bunch of mumbo-jumbo about where a guide can and
    cannot be posted and so forth. But im not really concerned with limiting this
    guide's usage, as the only reason it is being written is for people to use it.
    GAMEFAQS.com is only place currently authorized to post this document, and as 
    far as personal and private usage go right ahead. IF you want to post this 
    guide on a your own site, all I ask is that you contact me to let me know that 
    you are doing so. As long as the document is not altered and I am given proper 
    credit, there will be no problems.
    2. Version History
    Version 0.7 - 9/15/03
    removed section 7, added info to sections 5 and 6
    Version 0.61 - 9/2/03
    fixed error on Dolphins LG#70, minor additions to CAP request and transactions,
    also minor tid bit added to Outro
    Version 0.6 - 8/31/03
    fixed LaVar Arrington to 56 like he should be (typo), updated contact info, 
    added section 5 (CAPs), added alot of information to what is now section 
    6 (transactions)
    Version 0.5 - 8/15/03
    initial version, wrote legal, intro and section 4, started section 5, set up 
    section 6 and outro
    3. Intro
    I've always been one of those people who is very picky about having updated 
    rosters in video games, especially in a game like Madden, which alows you to
    alter the default rosters in just about any way imaginable. I am writing this 
    for those Gamecube owners like me who don't have access to the Roster Update
    downloads directly from EA available to PS2 users(although im sure it would 
    serve its puropse for users on any platform) I would like to point out 
    (although I think it is obvious) that the contents of this document are a 
    compilation of information posted on various NFL and team related websites. 
    This document's sole purpose is to make said information more accesible and 
    easily readable in one document. 
    4. Player Info to Change
    Chiacgo Bears - 
    (DT#77) - Ian Scott (#71)
    (MLB#95) - Lance Briggs(#91)
    (FS#38) - Todd Johnson(#32)
    Cinncinati Bengals - 
    (LE#69) - Elton Patterson (#67)
    Buffalo Bills - 
    Denver Broncos - 
    (RT#70) - George Foster (#72)
    (RE#95) - Bryant McNeal (#90)
    (DT#90) - Nick Eason (#97)
    Cleveland Browns - 
    (LT#76) - Gus Felder (#75)
    (C#55) - Jeff Faine (#50)
    (DT#74) - Antonio Garay (#95)
    (CB#28) - Chris Crocker (#25)
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 
    (LT#79) - Lance Nimmo (#75)
    (LG#75) - Sean Mahan (#78)
    (CB#22) - Torrie Cox (#24)
    Arizona Cardinals - 
    (LOLB#45) - Gerald Hayes (#54)
    San Diego Chargers - 
    (LT#74) - Courtney VanBuren
    (CB#25) - Sammy Davis (#22)
    (SS#46) - Terrence Kiel (#48)
    Kansas City Chiefs - 
    Indianapolis Colts - 
    (LT#60) - Makao Freitas
    (RE#77) - Robert Mathias (#98)
    (LOLB#55) - Keyon Whiteside (#52)
    (CB#26) - Donald Strickland (#30)
    Dallas Cowboys - 
    (CB#35) - B.J. Tucker (#33)
    Miami Dolphins - 
    (LT#77) - Wade Smith(#74)
    (RG#70) - Taylor Whitely(#69)
    (LOLB#56) - Eddie Moore (#58)
    Philadelphia Eagles - 
    (LG#73) - Jeremy Bridges (#74)
    (RT#70) - Dante Ellington (#65)
    Atlanta Falcons - 
    (CB#21) - Bryan Scott (#24)
    San Francisco 49ers - 
    (DT#73) - Anthony Adams (#91)
    New York Giants - 
    (C#50) - Wayne Lucier (#62)
    (CB#38) - Roderick Babers (#31)
    Jacksonville Jaguars -
    New York Jets - 
    (LG#62) - Dave Yovanovits (#64)
    (SS#37) - Derek Pagel (#25)
    Detroit Lions -  
    Green Bay Packers - 
    (LOLB#92) - Hunter Hillenmeyer (#57)
    Carolina Panthers - 
    New England Patriots -
    (DT#79) - Dan Klecko (#90)
    Oakland Raiders - 
    (LE#98) - Tyler Brayton (#91)
    (RE#59) - Sam Williams (#54)
    (CB#29) - Nnamdi Asomugha (#21)
    St. Louis Rams - 
    (LOLB#47) - Pisa Tinoisamoa (#50)
    Baltimore Ravens - 
    Washington Redskins -
    (LB #51) - LaVar Arrington (#56)
    New Orleans Saints - 
    (MLB#45) - Cie Grant (#58)
    Seattle Seahawks - 
    Pittsburgh Steelers - 
    (SS#41) - Troy Polamalu (#43)
    Houston Texans - 
    (RT#74) - Seth Wand (#78)
    (ROLB#99) - Antwan Peek (#60)
    Tennessee Titans - 
    (RG#74) - Todd Williams (#78)
    (FS#28) - Donnie Nickey (#23)
    Minnesota Vikings -
    (MLB#53) - E.J. Henderson (#56)
    5. CAPS (Create-a-Players)
    Currently I have not aquired any CAPs, though I hope to soon. For now this 
    section will be used as a CAP request list. If you can fill a request, please
    submit and you will recieve credt (contact info below). If you have a 
    request, you can also e-mail to get it posted here. Im also going to start a 
    thread on the message board as well.
    Request List:
    QB Nick Rolovich (Broncos)
    QB Tony Romo (Cowboys)
    QB Marquell Blackwell (Jets)
    QB Kirk Farmer (Rams)
    QB Drew Henson (Texans)
    RB Cecil Sapp (Broncos)
    RB Leonard Henry (Dolphins)
    RB Joe Smith (Jaguars)
    RB Ki-Jana Carter (Saints)
    RB Dante Brown (Steelers)
    RB Dwone Hicks (Titans)
    FB Chris Davis(Seahawks)
    FB R.J. Luke (Titans)
    WR Lawrnce Hamilton (Bengals)
    WR Andre Rison (Buccaneers)
    WR David Tyree (Giants)
    WW J.J. Moses (Texans)
    TE Daniel Wilcox (Buccaneers)
    TE Walter Rasby (Saints)
    T Brad Bedell (Redskins)
    T Akil Smith (Redskins)
    T Pita Elisara (Redskins)
    T P.J. Alexander (Saints)
    T Chester Pitts (Texans)
    DT Willie Blade (Cowboys)
    DT Matt Leonard (Jaguars)
    DT Terrance Martin (Texans)
    OLB Joe Odom (Bears)
    OLB Khalid Abdullah (Bengals)
    OLD Sherrod Coates (Browns)
    OLB Fred Jones (Chiefs)
    OLD Cato June (Colts)
    MLB Dwayne Levels (Bengals)
    CB Brock Williams (Bears)
    CB Reggie Myles (Bengals)
    CB Terrel Roberts (Bengals)
    CB William Hampton (Panthers)
    CB Asante Samuel (Patriots)
    FS Vernon Fox (Chargers)
    FS Erwin Swiney (Packers)
    FS Terreal Bierra (Seahawks)
    SS David Young (Jaguars)
    K Owen Pochman (49ers)
    6. Transactions by Team
    ******note on retiring players*******
    You may be wondering how to simulate a player retirement. Simplest way is to 
    just release them then edit their essential ratings down to zero so that 
    their overall is low (in 2003 it would go down to a 12 or 13) and nobody
    wil sign them. 
    It should be noted that there are alot of problem encountered when trying to 
    cut/sign players, due to minimum roster requirements. I hope to have CAPS in
    order to reduce the occurance of this problem (see CAPS section for more info)
    Chiacgo Bears - 
    released FB Damian Shelton
    released LT Bernard Robertson
    released LOLB Mike Caldwell
    released CB Roosevelt Williams
    signed LT Scott Sanderson
    signed LG Corbin Lacina
    traded DT Ted Washington to NE for a 4th round pick
    Cinncinati Bengals - 
    released WR Ron Dugans
    released WR Dany Farmer
    released TE Sean Brewer
    released RE Reinard Wilson
    released LOLB Steve Foley
    released MLB Armegis Spearman
    released CB LaVar Glover
    released FS Lamont Thompson
    released SS JoJuan Armour
    released K Neil Rackers
    signed TE Tony Stewart
    signed LOLB Keyon Whiteside
    signed K Shayne Graham
    Buffalo Bills - 
    released WR Charles Johnson
    released WR James Jett
    released SS Tony Driver
    signed RB Joe Burns
    signed RE Grant Irons
    signed MLB Dominique Stevenson
    signed FS Lawyer Milloy
    traded RB Olandis Gary to DET for an undisclosed draft pick
    Denver Broncos - 
    released QB Jarious Jackson
    released RB Terrell Davis
    released RB KaRon Coleman
    relased WR Herb Haygood
    signed LT Blake Brockermeyer
    signed CB Roosevelt Williams
    traded DT Lionel Dalton to WAS for a conditional draft pick
    Cleveland Browns - 
    released LOLB Michael Josiah
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 
    released QB Jim Miller
    released RB Travis Stephens
    released TE Ricky Dudley
    released TE Tony McGee
    signed WR Reggie Barlow
    signed WR Charles Lee
    Arizona Cardinals - 
    released RB Travis Prentice
    released WR Marquise Walker
    released MLB Tony Gilbert
    signed RB Josh Scobey
    signed CB Emmanuel McDaniel
    San Diego Chargers - 
    released QB Seth Burford
    released FS Ryan McNeil
    Kansas City Chiefs - 
    retired T Willie Jones
    released WR Snoop Minnis
    released LB Lew Bush
    released LB Dustin Cohen
    signed WR Dameane Douglass
    Indianapolis Colts - 
    released LOLB Keyon Whiteside
    signed QB Jim Druckenmiller
    traded SS Rich Coady to STL for an conditional draft pick
    Dallas Cowboys - 
    released QB Clint Stoerner
    released WR Ken-Yon Rambo
    released TE Tony McGee
    released LE Demetric Evans
    released RE Colston Weatherington
    released DT John Nix
    released FS Woody Dantzler
    signed C Gennaro DiNapoli
    signed TE James Whalen
    signed LE Eric Ogbogu
    signed DT Daleroy Stewart
    aquired LE Kenyon Coleman from OAK for undisclosed draft pick
    Miami Dolphins - 
    released RB Robert Edwards
    released WR Oronde Gadsden
    released TE Marco Battaglia
    traded FS Deon Dyer to HOU for a conditional draft pick
    Philadelphia Eagles - 
    released QB Tim Hasselbeck
    signed LE Marco Coleman
    traded WR Freddie Millons to PIT for a conditional draft pick
    Atlanta Falcons - 
    released WR MarTay Jenkins
    released TE Lamont Hall
    signed TE Sean Brewer
    signed CB Juran Bolden
    signed FS Woody Dantzler
    San Francisco 49ers - 
    released QB Brandon Doman
    released HB Rashaan Salaam
    released DT Jim Flanigan
    released CB Fred Weary
    released K Jeff Chandler
    signed WR Fred Coleman
    signed LE Chidi Ahanotu
    signed DT Dwight Johnson
    New York Giants - 
    released FB Charles Stackhouse
    released TE Wesley Walls
    released CB Rodercik Babers
    signed HB Delvin Joyce
    signed TE Dan O'Leary
    signed CB Ray Green
    Jacksonville Jaguars -
    released RB Elvis Joseph
    released WR Donald Hayes
    released WR Kevin Lockett
    released LE Marco Coleman
    released DT Larry Smith
    released FS Marlon McCree
    released SS Johndale Carty
    signed WR R. Jay Soward
    signed LT Sammy Williams
    aquired FS Anthony Mitchel from BAL for conditional draft pick
    New York Jets - 
    released RB Sean Bennett
    released WR Albert Johnson
    released WR Tory Woodbury
    signed QB Jamie Martin
    signed DT Chester McGlockton
    Detroit Lions -  
    released RB Luke Staley
    released CB Chris Watson
    signed DT Dan Wilkenson
    signed MLB Josh Thornill
    signed ROLB Chaz Murphy
    signed CB Otis Smith
    signed CB Roderick Babers
    aquired HB Olandis Gary from BUF for an undisclosed draft pick
    Green Bay Packers - 
    released QB Akili Smith
    released HB Lamar Smith
    released TE Tyrone Davis
    released C Frank Winters
    released DT Steve Martin
    released DT Steve Warren
    released DT Larry Smith
    released SS Jeremy Unertl
    signed WR Antonio Freeman
    signed TE Wesley Walls
    signed LT Reggie Coleman
    signed DT Gilbert Brown
    signed FS Curtis Fuller
    Carolina Panthers - 
    released RB Skip Hicks
    released RB Dee Brown
    released CB Brad Franklin
    released CB Emmanuel McDaniel
    signed QB Randy Fasani
    signed RB Rod Smart (the all famous "He Hate Me")
    signed RB Travis Stephens
    signed LOLB Mike Caldwell
    New England Patriots -
    released RB J.R. Redmond
    released RB Antwoine Womack
    released FB Patrick Pass
    released WR Dedric Ward
    released CB Otis Smith
    released FS Lawyer Milloy
    signed C Bill Conaty
    signed RB Mike Cloud
    signed FB Larry Centers
    aquired DT Ted Washington from CHI for a 4thround pick
    Oakland Raiders - 
    released FB Cecil Martin
    released WR Marcus Knight
    signed DT Chris Cooper
    traded LE Kenyon Coleman to DAL for undisclosed draft pick
    St. Louis Rams - 
    released QB Scott Covington
    released FB J.R. Niklos
    released WR Troy Edwards
    released CB Todd Howard
    released FS Kim Herring
    signed LT Matt Anderle
    signed C John Romero
    signed CB Fred Weary
    aquired SS Rich Coady from IND for conditional draft pick
    Baltimore Ravens - 
    retired DE Michael McCrary
    signed C Joe Maese
    signed MLB Bart Scott
    traded FS Anthony Mitchel to JAX for a conditional draft pick
    Washington Redskins -
    released RG Tre Johnson
    released RT Rod Jones
    released DT Dan Wilkinson
    released DT Delbert Cowsette
    aquired DT Martin Chase from NO for a draft pick
    aquired DT Lional dalton from DEN for a draft pick
    New Orleans Saints - 
    released QB J.T. O'Sullivan
    released RB Curtis Keaton
    released WR Talman Garnder
    released WR Kareem Kelly
    released TE David Sloan
    released LT Scott Sanderson
    released C Terrence Wagner
    released FS Michael Hawthorne
    signed FS Victor Green
    signed FS Steve Gleason
    traded DT Martin Chase to WAS for a draft pick
    Seattle Seahawks - 
    released LOLB Marcus Bell
    released FS Curtis Fuller
    signed MLB Randall Godfrey
    signed ROLB D.D. Lewis
    signed CB Doug Evans
    signed CB Kris Richard
    Pittsburgh Steelers - 
    released RB Chris Fuamatu (he's a bad) Ma'afala
    released CB Hank Poteat
    signed TE Matt Cushing
    aquired WR Freddie Millons from PHI for conditional draft pick
    Houston Texans - 
    retired LT Tony Boselli
    released QB Mike Quinn
    released RB James Allen
    released DT Charles Hill
    released MLB Jason Lamar
    released ROLB Patrick Chukwurah
    signed C Ben Lynch
    aquired FB Deon Dyer from MIA for a conditional draft pick
    Tennessee Titans -
    released RB John Simon
    released FB Greg Comella
    signed K Gary Anderson
    Minnesota Vikings -
    released RE Lorenzo Bromell
    signed RB James Allen
    signed FB Charles Stackhouse
    7. Outro
    Anybody who knows of any discrepancies in what I have compiled please
    feel free to notify me, I will greatly appreciate it and give you
    credit for your assistance. Please include you GameFaqs board name
    (or whatever name you wish to go by) so you can be properly credited.
    thanks to:
    www.nfl.com & team sites 
    the following gamefaqs users for pointing out errors, submitting CAPS, or
    any other kind of help:
    contact at: AllHail2TheThief@yahoo.com
    	    AIM: ToneDef724
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    copyright 2003 Joseph Rein

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