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"The Fast And The Furious"

Graphics - 10/10

NFSU has absolutely amazing graphics. The way the light bounces off the streets, the way the water reflects everything from the lights around you to the paint of your car, NFSU's graphics are second to none. Grand Turismo and Sega GT look quite old compared to the state of the art technology that was used to create NFSU. The speed effect alone deserves its own category. Every time you use NOS or start to go extremely fast the game blurs its self to give u the effect that 'The Fast And The Furious' gave us when they had all those drag race scenes. All the cars are accurately modeled, and look very smooth. The environments are extremely detailed with advertisements from McDonalds to make it feel like you really are racing through the urban streets of America during the night

Sound - 9/10

The music in NFSU doesn’t really suit the game since it is more hip hop and rock then it is techno. I like hip hop and rock but putting them into an urban 'street racing' game just doesn’t seem to fit. However, the SFX of NFSU are amazing. The engine's of the cars are extremely accurate to how well they perform, and everything from tire screeching to metal sparks flying are covered. The only thing in the sound category that this game is missing is the X Box's ability to create custom soundtracks

Control - 8/10

The default controls are not as good as the 'type 4' controls that the game offers, with the 'A' button being the NOS button and the right control stick being the shifter. It just doesn’t seem fit to use buttons to shift, when you can use a semi-realistic shifting device. The cars seem to handle well in this game, and are not too hard to use like they are in games such as Grand Turismo, or Sega GT

Fun Factor - 9/10

NFSU is constantly fun to play. The game does only use one city and there is no cruise mode so it can get a bit repetitive, but since there are Drag, Drift, Circuit and Sprint modes, you soon forget about driving around the city doing nothing but cruising, as you would in Midnight Club II or Midtown Madness 2

Overall - 9/10

NFSU is by far the best racing game on the scene. Previous games such as Ridge Racer, Grand Turismo, Sega GT, Project Gothem and Midnight Club II, just do not seem to measure up to the overall greatness of NFSU. If you like cars in general, you are almost certain to like this game

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/28/03

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