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"Fast racing action for the Xbox!"

I wasn't to sure if I wanted to buy this game or not. EA doesn't really give us Xbox gamers a lot (no online play or custom soundtracks). Still, I bought it because I kept hearing good things about it from friends. I was shocked on how fun this game is.

The theme of the game is based around illegal street racing. I do not know for sure why there are no cops in the game that chase you, but I guess they had their reason. Now, when you play the Underground mode, you have different races you have to win. You have lap knock-out, where the person in last on every lap is knocked out. You have the very fun drag racing. You have the circuit races. You also have drift races. Now, this game can make someone very angry at a time, so if you play this game, you better have a good temper.

The drag racing mode is very fun. You just go straight and you have to master shifting gears, which is really easy to learn in the game. The only problem is that as the game goes on, you have drag races with traffic. If you hit one car, your out of the race. Also, in many other races, you usually will come close to losing a race if you hit a tree or something like that because it takes you to a complete stop, which made me very angry at first. So when you race, you probably will have to learn the track before you expect to win.

The customization in this game is awesome. You can tune your car's performance and customize the look of the car with paint and stuff like that. You can also tint your windows. But you have to unlock all the stuff by racing.

The graphics in this game are just amazing. It has a arcade look to it, but it also looks realistic. The light effects are shown great and there are no problems with slowdowns due to the graphics.

The controls are very easy to get to know. The only thing some people may have trouble with at first is shifting gears in the drag racing mode. But after practice, you got it down perfect.

There is no online play so the replay factor could be low, depending on the type of gamer you are. If you have friends come over and play the Xbox, then this game could be perfect. If you are expecting online play, then this game is NOT for you.

Overall, this game is almost excellent. It has a few flaws, but the awesome gameplay makes up for it. It stinks that EA could not add online play to this game or it would of made it perfect. If you want a racing game that allows you to customize your car any way you want, then you will like this game. But if you are expecting online play, then you just skip this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/29/03

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