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Reviewed: 01/20/04

I Gotta A Need 4 Speed

Every Year EA seem to give us a new Need For Speed Last Year It Was Hot Pursuit 2 Now they bring us a New game called Need For Speed Underground. This invites you into the world of illegal street racing minus the cops. You can basically do anything you want with your car painting blending colours vinyls tune up rims body and a variety of cars all with licensing.

Lifespan 9
This is one of them games that you can either play for hours or end up throwing your pad into the wall and having to but a new one. There is a lot of races to compete while unlocking several unlockables to tune your vehicle with. In the main game which in this case is called ''Go Underground'' there are five types of race.

Lap Knockout

These keep you occupied for most of the game. Then there is the time when you and your mates get very competitive and stick this game into your machine. The two player mode is fantastic where you and your mates custom made cars go head to head which can sometimes resort in bloody fists.

Sound 10/10

When you rev your car up at the start of the race you will be looking around to see if there is a skyline behind you especially if you play it with suround sound behind your ears. The cars all sound fantastic and like the real things. The soundtrack is one of the best in anygame at the moment that is if you like the rap/hip hop genre.

Graphics 10/10

WOW is the first thing i said when i started playing this game the way the light reflects off your car to the lights that are in the scenery and lamp posts. The Cars look exactly like the models in real life. While you are racing and you use your nitrous oxide the way the camera blurs up is fantastic and actually look like you are cutting through the air at 150+ mph. The Movie at the start of the game goes through the dynamics of the car into a street race looks like an animated version of the start of the 2 fast to furious film with the bridge incident. The In Game graphics are amazing and credit to EA for making then so good.

Gameplay 9/10

Gameplay is extremley good in this game but at the same time it is highly frustrating like in any racing game if you get stuck on one race you could be trying for an hour switch the game come back to this game later and do it first time. The AI seem to work together in teaming up on you by making you spin crash and so on. It is a game that will have you hooked all the way through unless your pad is in several bits on the floor.

EA have donee it again with the Need For Speed Series and have again took this game to new heights and limits. People can only dream of what EA have got in mind for the next game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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