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"Not just another NFS game!"

Most of the previous NFS (need for speed) games have been called street races even though they lack true elements of a street racer. The latest installment in this series is the most authentic street racing game ever created. It does lack in some areas due to the fact that no game is perfect.

To be a racing game, the story is incorperated quiet well into the game. You are the new guy that no one knows that is racing a stock car. There are different people and racers who will help you learn the ropes and also through out the game. You slowly climb the ranks and face off against the big racers, but the game has good progression time to fit in with the story. It is your purpose to become the best street racer in the city of the game. It isn't the best story in the world but for a street racer atleast, it's a good one.

The graphics are very detailed and realistic, from your head lights to your tailpipe. GranTurismo hasn't got nothin on this game. . Most of the backgrounds and streets are pretty adequietly detailed. You also lose the blurry screen, slow time NOS effect in multiplayer. This game has a fast feel. This game is a PS2 port, which does effect the graphics. This game looks pretty impressive.

There are most of the hit rap/rock songs on here from 2003. After a while the games music get's very repetitive, which makes it even more unfortunate that this game lacks the custom soundtrack feature. The music is heavy metal mixed with hip-hop. They bands like Fuel and Rob Zombie, and rappers like Lil' Jon and Xecutioners. Despite the flaws the audio is still pretty much bearable. The voice acting is really good, and usually matches up. The script is good for a racing game. It seems that EA never takes advantage of the Xbox's amazing capabilities which other systems lack. Despite that the audio is good enough to suffice.

Most of this game was done right. The game is very glamery and bright, even with the night time levels. This isn't your average circuit/rally racer. There is also drag racing which tests your cars max speed and acceleration, plus your ability to drive a straight-shift. There is Drift which is you ability to gain points with a good powerslide. Knockout is where the person in last position is eliminated each lap until one is left . There is an incredible amount of tweaking and perking that can be done to your car to make it race good and look even better. Multiplayer is not that great. There is no online play, no four player split screen or even system link game play. That is unexcusable. This game is amazing though despite.

The controls in this game are much more realistic than MNC2 and Apex. The one factor that stops the controls from scoring a 10 is the fact that the faster your car goes it dos nothing to your handling. In this game speed does not make controls waver. The button layout is great, with Xbox. The controls are superb overall.

Rent or Buy:
Rent it and enjoy it. Find out if you like it. If you love street racing, or any racing for that matter(except multiplayer and online) then I would suggest you buy this game for it is another good game to add to this racing series.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/20/04

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