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"Are You Ready for the Street"

Need for Speed: Underground

Graphics- 9/10 The other need for speed games, such as Hot Pursuit, didn't have extraordinary graphics, I'm not saying that they were bad, but Underground improves upon those greatly. Your car looks very good, even after all the customization that you can put in it. The game creators went into extreme details with everything. The cars seem very realistic as do the stages that you play in.

Sound-9/10- This game has great sounds. I personally enjoy the sounds of the engines. Even when you crash, the sounds of your car scraping on the metal of other cars or the guard rails is very realistic. Some of the music in this game is not as great. Although you can turn off the bad tunes on the options menu. Most of the music however is not that bad. Featuring songs from Element 80, and The East Side Boyz, overall it is not a very bad soundtrack. Though i believe that the game would have a little more life if you could put your own tunes in the game.

Controls-10/10- This game has very easy to learn controls. Even if you are not the most skilled or familiar with racing games. The controls are easy to learn and make the game that much easier.

Gameplay-10/10- The storyline in this game is great. This story has you as the new guy on the street. You have to rise through the rankings and become the champion of the street. Take on some of the best on the street as you try to fulfill your goals.

Customize your ride-10/10- Making your own street machine to take on the pro's = geneius. There are at least 20 cars to customize, and hundreds of parts to integrate into your ride as you establish yourself as an accomplished racer.

The one thing that brings this game down is that you cannot do system link. I think that it could give the game a little more strength in the multi-player department. So instead of the mormal 1v1, you could have 4 people racing at one time like in underground mode.

Overall this is a very good game. Even if you disliked the other Need for Speed games, you should give this one a try. From the street racing to the all customization options, to the lifelike sounds, this game is very well put together. A definate 10.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/24/04

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