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"Voodoo Vince has style and humor however the generic gameplay and camera issues hurt the overall experience"

Vince is a voodoo doll that belongs to Madame Charmaine, and one night when Madame Charmaine is kidnapped, Vince comes alive. He sets out to save his master.

Voodoo Vince has a great story that is interesting thanks to the good writing is chock full of humor.
The graphics look good, and the game has a unique Cajun art style. Vince is a voodoo doll, and he looks like he is made of cloth including patches. There is a large diversity in the levels including bayou, sausage factory, New Orleans Street, Mansion, and circus.

The music is fantastic, and the first area has a nice jazz soundtrack that screams Louisiana. The rest of the soundtrack is not bad, but it is not as memorable as the first few levels. There is voice acting, and the voice acting is not bad.

The controls are solid for the most part except for the boat racing sequence where the controls feel slippery and the spring controls, and the layout is not to bad so it is easy to grasp the layout.

Voodoo Vince plays like a standard platformer affair, and the levels range from short to medium in length. Levels task range from collecting an item, going from point A to B, or fighting a boss, and most of the levels are linear in nature however there are a few areas that are hub like where several levels are available and can be played in any order. Each level has items to collect, and each one gives bonus after collecting a certain amount. These bonuses range from health increase, magic increase, or new voodoo attack.

The combat is interesting, and Vince has several attacks from head butt to punch, but he also has voodoo attacks which can be used if he has enough magic. These attacks can kill weaker enemies instantly, and there is a nice variety of attacks from scissors, pins, blender, and anvil.

When it comes to the boss fights, these attacks will not work however the boss fights play out more like a puzzle than an actually fight. Most of them involve flipping switches to activate a trap that can be used for Vince to hurt himself and inflict pain on the boss. One notable boss fight takes place as a boat race, and it has some issues. The controls feel loose, and the hit detection is questionable. There are wharfs that can be driven under, but some of them cannot, and there is no sign to tell which ones can and cannot be driven under.

Voodoo Vince has a nice selection of puzzles some of which have multiple steps to complete like one where Vince has to use a clock to change time so he can enter a dance contest at night then buy a trumpet from a pawn shop that is only open in the day. This helps create a nice variety in the game play however the rest of the game is generic as they come. Including platforming sequences that are feel lifeless and are dragged down by an awful camera which is ultimately the biggest problem with the game. A lot of time is spent fighting the camera, and it is really a problem in small and narrow corridors which can often lead to a cheap death from falling into a bottomless pit. The camera also plays with the platforming sequences, and it is sometimes hard to judge depth thanks to the camera. Numerous times a jump looks like it is makeable, but in reality it is not possible.

The game starts out nice and easy, but as the game progresses the game becomes difficult. Vince is weak to water, and he dies instantly if he touches it. Of course, there is one area which takes place over water. The last area of the game is a frustrating and unforgivable flaw of the game, and the difficulty is cranked up high. One area has Vince having to turn on power to the rides which he then has to ride and jump to and from to reach the exit. This sequence is much harder than it has to be, and one missed jump means starting over from the beginning because there is a bottomless pit under the rides so missing means death or having to climb back and redo the entire sequence. It is not a fun part of the game, and it should have been altered or all together removed however it is not bad as the final level of the game which takes place in a circus tent. First Vince has to stop a machine then he has to climb up it, and the climbing part is long and tedious. Just one slip means a lot of progress is lost. This part is just not fun, and it should have been cut down or better yet scrapped.

There are a few other problems like the cut scenes are unskippable, and one of the levels has Vince using a spring to jump across a giant pit however the controls are strange. Not only this, but the jumping is strange for the spring. Also there was a few times where Vince fell through the ground into water when he should have not. The replay value is low and with only one difficulty, there is no incentive to replay the game however there are a few demos and videos of upcoming X-Box titles.

Voodoo Vince has humor and style however the gameplay is generic and plagued with issues that hamper the overall experience.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/19/12

Game Release: Voodoo Vince (US, 09/23/03)

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