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"Best $20 Ive spent in a while"

I like reviews that are short and to the point, as mine will be.

This game is based on the sport of rally car racing. The basic premise is you are the only car on an outdoor course and are racing against the clock. The racer with the best time wins of course.

On to the game.


The graphics are very nice for a budget game. The cars are very detailed, you can clearly see damage to specific parts of your car as the race progresses. The tracks themselves are decent at best, nothing to complain about yet nothing to praise. My only gripe is the spectators along the tracks remind me of the ''cardboard'' cutouts of older systems.

Overall it is a very crisp and well delivered package. From the dust kicked up by your tires to the missing bumper and cracked windshield, this game looks good.


Not much to talk about, but not much is needed in rally racing. No music, which is a semi letdown. It would have been nice to have some tunes to race to, but playing your own custom tracks is good enough. The cars sound awesome, hearing the gears change to the tires going over gravel. My only complaint is of your co-driver's thick Scottish accent. For those who don't know, the game's ''Star'' is from Scotland. Also in rally racing you have a co-driver who acts as a navigator of sorts. His accent can be hard to understand at times.


You have 3 modes to choose from:

Your standard ''sim/career'' mode. You race and try to stay in the lead while managing your car

Two player-
Easy enough, race a friend in split screen

Random race-
Picks a random car and random track for a quick race

The championship mode is where the game shines. Each course you race on is divided into sections. With the ability to damage your car while racing, making sure you don't drive like a madman AND managing and repairing your damage can be a challenge. With the main goal to have the best time, repairs can cost you valuable seconds. You have to decide is it a better idea to repair your tires so you handle better or fix your engine to accelerate better, you get the idea. You can customize your cars settings before each race to tailor it to each courses environment.

The other bonus to the game is the Live option. You cannot compete head to head, but that isn't the point of rally. You can post your best scores from the courses online leader boards. Its pretty fun to see you are bumped off by someone with a two second lead, and spending an hour trying to get back.

If you are still with me after that mess above, Ill keep it simple. This game is a steal at $20. You get a solid career mode, live competitive play and a great looking game overall.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/17/04

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