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"KAIN: Destany is a game is it not?"

First off I'm a big Legacy of Kain fan, I loved playing the first Blood omen still is my favorite PSX game. And every other LOK game was very good, of course in story and most of them played well, but now the newest game installment Legacy of Kain: Defiance is here, it release Nov 12th, and this year is 2003 I've played through the entire game and was very impressed, I really loved it a lot, and now will review it for you.

Story 10/10
LOK is well know for it's amazing story and detailed dialogue, and Defiance was one of the best stories in the LOK series so many twists and cool conversations between the characters, I think Kain got the best lines in the game but it's his Legacy.

Graphics 10/10
For a multi-platform game it has some of best and detailed graphics out there, the characters are very detail and the models are very high quality. The animations are very well articulated and very smooth high detailed from the swipe of a blade to the sliding bodies of enemies smashed into a wall.

Sound 10/10
The voice acting is just amazing well thought out, and scripted with a lot a feeling and emotion. The LOK cast was perfect for this game, and the music is very cool and gothic brings a very nice atmosphere to the game. The other in game sounds like cracking skulls and spike gushing impaling real make you cringe and think ouch thank god it wasn't me. So all in all sound plays a big role in this game and was down perfect.

Game Play 9/10
Fast thrilling action with a lot of blood, the fighting is never boring because the combat-system is designed to allow you to create your own variety of combos and attacks, you can fight on the ground or in the air by choice, each character Kain or Raziel have basic and similar moves but some what altered, Kain is better at moving in a mist form to evade attacks and uses a force grip to pull and push enemies were every he wants, were as Raziel can move between the living world and the spectral soul realm and glide using his broken wings. They also added a super move that the characters can use and the move is different for each weapon. Now the only down fall in the game play and the only real problem in the game is the camera, the camera is ok in some parts of the game and is great in combat but some times it gets trapped in walls while panning and will move the wrong direction pulling the same direction as you are walk cutting off your few in front of you, and sometimes it will swift view and you can loose track of direction, now because the camera causes a few problem the game play only gets a 9.

Replay value (high)
The replay value is very high once you play it through a first time you'll want to go back through and see the story again and enjoy fighting enemies and bosses over again.

Total score 10/10
Well hope this review was helpful to any one, I must say I really enjoyed the the game Legacy Of Kain: Defiance it is one of the best story based Action titles out there, I say Buy no need to rent it's worth it to own.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/17/03

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