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"No camera means no game"

This game is the greatest testament to the fact that great production values equal nothing without the gameplay behind it. I'm in total agreement with others as to graphics and sound, but other than constantly fighting enemies, you are just watching a movie here, as I will elaborate on further in this review.

GRAPHICS: 10/10 This IS the most incredible looking game I've seen to date. Everything from environments to enemies to Kain and Raziel look stunning. Obviously a lot of energy was put in here, but at what cost to gameplay?

MUSIC/SOUND: 8/10 Sound effects are eerie and excellent, the reason this is only an 8 is because the game needs a lot more music, but what is there is fine.

CONTROL: 9/10 Normally I put control and camera in one category, but in this game that is impossible to do. The controls are excellent and easy to get the hang of, the only reason it isn't a 10 is because I don't like having to use the black button which I can never seem to hit without looking.

CAMERA: 1/10 This deserves a negative number, but I don't think you are allowed to have less than one. There is absolutely NO control over the camera, which wouldn't be that bad in a game with good camera use on its own, but this game has the worse camera I have ever seen. Mostly you have to just except the fact that you have to see what the game wants you to see and go where it wants you to go, and that's it. This pretty much puts a damper on exploration, but it does lengthen the game play time because you will be constantly running around in circles unable to see where you have already been. Fighting enemies that you can't see, getting lost behind scenery, going where you don't want to go, etc.; if these are your idea of good times, than this game is for you.

GAMEPLAY: 3/10 Mostly you just keep fighting, though the telekinesis was a good idea it isn't used that much. Puzzles are pretty much video game 101, that is, if you can see what should be obvious, but thanks to the camera, is not. The game pretty much leads you by the nose, it pretty much has to since you can't see anything.

VALUE: 1/10 The game has 13 chapters; however, by chapter 4, I had had enough. The chapters are not particularly long either. This is supposed to be about a 20 hour game, but it looks to me to be more like 12. If you think I do not know what I'm talking about, and don't even rent it first, you have no one to blame but yourself.

FINAL COMMENTS: Good games of a decent length of playing time are few and far between. I really had high hopes for this game, but after two chapters, one for Kain, and one for Raziel, you will have pretty much seen it all. The fact that I am selling this already, says it all, because I have never gotten rid of a game, without at least playing 80-90% of it. This game is bad enough to have me thinking twice about ''Whiplash'', also from Crystal Dynamics.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 11/19/03

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