Review by Craxin

Reviewed: 11/20/03

What is Kain's Legacy?

I've been reading the many reviews of this game and have come to one conclusion. People who are paid to give their opinion just love to whine and moan about non-instant gratification. Sure this game has its problems, like camera angles and complicated key-finding puzzles, but a good game isn't all gameplay and no story.

Graphics: 9.5 I've never been a stickler for graphic superiority when it comes to games. If a game doesn't have a good story, it's not worth playing even if the graphics look like the most realistic thing ever. If you only buy or play games for graphics, this game won't disappoint. The graphics are the best in the series. Very detailed with lots of lush eye-candy. Also, if you don't like the camera angels for admiring the fullness of the graphics, push the left stick in, just like the L3 button on PS2's controller. It'll put you in first person mode (although all you can do is look in this mode). There are times that this really helps gameplay, plus it immerses you more fully in the environment.

Sound\Music: 9 Voice acting on this game has always been top-notch, even if you realize that Michel Bell and Simon Templeman are doing most of the enemy voice-work. The music is a nice combination of new music and rehash from previous LOK games. They bring back Raziel's theme from SR1, and the Sarafan Stronghold also returns from SR2. They music might not play all the time, but when it does, it is intense and appropriate to mood. I still find myself humming Information Society's Ozar Midrashim (also known as Raziel's theme and the opening music from SR1).

Control: 9 The controls are easy to use, even if you struggle with the black button, you don't use it in combat so it hardly matters. Some people whine that Kain and Raziel's fighting techniques are identical, but so what? You don't accidently confuse the techniques when you are hard in combat with a mass of enemies and get yourself killed trying to fight as Kain while Raziel or vice versa.

Camera: 3 The camera really suffers in this game. What can I say? When you move from one section to another and the camera angle suddenly changes on you, instinct kicks in and you try to move the stick to compensate and often end up going backwards. It can be disorienting, but once you get used to it, you'll find it's just a minor complaint.

Gameplay: 6 Even though the controls are easy to use, the gameplay consists of constant combat and puzzle solving. Most of it is fairly obvious. If I were a man who only judges a game by gameplay, I'd probably just rent this game, or wait until it's $20 new, then buy it used at Gamestop or EB. It's not bad, but not very riveting either.

Extras! 11/10 I am always the man who buys a DVD and watches the extras, behind the scenes, and making of specials more than the movie itself. When SR2 came out and had extra features, I was in movie-fan\die-hard-gamer heaven. Here were special features and hilarious outtakes. Defiance has these features. More outtakes than SR2, and lots of unlockable artwork. If you are the kind of guy or girl who watches the making-of stuff more often than the movies, you'll love this feature. If not, it's still fun and amusing.

So, what is Kain's Legacy? It's a deeply engrossing story with plot twists and enough Time Travel paradoxes to put all 5 Star Trek series to shame. If you haven't played the other 4 LOK games, you might as well skip this one too, but if you are a fan of LOK or like deep stories, this is one hot ticket.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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