Review by Frowdo

Reviewed: 12/16/03

Pretty When I Can See It


Welcome to yet another installment of the vampire platformer Legecy of Kain: Defiance. You switch back and forth between Kain and Raziel each basically on a quest to figure out just what their destiny is. You'll each venture to some of the same venues, however Raziel has been sent back in time.

Graphics: 10/10

The absolute high point of the game. Your character is highly detailed and their weapon is absolutly gorgeous. The particle effects are stunning, and just plain wow. Stealing souls and sucking blood is strangly beautiful. The enviroments are pretty well done and fit well into the game. Raziel's spirit world is trippy and amazing.

Sound: 9/10

The voice acting is very well done. At no point does it sound very dry and fits well with whats happening at the time in the game. Also the enemies screams from being thrown over walls in such is a treat to hear. Really, it is, I'm not psyco.

Controls: 8/10

The controls are pretty solid, which is a requirement when you are going to be doing this much platforming and battles. The combos are easily done and very fluid and everything you need from TK to blood sucking is right there. The only reason why the score is this low is due to not being able to manipulate the camera more.

Story: 5/10

New recruits to Legecy of Kain series and maybe even some old ones might not be able to quite figure out what's up at first. You basically have to play through and go through the entire vampire history to really get what's going on. Most of what you learn is from your character telling you what they make out from murials that they see. I just didn't like the story much at all I guess.

Gameplay: /10

Ouch, that's really all that needs to be said about this one. I can easily say that this is the worst camera in a game that I have ever played. Occasionally in a small room I would have to battle several enemies, usually these men are easily dispatched. However, the camera zoomed in so much I could barely see myself let alone the people around me. I wish I could say this was the only instance, but the camera problems are everywhere. There are several places that you'll walk through a doorway or through a barred gate and then go back through because of the view. Another problem is collision. This comes into play with the world around you. Example: Raziel must climb onto a large stone structure to jump across to a doorway. Well when he climbed onto the stone structure he was perma stuck into it. Also you could be fighting people on a perfectly flat area yet you get snagged in an area. The gameplay is of those, '' go find this item to open door way,'' kind of games. Raziel's character has a bit more complex puzzles to deal with since he can live in the material world and spirit world. However both characters really are very much the same. The high point though is that of the Combat Exp, much like in RPG's your character gets expierence points for using their weapon. When they ''level'' they get new abilities.

Overall: 6/10

If you want a pretty game this is one of the best looking ones out there, but if you want a solid platformer/action this might make an ok rental.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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