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"The first LoK Game I played is a sure fire winner....with only one hindering(but small) flaw"


The game looked awesome the first time I saw it. From its, graphics (stunning), gameplay, TK abilities; it looked almost perfect. I bought the Xbox version because I like the control scheme better. This is what I thought of the game.

10/10: The best looking game I have ever seen. The only other game to me that can compete is Onimusha 2: Samurai’s Destiny. Everything looks complete and carefully thought out. Plus it hovers at a great 60 fps. The spectral realm (Raziel only) looks awesome. It has a nice blurry effect. You can really see the TK blasts of physic energy well. The swords when powered up show great detail and you can easily decipher which reaver you equiped without looking for the symbol at the bottom of the screen. Plus as a bonus, the blood and water look great.

9/10: I don’t usually focus on a games sound, but this games sound shines above others. Great battle music keep you constantly on your guard wondering if another enemy will suddenly spring out at you. Kain sucking the blood from an opponent sound especially well, as you can almost feel the enemy suffering as Kain finishes them.

8/10: This game plays well in a lot of perspectives. You journey through different areas in the game as either Kain or Raziel, alternating turns playing as them as each chapter. There are puzzles that each character must solve in order to proceed. This is one area that wasn't done as well as others. The puzzles are simple as looking around till something catches your eye, then you automatically know what to do. Doing this constantly makes it kind of feel RPGish (like go do this so you can get this which will lead you here to only find another puzzle and so on and so on). But thankfully the combat smoothes things out. It is simple, but extremely effective. X is slash, Y is power attack, B is TK powers and A is dodge/jump. You build your own combos as you go; there aren't any set combos. Plus as you gain experience you get special moves, like multiple slashes, slashing air combos and power slam combos. The TK ability is great. Kain starts out being able to fling enemies off roofs, edges balconies and other objects. He can also pick up an enemy and hurl him into objects like spikes, torches and walls (some inflicting fatal kills) and fire TK blasts to knock enemies away from him. Raziel has weaker powers early on in the game (only firing TK blasts) but eventually he will be able to do more. Health is measured in either the amount of blood Kain has devoured or the number of souls Raziel has devoured. Each can regain health by devouring blood (Kain) or souls (Raziel). And since they are both immortal, there is no game over, just a minor set back. Also the ability to power up the reaver blade makes combat more fun as you can experiment with different swords on different enemies.

6/10: I have only one complaint with the camera. It can sometimes position itself behind objects like walls, poles or other things abstracting your view. It happens every once in a while, but when it does, it is really frustrating and annoying. Also sometimes you can find the camera zoomed in on you and have to fight blindly because you can’t see your opponents. The camera is like Devil May Cry, fixed but moves with you. You can go to first person mode to look around, although you can’t invert the look in first person mode. The camera is fine, just the occasional hiccup, and annoying, hiccup

10/10: Best voice acting in a game PERIOD. Lips are in perfect sink with the characters voice. GREAT JOB.

9/10: If you enjoy hacking and slashing enemies in environments that pull you in and don’t let you out, then this is an easy choice. PLAY PLAY PLAY. If you don’t, then you may not like the game at all.

BUY: Buy this game if you love action and excitement. If you are looking for an in depth adventure then you might wanna rent first to make sure.

=+=+LAST NOTES+=+=
This game is a great experience and should be in all actions gamers' collections. And even if you don’t like actions games you should play this game and it might just change you view.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/15/04

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