Review by Zorlac

"By far the best in the series, with a story for the ages."

Anyway on to the good stuff, this game reminds me of why I play games to begin with, they let you step into the role of something you can never be on your own, or ever in life. Not only is this a killer game, but it has a great story, and could actually teach some people I know some lessons about letting others be their selves.

I remember when the first blood omen came out I thought it would suck due to it being 2d in a time when only 3d games were coming out , this was 1996 for those that don't remember, I bought it due to it's vampire theme, and found I had bought one of my favorite games of all time, not only for it's zelda-like action, but for it's awesome story, then I got Soul Reaver, 6 months after I had gotten a tattoo of Raziel just because I thought the concept art of him looked so cool. Again I was surprised at how deep the game was, and how much story it had.

Then there was Blood Omen 2, and Soul Reaver 2, They came out about the same time but each focused on different styles of game play, Kains killer abilities, and his vampire powers, and Raziels different Reavers, and the powers he had earned from Taking his former Vampire Brother's Souls in the first Soul Reaver. Both great games, Soul Reaver 2 being the better of the two, but both Having stories that were as good if not better than the first games in each series.

Now defiance, I had this game sitting on my shelf for over 6 months with less than an hour play time in it, all I had realized was that it had the best graphics so far, and that it had by far the best fighting engine of all 5 games. It is very similar to Devil May Cry, and Soul Reaver combined. You get the Killer Air combos, and different attacks from Devil May Cry, and the different Reaver upgrades from both Soul Reavers, and Kains plain and simple Bad-Assness. The Story is deffinately the best, but only if you have followed the entire series like I have, even if you haven't you could start here, and with all the extras you get from the beginning pick up enough to completely understand what's going on. And when you see Turel, and realize you actually have to fight him, you may go for a change of your preferred undergarment.

All this combined with a great, but short ending, and without a doubt some of the best game bonus's make this by far my favorite in the series. If you want a great series of games, that has quite possibly the best story I have heard, pick these up. I can in no way stress how much I love this game, and encourage you to buy it enough, but if you have played, and completed any of the games in the series past, the you already know what I am speaking of, and possibly have already picked it up. I only hope to those who do get it in the near future, that you don't abuse it by letting it sit on your games shelf for 6 months like I did.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/13/04

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