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"A good game for all you taffers"

Thief is back to reclaim its throne as the best stealth series there is and Thief: Deadly Shadows does just that. I personally thought that there would never be another Thief game again, but Ion Storm and Eidos brought it back from the dead and brought smiles to Thief fans everywhere. Thief: Deadly Shadows brings back everything that made the originals so fun including blackjacking, stealing, and those hilarious guards.

Gameplay: The gameplay in this game is great. It is very open ended allowing you to do whatever you want whether its go building to building killing everyone inside and stealing all the loot you can get your hands on or doing work for the Pagans or the Hammerites, the choice is yours. The stealth part of the game is where it shines the most. You use the shadows to slowly make your way through the levels killing, looting, and doing whatever you can so that you can make it through it them without being seen. Of course if you are seen there are always ways to deal with that (i.e. flash bombs, exploding mines, ect.) Thief does have its flaws though. Long loading times and freezing sometimes pop up at the worst times. Also there is a sound issue that suddenly makes the sound turn off and every sound turns to this annoying popping noise. Other than those minor things the gameplay is perfect.

Storyline: Deadly Shadow's storyline makes you the master thief Garrett as you try and "pay the rent" by stealing anything of value from just about anyone you come across. It catches you right from the beginning and you won't be able to put the controller down. The whole story will bring you through levels that will freak you out. Trust me play with the lights on in mid-day. The story brings back somethings from the past that pleased me as a veteran to the Thief series, making references to the past games. However you don't necessarily have to have played the originals, though if you did you would understand things that newcomers would not know of. Overall the storyline was beautiful as I expect any Thief game to be.

Sound: The sound of the game will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you scared out of your mind. The backround noises go great with every level and shows that the sound of a game can have an incredible effect in how you play. The guards will let you know if they can tell you are in their presence by their speech. The music in the game is pretty good even though there is not much of it.

Graphics: Graphics on Thief:Deadly Shadows were not disappointing on the Xbox. The game brings you fantastic lighting effects and great environmental graphics. The darkness of the game will be shown as you watch every cut scene. The graphics are surprisingly well done and better then most games on the Xbox to date. Some of the characters do look a little weird and I wish they would have made Garrett a little more scarred i mean he is missing a freakin' eye for crying out loud. Other than that the game's graphics are some of the best looking I have seen.

I haven't enjoyed a game like I did with Thief: Deadly Shadows in a long time. I sat there and played and played until I was done. The replay value of the game is pretty great since you can go back and get things you didn't pick up the first time through. If you are looking to buy an Xbox game I would strongly recommend this must have game. The only bad things are the minor bugs and the fact that when you beat the game its over. Buy this game!! You won't regret it. I give Thief: Deadly Shadows a 10/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/01/04

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