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"Best stealth game on the XBOX......depending on your mood"

Thief 3 is the sequel to the first two games that originally came out on the PC. While I have never played those games before, I have heard favorable things. The magazine and internet previews got me interested, largely due to the fact that it looked like a high quality stealth game in a medieval setting. Unlike other stealth games which tend to take place in dull settings, this caught my interest. Upon release, I went out and paid full price for the game and strategy guide, which is something I rarely do. Although I have not beaten the game yet, I have played for several hours and have a good grasp on the game.


I grew up in the days of the 8-bit NES era, so I appreicate games more for their gameplay rather than exterior beauty. However, the graphics are beautiful. They are about equal with the other main stealth XBOX title called Splinter Cell. In a nutshell, graphics will not disappoint.


Excellent. The controls come naturally and are well done. Each button on the controller is used in a simple way. The learning curve is quick.


The sound is great. It sets the mood nicely, and it will make you jump at certian times. The only complaint I have has to do with a glitch. At one point, the sound just cut out on my game for no reason, but came back a few minutes later. If this happens to you, just re-load your game or save your game and reload.


The Good:

This is easily the best stealth game on the XBOX. The levels will draw you in, especially the castle levels. I really like how the guards in the city put up posters with statistics mentioning how many people were killed the night before. Speaking of the city, you can feel free to roam around robbing people and stores; but be careful......

The Bad:

As a whole, the good points far outweigh the bad, but the bad points are annoyances within the game. I will list them:

1) I found that if you are caught and are being chased and run into another room and close the door, the AI will have problems getting through the door.

2) Trying to find every piece of loot in a level on the harder modes can become "turn off the system and break the game" kind of annoying. Thats why I have the strategy guide!

3) If you go on a killing/stealing spree one night in the city, the citizens will completely forget the next day.

4) If you are using subtitles, which is a good idea, the characters get ahead of the words on screen at times.

5) You need to be in the right mood to play this game. This is not one of those games you plug in for some mindless fun. You will not have any idea what is happening if you aren't paying attention. Clues all over the place that tie into the story, and many of them appear when you least expect it. My advice is to explore everywhere.

6) This is my biggest complaint: Navigating the map is a major pain in the butt. Most games will at least tell you where you are on the map, not this one. While it makes things more realistic in a way, it is still difficult. Also, bringing up the map is a hassle. You have to first press pause, then select gear, then find which map you are on.


This is a must own title if you are into stealth games. This ranks up there as one of the finest XBOX titles out there. I do not regret paying full price for this game one bit. However, this game is more mood oriented, and you probably won't play it every single day. Regardless, replayability is deep and will probably be in and out of your XBOX's for years to come.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/02/04

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