"What is yours... will be mine. Again and again..."

I have played both of the previous thief games religiously. Both were the original innovators in the stealth genre. Not only were they the originals but they still stand out as the most open ended stealth games there are. The idea of having multiple paths to complete one mission was an outstanding achievement. Games such as splinter cell have a great gameplay and story but fail to show you more than one way to go. Thief was and is the champion, but does the third installment continue the legacy?

Story: The Story of thief is a very original one. The story itself seems cliche at times but the world that is created before your eyes will astound you with it's depth. You are Garrett, the master thief who works for himself. You help out a small group of historians who just happen to be just as stealthy. They have the responsibility of saving the world, and who do they put on the weight on. Yes, yours truly. The City is where everyone lives. The City is just as memorable as the make believe cities of GTA. The pagans are a cult that worship the trickster, the antagonist of the first game. The hammerites are a religious cult who live to work and kill taffers and pagans. The world around you seems alive and once again memorable.

Gameplay: The gameplay is different but great. You can play in third person but as a loyal thief player I can't bring myself to do it. You seem cheated in a way. The animations are not half as good. When you pick up a body it just seems to pop there. Not very believable. Thief has always been a first person game and I advise you to play it that way. You are equipped with a light crystal much like that of splinter cell that shows how much you are seen. You have a dagger which has replaced the old sword. Much more believable. But the most used weapon is the black jack. You can only use it if the opponent is completely unaware. He slumps over to the ground, unconscious. You also have a wide variety of arrows to go with bow. Broadhead, water (To put out a torch), fire (BOOM), moss (In which you choke a guard by hitting them in the face), and other small bomb such as explosive mines, flash bombs, and gas bombs. The weapons just show how many ways you can beat the game.

Graphics: Not the best, but great all the same. The shadows are just as good as splinter cell if not better. The only model that disturbs me is garrett in third person. The textures hold up far away and close.

Sound: The sound is incredible. the whoosh of arrows, the yelling of guards. Everything is perfect. The best part of the game. Something that should be taken as an example.

Cons: The Bugs. Yes. The lot of them. The game freezes all the time if you just leave it alone for a few minutes. No bathroom breaks! Don't climb on top of the mansion in the first level. You'll just fall into a big blue expanse. But trust me when I say you just won't care. You'll be to impressed by the entirity of the game that it's impossible to care.

Buy/Rent: Buy it. The game has to much replay value to just rent it. The game has three different difficulty levels with different goals to accomplish. Just buy it.

The game is not as good as the old thiefs especially after they got rid of the great slide shows before every level. The game now presents a voice over but no pictures. They still work but not as well. The original thief shows off a larger scale and is just more enjoyable. But Deadly Shadows is still a great game to new comers and a great filter of wonderful memories for the hard core thief fans.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/03/04

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