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"Don't be afraid of the dark, be afraid of what it hides..."

I'm a fairly long time lover for the Thief series. I just love it style, stealth, AI, and its plot. I was a bit nervous awaiting for this game, but now that I've played it, it definately on par with the other in the series.

Story - Simply pick up after where Thief 2 left off. You definately don't have to play the first two to understand the stories enjoy this game. You are Garrett, a master thief. Once a keeper, which are the philosphical people in this city, also the Neutral one. I don't want to spoil anymore, but there has been a prophecy of doom and destruction in the near future, and you're once again, back working with the Keepers.

Graphics - The graphics looks great. The texture detail on the wall, and the bump mapping from the flash bomb. The lightning surpass Splinter Cell, as more objects cast a shadow ( combined with the physics in the game ), and you can use this shadow to your aid. For example, instead of putting out a fireplace, throw a barrel right in front of the fireplace, and use it shadow to hide. You can also technically hide in the shadow of your enemy, but it rather risky. The models in the game, are a bit on the mediocre side, but it not noticable. The lip-syncing with the game is a cool touch.

Gameplay - This game plays alot like Splinter Cell, but a bit more fast-paced. You're also given the chance to run in this game, due to fact Splinter Cell they were armed with guns, and this, they're armed with sword, bow, or magic spells. It plays alot like the previous in the series, combined with the additional features and 'touches' I just mentioned in the Graphics department. There are some new tools like Oil Flask and Climbing Gloves and also some taken out, like Scouting Orb and Rope/Vine arrow. The game continues on with the less-linear gameplay, as you're given number of entrances or path to a certain objective. Sometimes the game can get tedious when you're scouring the entire level for some loot or a special loot. But it probably simply cause I'm not too observant of a player.

Sound - The first two games also scored high in the sound department, Thief : Deadly Shadows is no exception. I don't have the equipment to fully enjoy this game with the sound. But everything is here, those creepy environment sound, tension tunes, sound proprogation. There are plenty of dialog and conversation to hear, keeps it fresh.

Lasting Appeal - I've replay Thief 1 and 2 quite a bit. I set restriction upon myself, or take it slowly to experience everything. Beating the game first time, just hooks you on to the game to beat it a different way. Like ghosting with no KO's or kills, or such. Stealth game, the core of the replay lies up to the gamer to try. Simply to retry the level. There are also some side quests that is worth checking out through the city.

Overall, I'm pleased with the game. I've been with the series for a long time. And I hope they continue the series and not leave it as a trilogy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/10/04

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