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"Lift it from the gamestore"

This is the first Thief game I have ever played, and I am extremely impressed. While the game was not without it's flaws, the overall gameplay was extraordinary.

Graphics: 9
This game definitely leaves nothing to complain about. The game is possibly equal to Deus Ex: Invisible War in terms of graphics. It's amazing to see the facial expressions of guards when they discover you, and the change of expression you see when a mercenary get hit with an arrow. The servants that stroll through the castle halls occasionally glide their hands across the walls absent-mindedly, and everything plays off beautifully. Not to mention, this is the first game I have EVER played where switching from first-person to third-person (and vice-versa) wasn't a complete craps shoot, as usually one is used instead of the other. There is no flaw in third or first person viewing, and it simply comes down to preference.
However, there are some flaws which are more like glitches than anything else. For example, clubbing someone in the back of the head often makes them bend over backwards so that their head is touching their feet, but they are still on their knees. I understand it's a small problem, but it is VERY odd when it happens. Another thing that I've noticed is quite often your light indicator has absolutely nothing to do with how much light is on you. I had one situation where my light indicator was empty, and I was lit up like a christmas tree. The guard I was hiding from walked right by me while I was bright as all daylight, and continued on his way. Once again, small error but strange regardless.
There are other such flaws in the graphics, but all are minor, and can very easily be overlooked. However, because of their presence, I gave them a 9.
Sound: 8
A lot of this game is based on sound, and it does that job beautifully. Explosions sound like explosions, and the guards have lots of different things that they say depending on circumstance, and have different voices. It's amazing how many different responses you can get from the people.
However, there is one major problem with the sound, which is that every so often, there is a glitch that eliminates all sound, reducing it to a bunch of clicking. In order to fix this glitch, you have to load your game, AGAIN (which takes forever). This is extremely annoying. Also, there are times where you'll club someone, and they will fall over silently, and then three seconds later you'll hear a barrage of black-jacking and screaming. It's unintentionally amusing every so often, but not when it suddenly alerts an enemy to your presence.
Overall, quite good except for some flaws.
Control: 9
The controls are very easy to master and are very intuitive. The only problem is that selecting the item you want to select while hiding in the shadows becomes a REAL problem. "No, I want that one to the left! No, not that far left! Crap!" Other than that, the controls function beautifully and are easy to master, with the exception of the bow, which fires straight for approximately 10 feet. Now, maybe I'm crazy, but aren't arrows supposed to fly pretty far, pretty fast? Very annoying when an arrow drops a few feet at a shot at 30 feet away.
Gameplay: 9
For all it's flaws, this is an extremely fun game to play. Sure, for some obscure reason Garrett needs to stab someone a million times with a knife to kill them, but hey, he is a thief, isn't he? This game is all about two things, stealth and patience. If you don't like to hide in the shadows, quietly, waiting for the right moment this game is not for you.
If you are interested in some stealth action with a great story, than look here. The closest thing I can compare it to is Tenchu with an extreme emphasis on the avoiding trouble and an extreme shying away from combat. If you are into the stealth-action genre, this game is an ideal game for you.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/14/04

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