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"You'll be up all TAFFIN night playing this one..."

I have been a fan of the thief series ever since I played a demo of the original, "Thief: The Dark Project." I wasn't too sure about this game before buying it for two reasons: 1. I wasn't sure how well the transition to Xbox would work, and 2. I was sick and tired of three quarters of the game being filled with levels where you explore caves filled with zombies and monsters... I played the game only for the realistic missions against human guards, I've always hated the undead zombies. I was a bit anxious after buying Thief: Deadly Shadows, until I popped it in my Xbox and found it was everything I had wanted and more.

Graphics - 8/10
The graphics in this game are excellent, a huge step up from previous versions. There are extremely detailed shadows, well done lighting effects, detailed character models, and good textures on all the walls. The animations are very fluid and detailed... it's cool watching Garrett raise his blackjack or dagger before you strike an enemy down from the backside. However, occasionally you may experience a tad bit of slowdown, though not enough to hamper the game and not often enough to become a serious annoyance.

Sound - 8/10
The sound, like the graphics, is very well done. Everything from footsteps to enemy speech can be heard loud and clear. Many of the enemies will say somewhat comical lines, often using the word "taffer" excessively. My only complaint about the sound is that the loudness of some objects seems out of proportion at times. For instance, you can sometimes barely hear if you throw a barrel across the room, sometimes not at all, even though other sounds come in clearly which would be presumably quieter than said barrel. The enemies have no trouble hearing it though... Just sort've weird, you'll understand if you decide to buy the game.

Gameplay - 9/10
Unlike the previous Thief games, Deadly Shadows is played from a 3rd person view, but you can press the "back" button if you wish to play from a 1st person perspective. Controls are smooth, it shouldn't take too long to get used to using a controller instead of the PC's keyboard/mouse. Another improvement is the addition of towns that you can explore when outside of missions. You are free to go around robbing people houses, mugging people in the streets, or go on a mission. There is also now a faction status screen that shows your alliances with the various factions in the game, which is effected by stealing form them or helping them by doing missions.

In conclusion, Thief: Deadly Shadows is an excellent game worthy of any stealth gamer fans money. If you were not a fan of previous versions, I would suggest renting it first, but if you were then go ahead and buy it, it's great.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/24/04

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