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"Proof that crime doesn't pay."

Thief has a small following beginning a few years ago from the first Thief game. The Thief series has always been subpar in my opinion, but I tried this game out because all the stealth both Splinter Cell games, and Hitman: Contracts were all lame. This game is a lot better than the just mentioned titles, but not by much.

Story: 3/10
The story is good for those people that kept up with the Thief series and like it, for everyone else, its bad. There is a faction in The City (stupid name for a city) called The Keepers. The Keepers want to stop the Dark Age, an encroaching evil and the key to it is to get Garrett, the wannabe hero of this tale to steal for them. I guess the Keepers buy into the omnipresent in religion belief that the way to stop evil is to line their pockets. Of course Garrett, being as witless as he is, buys into their story, and so you steal a lot. Yeah....

Graphics: 5/10
The City is dark and the atmosphere is appropriate for the game, which I do appreciate. This game is the classic tale of bad character design but excellent environment design that is present in many modern video games, including pretty much every Star Wars title. The characters themselves look horrible because they animate poorly, like Garrett's peg leg when he jumps and the fact that all the women took after many celebrities and are flat chested and have no behind because they are a city of anorexics. The main graphical thing that annoys me about this game is that any object that can be manipulated has some weird blue glow when you get close enough to it. The glow is so bright, that it sometimes provides lighting in supposed to be dark areas.

Music: 1/10
The music, what little there is is mostly just one or two notes being repeated for as long as you're on whatever screen. This gets very annoying quickly and makes this game sport some of the worst music since Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Sound Effects: 1/10
The voice overs in this game are just humiliating towards every one involved in this game's creation. Most the lines are overacted and all the guards are voiced by a collective of 3 people at best. Also, Garrett when he gets hit will make 1of 2 sounds: he will either 1) Grunt like he's taking a dump, or 2) Make a loud noise similar to him being done in bed if you catch my meaning. Terrible

Gameplay: 1/10
This is the main culprit here. The gameplay is bad. All you do in this game is run around and steal stuff. This would be fine, if there weren't so many problems with execution. The enemies are dumb as can be, doing stuff like ignoring you when you run out of their patrol route but are still in plain view or if you're in supposed darkness, you can actually brush against them but they won't care. AI problems are what killed every stealth game except Hitman 2 for me. You also get an assortment of tools to help you steal, but many of them would cause you to contradict the unwritten rule of not being seen, such as fire arrows which attracts more attention than helps or oil flasks which the guards will moronically step in despite the big orange pool on a gray floor and it will catch a guard's attention if seen. The only gameplay aspect I like is that Garrett, can easily get his behind handed to him by a guard since he's a small thief whereas the guards are buff soldiers. That's a nice departure from invincible stealth game protagonists like the people from Metal Gear, Tenchu, or Hitman.

Replay Value: Not much
You can play on a hire difficulty to make the game harder because you have to steal more stuff in each mission to pass. That's about it. Nothing but bragging rights to anybody that would care.

Rent or Buy: Rent if you're looking for a good stealth game
If you're like me and a stealth game nut, then by all means rent it. You might be able to get over the problems of this game and enjoy. But be warned, the game is short enough that you could beat it in a rental.

This could've been the game many genre fans were looking for, but idiot guards among other things kept this game from being great. Oh well, we'll have to wait until there's a new stealth series, as Splinter Cell is another sorry stealth game.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 09/03/04

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