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"Thievery + Medieval Ages + Rich Gameplay = This game!"

Thief: Deadly Shadows is the third installment in the Thief series. The first two Thief games were on PC, and they started in the mid-90s. It's from the great people at Eidos Interactive and Ion Storm. With great gameplay and amazing visuals, Thief is one of the best games around!

Story: The storyline is set in the middle ages. You assume the role of Garrett, a infamous and notorious master thief. Garrett's main job is to steal. He only takes things that are "loot-worthy" and he uses everything else to his advantage. Basically, the game is about three different factions that hire you to steal special artifacts and such. Overall the story is rich and fulfilling.

Gameplay 8/10: The gameplay in this game is out-of-this-world. The game starts you off in the tutorial level, where you learn to sneak, use your equipment, pick locks, lurk, stalk, distract, steal, and escape. From there, you go through another mission, then once you cover the basics, you get put into the city, which is your main base, so to speak. From here, you may sell your loot, practice your skills, steal from civilian homes, buy more equipment, or simply visit your home. You have a ton of weapons and gadgets. You have three main weapons: Blackjack, Dagger, and Arrows. Your arrows also come in many different types, like Fire, Gas, and Broadhead. You also have a ton of thievery equipment. There are your flashbombs, for blinding your enemies. This is extremly helpful if you are cornered by the City Watch. You also have Water Arrows for distinguishing torchs, and Moss Arrows for covering hard, noisy surfaces. There are also Oil Flasks, which are my personal favorite. You may use these on the stair to make your opponents slip and fall. You may also shoot a Fire Arrow at the oil flask to cause an ignition. I only had one issue with the gameplay, which was the difficulty. The game is far too challenging. For one, Garrett dies very easily, being unarmored. Also, if you have no flashbombs, your only chance is to run or climb the buildings. Garrett can do one-hit KOs when attacking from behind, but if your opponent is alert, its nearly impossible to kill your enemy without being severly injured. Still though, the gameplay is solid, rich, and a helluva good time!

Graphics 10/10: The graphics are outstanding. The darkness really makes the textures in the buildings look realistic. The cobblestones and moss look very realistic. Facial expressions and human structure in this game look great. The graphics, artwork, and textures are amazing, superb, outstanding, and it really brings out the Xbox's capabilities.

Sound 10/10: Not much here, but the sound effects, such as the smashing of a civilian skull really sounds real. Amazing.

Overall 9/10: Overall, Thief: Deadly Shadows is a great game, and being that its the first Thief console game, it has defiently made a great first impression. Bravo to Eidos and Ion Storm for this masterpiece.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/06/05

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