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    Collection/Unlockable FAQ by patrick3876

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    ._-===Dead Or Alive 2 Ultimate===-_.
    ._-========Unlockables FAQ=======-_.
    ._-===Written by: patrick_3876===-_.
    ._-=========Version: 2.1=========-_.
    ._-=Last modified: Sept 08 2011==-_.
    ************** ATTENTION FOR THOSE PLAYING THIS GAME ON XBOX 360 **************
    All of the Dead or Alive games for orginal Xbox work on the Xbox 360, and very
    Please note during my guide, I reference needing a DOA3 or DOAXBV save file for
    unlocking a specific character. Please note this is still the case on the Xbox
    360! As for the bonus costumes for DOA3, they can also be installed on the Xbox
    360 and will show up and work properly in DOA3. This worked for me last time I
    tried it.
    [1] TABLE OF CONTENTS (replace "()" with "[]" for a text search to the section)
    (1)  Table Of Contents
    (2)  Legal/Contact
    (3)  General Gameplay Tips
    (4)  Hidden Characters
    (5)  Hidden Costumes
    (6)  Collection
    (7)  Collection Tips
    (8)  Hidden System Voices
    (9)  Hidden Level And Costumes
    (10) Things Of Interest/Easter Eggs
    (11) Other Special Tricks
    (12) Prizes
    (13) Closing
    - Dead Or Alive, DOA and all other trademarks and copyrights pertaining to Dead
      Or Alive are copyright TECMO and Team Ninja.
    - This guide may not be used in any manner such to gain profit, i.e. by
      selling or renting.
    - Use of this guide for your own publication, in part or in whole, is not
      authorized unless permission is given explicitely from this FAQ's writer.
    - Comments, stuff in the game that may have been overlooked and errors please
      e-mail me.
    - www.tecmogames.com
    - www.deadoralivegame.com
    - This FAQ's writer e-mail: patrick_3876@hotmail.com
    - This FAQ may not be hosted without this FAQ's writer permission.
     Dead or Alive ultimate features a very good AI engine that is capable of
    learning your fighting style to adapt to it. I provide here some general tips
    tips to help win your battles.
     - Randomly vary your moves from kick to punches to throws, varying also from
       highs, mids and lows. Varying randomly makes it harder for the AI to
       predict your moves.
     - Use the level to your advantage; you can inflict great damage on your
       opponent by sending them off ledges.
     - Make use of the counter system. Counters deal great damage on your opponent.
     - Practice doing counters. Eventually you will start knowing when to do a
       high, mid or low counter, according to the situation.
     - When fighting Tengu, if he sends you to the ground far away enough, he will
       most likely transform the level. He is completely vulnurable while doing
       this, so hurry to get back up and throw some good punches and kicks.
    Danger Reach and Double Reach
     While in survival mode, knocking your opponent hard enough against the wall
    creates a "Danger Reach". Doing it twice give you a "Double Reach". When in
    Danger Reach, you will get points for attacks done on your opponent. When in
    Double Reach, you will get double points for attacks done on your opponent.
    Knocking your opponent on the wall while in Double Reach gives you a lot of
    points also. This is a good way to get a mass amount of points if you are
    playing for points. I have been able to get a 1,000,000 point score after only
    around 5-7 wins using this method. Don't forget that the high-score table goes
    by points and not by wins, so to get higher scores, this is a good technique to
     There are 3 hidden characters in this game to unlock:
     - Finish story mode on normal with Leon to unlock Bayman.
     - Finish story mode on normal with Ein and have a DOA3 or DOAXBV save to
       unlock Hitomi.
     - Finish story mode on easy with all characters to unlock Tengu.
     There are 137 costumes to unlock in this game... yep 137. You could beat story
    mode 120 times and time attack 17 times, however I recommend using the
    collection method, as described in section (7) of this FAQ. Still, here is the
    breakdown to earn all of the costumes.
    Story Mode
                   DIFFICULTY SETTING
                  EASY   NORMAL   HARD
     Ayane        3-7     8-15    16-20
     Bass         3-4     5-8
     Ein          3-4     5-7
     Gen Fu       3-4     5-8
     Hayabusa     3-4     5-9
     Helena       3-7     8-11    12-13
     Jann Lee     3-4     5-8
     Kasumi       3-7     8-15    16-20
     Leifang      3-7     8-15    16-20
     Leon         3-4     5-7
     Tina         3-7     8-14    15-16
     Zack         3-4     5-8
    Time Attack
                   DIFFICULTY SETTING
                  EASY   NORMAL   HARD
     Bayman       3-4     5-6
     Hitomi       3-7     8-11    12-14
     Tengu        3
     In survival, foes drop items when they are killed or attacked while on the
    ground. There are 66 items to collect in all. To accomplish this, ALL of the
    characters NEED to be unlocked, including Hitomi, so if you don't have a DOA3
    save, go buy the game. It is a Platinum Hits game now and sells for less than
    40$ U.S. with taxes. Also, there are extra costumes for DOA3 that can be
    installed from DOA2U after you unlock all the costumes, so added replay value!
     The 2 advantages of using the Collection Mode to unlock all the costumes is
    that you will also collect all the items for the collection mode at the same
    time, killing 2 birds with 1 stone as you would say, and it is a lot faster and
    easier than beating the game 137 times. I will start by listing all the items,
    but I recommend you read my tips in section (8) to make this process faster.
     The items are separated as follows:
     - 3 unique items per character X 15 = 45
     - 4 items common to all the characters = 4
     - 1 rare item common to all the characters = 1
     - 1 medal = 1
     - 1 unique rare item per character X 15 = 15
     - Total: 66
     First start by getting all 3 Unique items per character. Here they are in
    order from the collection menu. Also note that they are in order of health
    regeneration, with the first item giving minimum health (ice cream for Zack,
    egg for Tina, etc.), second giving medium health (soft ice cream for Zack, chick
    for Tina, etc.) and the third giving maximum health (double scoop ice cream for
    Zack, chicken for Tina, etc.). Should your health be maxed, these items will be
    worth points. All other items are worth points.
     - Zack:        Ice Cream Bar, Soft Ice Cream, Double Scoop Ice Cream
     - Tina:        Egg, Chick, Chicken
     - Jann Lee:    French Fries, Milk Shake, Hamburger
     - Ein:         Shuriken, Kunai, Katana
     - Hayabusa:    Sushi Roll, Egg Sushi, Tuna Sushi
     - Kasumi:      Strawberry, Melon, Cherry Blossom
     - Gen Fu:      Red Mahjong Tile, Green Mahjong Tile, White Mahjong Tile
     - Helena:      Perfume, Pearl Oyster, Croissant
     - Leon:        Cactus, Pistol, Tank
     - Bass:        Hunk of Meat, Dumbbell, Stars and Stripes
     - Leifang:     Pancake, Chocolate Cake, Shortcake
     - Ayane:       Custard, Ribbon, Ring
     - Tengu:       Tree, Mountain, Mt. Fuji
     - Bayman:      Knife, Chronograph, Chess Piece
     - Hitomi:      Milk, Frying Pan, Kettle
     After getting all these items you will have 45 out of 66, and this should take
    less than an hour. Also, during all these battles, you will undoubtedly have
    picked up all 4 common items to all the characters. Here they are in case some
    are missing.
     - Carrot
     - Lipstick
     - Bag o' Money
     - Rice Ball
     Already we are up to 49 out of 66, and again you should be up to this point
    after less than an hour of playing survival. Again, during all your battles for
    each character you should have easily come around the rare common item. Here it
    is, should you not have it.
     - Prototype Xbox
     Ok quick tally, 50/66, still should be less than an hour of playing. Note that
    the Prototype Xbox is not that rare, but it doesn't come up as often as the
    unique and common items. Now here comes the harder part. To earn the Medal, you
    need kill 50 enemies and pick up the medal after the 50th. This can be done
    with any character.
     - Medal
     After earning the medal, a second page will appear on the collection menu. So
    51/66, and 2 hours at most of playing and you should be at this point. Now for
    the part that is not so hard, rather just very long. Each character has a
    unique RARE item that you can get only after finishing the entire first page on
    the collection screen, INCLUDING the Medal. Here they are in order from the
    collection menu.
     - Zack:        Parfait
     - Tina:        Roast Chicken
     - Jann Lee:    Dragon
     - Ein:         Scroll
     - Hayabusa:    Golden Scarab
     - Kasumi:      Cherries
     - Gen Fu:      Mahjong Counter
     - Helena:      Locket
     - Leon:        Missile
     - Bass:        Champion Belt
     - Leifang:     Decorated Cake
     - Ayane:       Tiara
     - Tengu:       Fan
     - Bayman:      Darts
     - Hitomi:      Toaster
     So here we are 66 out of 66, and it should have taken you less than 5 hours!
    If you were beating it story mode, you would most likely be less than halfway
    done. By having all 66 items, all the costumes are unlocked at the same time
    (less to do since unlocking all the costumes don't give you all the items...),
    and not only that, having all the costumes unlocked means that the CG Gallery
    and Booster menus are unlocked! Wow, so much accomplished by only doing one
    task! Check section (11) for more info on the CG Gallery and Booster menus.
     Having some problems with collecting the items? These tips should definitely
    make the job faster!
    General tips
    - Put the difficulty on easy, if you haven't yet...
    - Use the quick down attack, which is either down+p or down+k depending on the
      character. Check the command list under down attacks to find out which it is.
    - Should you choose to want to restart the battle, let yourself be killed. This
      way, if you did get the item you wanted but it happened too quickly and you
      didn't realize it, you will see it in the results screen.
    Tips to help with the Medal
    - Put the energy bar setting to smallest and difficulty to easy.
    - Use a fast character, like Zack, Kasumi or Ayane.
    - Constantly beat the enemy with kicks and punches, varying randomly between
      highs, mids and lows. This way, with the difficulty on easy, the enemy will
      rarely counter, usually maybe once every several enemies.
    - If you do get countered, don't lose your cool, just relax and regain control
      of your character as fast as possible. With the difficulty on easy the enemy
      gives you a fairly good chance to regain control.
    - Some people say it's easier with Tag-Team, some on single fighter. Find what
      works best for you.
    Tips to help with the unique rare items
    - With some of the faster characters, you can do over 5 down attacks in a row
      while the enemy is lying on the ground, especially on the "dumber" ones that
      come at the start.
    - When using characters that can do several down attacks in a row, put the
      energy bar setting to largest in the options. This way, the dumb guys that
      come at the start won't die so quick. I have been able to do well over 15
      quick down attacks on the first enemy this way, with the enemy managing to
      get up only 2-3 times.
    - Take advantage of the first few dumb enemies, since as you go up in wins they
      will start to recover faster from being down meaning less down attacks in a
    - When using characters that do slow quick down attacks, where the enemy always
      gets up after only 1 quick down attack put the energy bar setting to
      smallest. This way the enemies will die faster, and 1 item pops up with every
    - The more items you get to pop out of enemies, the faster you'll come across
      your unique rare item.
    - Should you not get your unique rare item by 10 wins, start over. It seems to
      be that when the unique rare items come up usually within the first 10 wins.
    - Should you choose to want to restart the battle, let yourself be killed. This
      way, if you did get the item you wanted but it happened too quickly and you
      didn't realize it, you will see it in the results screen.
    - Finally, don't despair. The unique rare items really don't come around often.
      It's only a matter of time before it does, so patience. It can take as much
      as an hour of playing over with the same character before it comes up.
     There are also extra system voices to unlock in this game. System voices is
    the voice you hear for the "Get Ready", "Fight", "KO", etc. These will not be
    unlocked by getting all the costumes, so here is what to do:
     - Kasumi: Complete her exercises in sparring mode.
     - Ayane:  Complete her exercises in sparring mode.
     - Ein:    Complete his exercises in sparring mode.
     - Tengu:  Complete his exercises in sparring mode.
     - Raidou: Complete everyone's exercises in sparring mode.
     For Raidou, you don't have to do everyone's exercises in one sitting, the Xbox
    will remember which character you have done or not, although it indicates
    nowhere whether it was completed or not.
     IMPORTANT TIP: For some characters, there is a very unclear "while standing"
    on certain exercises. For these, what you have to do in fact, is crouch
    (pressing block and down will do it), then release the crouch and quickly do
    the command while your character is rising. It should have been called "while
    rising" for it to make more sense, but I think it most likely is a mistake in
    the translation.
     There are 3 hidden levels in this game. They do not need to be unlocked,
    simply press X instead of A on these specific levels:
     - The Great Opera:    The Opera House will not be on fire.
     - The White Storm:    There will be a snow storm.
     - The Aerial Gardens: You will fight at night
     Also, 2 characters have costume variants depending on the button pressed.
    Simply select Kasumi or Leifang by pressing A, then at the costume selection,
    use the proper button as described below.
    - Use X, Y and White to change her underwear on costumes 5, 6, 11 and 14. Note
      that it will also change her hairstyle, explained in the next point.
    - Use X, Y, and White on any costume to change her hairstyle. Note that it will
      also change her underwear on costumes 5, 6, 11 and 14.
      - X:     High Ponytail tied in a ribbon
      - Y:     Ponytail tied in a bow
      - White: Braided tied in 2 bows
    - Use X to change her underwear on costumes 15 and 20. Note that it will also
      change her hairstyle, explained in the next point.
    - Use X to on any costume to have her hair loose. Note that it will also change
      her underwear on costumes 15 and 20.
     Many extras are also included in this game. Here is a brief description of
    most of them.
    The CG Gallery
     The CG Gallery is unlocked by getting all the costumes. In the CG gallery are
    31 pages of High-Res images. There are 12 images per page for 1-30 and 3 on
    page 31 for a total of 363 images, all of the girls of DOA and Lisa from
    The Booster Menu
     In here you will find the G4 Icons episode on DOA, episode #317. Unfortunately
    it is a shortened version of it, which is a bummer considering the entire 30
    minute episode could have fit on this game since Xbox games are on DVD's.
     Also you will find the DOA3 Booster Pack which installs a bunch of extra
    costumes for DOA 3 characters.
     - Kasumi    +2
     - Hitomi    +3
     - Gen Fu    +2
     - Tina      +1
     - Leon      +2
     - Jann Lee  +1
     - Christie  +2
     - Hayate    +1
     - Hayabusa  +1
     - Zack      +1
     - Brad Wong +2
     - Bass      +1
     - Bayman    +1
     - Leifang   +2
     - Helena    +1
     - Ayane     +2
     - Ein       None
     To earn the booster menu, have all costumes unlocked.
    Special Options
    - Under Game Settings -> Others, you can change the system voice, which is the
      announcer that says "Get Ready", "Fight", "KO", etc. By completing the
      exercises, more voices can be unlocked. See section (9).
    - Under Game Settings -> Others, you can change the age. The age, in fact,
      changes how much the girls' breasts bounce, 13 being the least and 99 the
    Tina's Story
     Every time you play Tina's story, it will be a different poster of her.
    Bass' Story
     Every time you play Bass' story, it will be a different poster of Tina.
    Special Room In The Crimson
     When you start off on the top in The Crimson, go opposite of the rail where
    you can send your enemy down. There will be a wall made of woven bamboo with
    windows behind it. You can blow through the wall and windows, and inside is a
    Prototype Xbox and TV that will turn on if someone is knocked hard against it.
     There are also 3 pictures high on a wall in that room. The lowest one is
    Tengu, the one on top of him is Christie, and the small one on the left of both
    of them is Hitomi.
     Thanks to Hikari for confirmation.
    Clock In The Demon's Church
     The giant clock in this level shows the time that is set on your Xbox. Note
    however that you are behind the clock, so the time is mirrored, like this:
        01  11
      02      10
    03          09
      04      08
        05  07
     There are several hidden tricks that can be done in the game.
    Special Taunts
    - Zack
     - On costume 3 or 7, use an appeal to turn on and off the light on the tip of
       his costume's "antenna".
     - On costume 5, use an appeal to turn on and off blue flames coming from his
       chest and eyes.
    - Gen Fu
     - On Costume 3, use the Tenseiha appeal to make him take off his hat. If you
       win the battle, he will put his hat back on and say something different.
    Camera Control
    - On all the characters, after a battle during the "WINNER" part, use the
      analog sticks, L, R and X buttons to control the camera angle.
    - For Tina's story ending, use the analog sticks, L, R, X and A buttons to
      control the view on the TV's behind her.
    Alternate Ending To Ayane against Kasumi In Story Mode
     When fighting with Ayane against Kasumi in story mode, if you send Kasumi down
    the slope with as your final attack, or if she has just a tiny bit of health
    left after falling down the slope, kill her quickly and get as far away from
    her as possible. You will get a special cut scene!
    Game Reset
     Press and hold Back and Start for a few seconds until the game suddenly
    returns to the title screen.
    [12] PRIZES
     Prizes can be earned in survival depending on the amount of wins and in time
    attack depending on the amount of time.
    BRONZE:     20 to 49    20 to 49       5'59"99-5'00"00     6'59"99-6'00"00
    SILVER:     50 to 79    50 to 79       4'59"99-4'30"00     5'59"99-5'00"00
      GOLD:     80 to 100   80 to 100      4'29"99 and under   4'59"99 and under   
     Thanks to Brimo, Viper-X and Hikari for helping complete this table.
    [13] CLOSING
     Well here it is. My very first FAQ. I'd like to thank TECMO and Team Ninja for
    making such an incredible game. I would also like to thank everyone that helped
    me or other people with this game on the message boards, your help is always
    invaluable. I definitely enjoyed doing this FAQ, and I will probably make more
    in the future.
        Thanks for reading my FAQ!

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