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    NCAA MArch Madness 2004 Faq  --XBOX--
    Copyright 2003 Electronic Arts
    Written By: Das (George Reeves)
    Email: Dascomander@aol.com
    January 23 2004
    Version 0.75
    Version History
    0.75  Jan 23, 2004  Wrote the guide and submitted it for the first time,  I'll
    clean it up a bit and add more at a later date
    0.76  Jan 26, 2004-Apr 5, 2004  Added Rivalries, did some cleaning.  Forgot to
    submit though. Sorry
    0.77  Apr 7, 2004  Updated the legal section.
    0.78  Apr 12,2004  Maui Invitational Answer???
    1.  Controls
    2.  Game modes
    3.  Campus Challenge
    4.  Buying STuff
    5.  Mysteries of the RPI Rating and selection explianed/ Maui Invitational
    6.  Dynasty Mode  **Coming Soon**
    7.  Legal garbage
    Section 1---Controls
    Left thumbstick- Moves selected Man
    D pad-  Selects preset Plays
    Right Thumbstick- Click down for the off ball switch, which allows you to
    control a player who does not have the ball. Tapping a direction is the 
    Freestyle Control.  I'll get to this beast in a moment
    A Button-  Passes the ball.  Tap it for a lob, Hold it for a faster pass
    B button-  Shoots the ball for a jump shot.  Release it at the top of your jump
    to shoot
    X button- Lay up or a dunk.  press it again during a lay up to adjust your shot
    to try and avoid the defender's block.  NOTE- Adjusted shots are harder to hit
    because they are usually taken with your players "off" hand.
    Y button- The pro hop.  Use this to set yourself up for the freestyle controls
    White Buton- Goes for the Alley-Oop.
    Black Button- Direct Pass.  Press Black then the corresponding button that
    appears over the head of the player you wish to pass to.
    Start Button- Pauses game
    Back Button-  Calls Timeout
    Left trigger- Backdown/Ball Protect.  High strength players can push their way
    towards the basket.
    Right trigger- Turbo. Gotta love the Turbo.
    Left thumbstick- Moves selected Man
    D pad-  Selects preset Plays
    Right Thumbstick- Freestyle Control.
    A button- Switches Player you control
    B button-  "Take the Charge" stance
    X button-  Attemps Steal
    Y Button-  Jump/ Block
    Black Button- Direct switch
    White Button-  Switches to the last man back
    Start Button- Pauses game
    Back Button- Intentional foul
    Left trigger- N/A
    Right trigger- Turbo
    The Freestyle Control----------------------------------------------------------
    To do the Freestyle Moves you tap a direction with the right Thumbstick
    Offense without hitting the Pro Hop  (Running)
    Up- Spin Move
    Left or Right-  Juke move or Crossover.  Depends what hand ball is in.  For
    example, if a player is dribbling with his right hand, and you press right he
    will do the juke move.  If yuo had pressed left, he would do a crossover.
    Down- Does a crossover no matter which hand the ball is in.
    Offense without hitting the Pro Hop  (Standing)
    Up- Crossover with a foreward step
    Left or right-  Dribbles behind Back
    Down- Crossover with a backward step
    Offense after hitting the pro hop
    Up-  Hold ball above head
    Left or Right-  Holds ball off to the side
    Down-  Holds ball close to the ground
    All defensive moves are the same regardless of running or standing.(It does
    change the animation a little though.)
    Up- Holds hands above head for a challenge
    Left- Steal attemp with left hand
    Right-  Steal attempt with right hand
    Down- Gets into defensive stance
    Section 2---Game Modes
    Play Now-  Basic game with no season attached
    Season-  Play one season with a college
    Dynasty Mode-  Play through 5 to 30 seasons with a coach.  Get hired, Get
    fired, leave a team for greener pastures, its all up to you.
    Mascot Game-  Weird little mode where you pick a team and the players are
    dressed up a a schools mascot.  The players stats are unneffected by the
    strange dress.
    Heres a list of schools available in this mode--
    Arizona State
    Ball State
    Boston College
    Georgia Tech
    Iowa State
    Michigan State
    Mississippi State
    NC State
    New Mexico
    North Carolina
    Notre Dame
    Ohio State
    Oklahoma State
    Ole Miss
    Oregon State
    Southern Miss
    Stanford (Believe me.  You HAVE to see this one)
    Wake Forest
    Washingtom State
    Rivalry Game-  Play in a single game with Arch rivals
    There are 37 rivalry games to choose from.
    Availible rivalries are
    Appalachian State-Davidson
    Arizona-Arizona State
    Ball State-Bowling Green
    Brigham Young-Utah
    Clemson-South Carolina
    Colorado State-Wyoming
    Dayton-Saint Louis
    Duke-North Carolina
    East Tennesee State-Tennessee Chatanooga
    Fresno Stste-UNLV
    Georgia-Georgia Tech
    Georgia South-Wofford
    Massachusetts-Rhode Island
    Michigan-Michigan State
    Mississippi State-Ole Miss
    Montana-Montana State
    NC State-Wake Forest
    Ohio-Ohio State
    Oregon-Oregon State
    Saint Joseph's-Temple
    San Francisco-Santa Clara
    The Citadel-VMI
    Virginia-Virginia Tech
    Washington-Washington State
    Tournaments- You can set up your own NCAA Tournament or Maui Invitational.  The
    NCAA tournament is the "Big Dance".  64 teams in a single elimination
    tournament.  The Maui Invitational is Is an 8 team double elimination
    tournament that usually takes place at the beginning of the season.
    Practice- What Can I say? Really? Basically a game with no defenders.
    Section 3---The Campus Challenge
    The Campus Challenge is a Series of mini challenges that earn points in the
    Dynasty mode to buy stat boosts and mid season training camps.  Chalenges are
    divided up between One player, two player, and team tasks.  Also there are
    Half, whole Game and Season challenges.
    One Player Tasks
                                Single Half
    GEt 3 3PT's in a half                                          5 pts
    Get 6 rebounds                                                10 pts
    Get 3 offensive rebounds                                      10 pts
    Get 6 defensive rebounds                                      10 pts
    Get 5 assists                                                 10 pts
    Get 10 points                                                 10 pts
    Get 3 blocks                                                  10 pts
    Get 3 steals                                                  10 pts
                                Whole Game
    Get 20 points                                                 20 pts
    get 12 rebounds                                               25 pts
    get 6 offensive rebounds                                      25 pts
    get 6 defensive rebounds                                      25 pts
    get 10 assists                                                25 pts
    make 6 blocks                                                 25 pts
    make 6 steals                                                 25 pts
    Achieve a double-double                                       30 pts
    make 6 3PT's                                                  30 pts
    score 30 points                                               40 pts
    score 40 points                                               75 pts
    Score 50 points                                              100 pts
    Achieve a triple double                                      100 pts
    Achieve a quadruple double                                   150 pts
    Make Conference Def. team                                     90 pts
    Make Conference 1st team                                     100 pts
    Average 4 Steals for season                                  100 pts
    Freshman Makes All conference tean (1st or 2nd)              110 pts
    Player makes All Def. Team                                   110 pts
    Freshman makes all Freshman team                             125 pts
    Make all NCAA 2nd team                                       125 pts
    Make all NCAA 1st team                                       175 pts
    average 10 points                                            200 pts
    average 12 rebounds                                          200 pts
    average 10 assists                                           200 pts
    average 4 blocks                                             200 pts
    Win Freshman of the Year                                     300 pts
    Win Player of the Year                                       300 pts
    Average A double-double                                      350 pts
    Lead NCAA in scoring                                         350 pts
    Lead NCaa in assists                                         350 pts
    Lead NCAA in rebounds                                        350 pts
    Lead NCAA in blocks                                          350 pts
    Player wins Def. Player of the year                          400 pts
    Freshman Leads NCAA in scoring                               450 pts
    Freshman Leads NCaa in assists                               450 pts
    Freshman Leads NCAA in rebounds                              450 pts
    Freshman Leads NCAA in blocks                                450 pts
    Finish season with 30 points per game                        450 pts
    Freshman leads NCAA in steals                                500 pts
    NCAA Player of the year for 2 seasons in a row               750 pts
    Team Challenges
                                Half Period
    6 Offensive rebounds                                          10 pts
    5 defensive rebounds                                          10 pts
    6 assists                                                     10 pts
    35 points in a half                                           10 pts
    4 blocks                                                      15 pts
    4 steals                                                      15 pts
    100% shooting                                                 40 pts
    5 3PT's                                                       60 pts
    10 rebounds (offensive and defensive combined)                75 pts
                                Whole Game
    8 Defensive rebounds                                          20 pts
    13 Assists                                                    20 pts
    70 points                                                     20 pts
    8 Blocks                                                      20 pts
    8 Steals                                                      20 pts
    Make 6 3PT's                                                  20 pts
    Above 40% shooting Percentage                                 20 pts
    Win by 10 points                                              25 pts
    100% free throw shooting                                      25 pts
    10 offensive rebounds                                         25 pts
    18 rebounds                                                   30 pts
    Win by 20 points                                              30 pts
    End game with less than 5 turnovers                           50 pts
    Score 100 points in a game                                    75 pts
    Shoot above 50%                                               75 pts
    Win by 30                                                     75 pts
    Shoot above 70%                                              100 pts
    Win by 40                                                    100 pts
    Defeat a top 25 team                                         100 pts
    Starters all score in double digits                          110 pts
    Shoot above 80%                                              125 pts
    Win by 50                                                    150 pts
    Shoot 100%                                                   150 pts
    Defat the #1 team in the nation                              400 pts
    5 game win streak                                            100 pts
    10 game win streak                                           200 pts
    team averages 18 rebounds                                    275 pts
    Team averages 15 assists                                     275 pts
    Team averages 8 blocks                                       300 pts
    Team averages 8 steals                                       300 pts
    Make NCAA Tournament                                         300 pts
    15 game win streak                                           300 pts
    Sign An All American                                         300 pts
    Best record in conference                                    350 pts
    Average 75 points per game                                   375 pts
    Win Coach of the Year                                        425 pts
    Win The Maui Invitational                                    500 pts
    Win Conference Tournament                                    600 pts
    Win NCAA Championship                                       1000 pts
    Finish Season ranked #1 in power poll                       1500 pts
    Undefeated Season AND NCAA championship                     1750 pts
    Two Player Tasks
    2 players make All NCAA 1st team                            500 pts
    2 Players make All NCAA Def. Team                           500 pts
    2 Freshman make All Freshman Team                           850 pts
    Section 4---Stuff to buy with the Campus Challlenge points
    During the dynasty mode there are two different types of extras to spend the
    campus challenge points that you have ammassed.  There are Training Sessions,
    which are like the training camp that is run at the beginning of the season,
    and there are team Extras.  The extras are skills coaches that you hire for a
    set amount of time and are a 5 point stat boost for as long as your skills
    "coach" works for you.  Each coach raises only one stat, and he leaves you at
    the end of the season, regardless of how much time you have left on his
    contract, so don't hire a full season coach with only 2 games left, hire a 5
    day coach, instead.
                                Training Sessions
    Single Player                                             1500 pts
    Team Training Session                                     4000 pts
                                  Team Extras
    Single Game                                               1000 pts
    5 games                                                   4500 pts
    10 games                                                  8000 pts
    Single Season                                            20000 pts
    Coach's "Name"                                        What Stat They Raise
    Rebounding Coach                                        Rebounding
    Shooting Coach                                          Field Goal Rating
    Big Man Coach*                                      Center's Inside  Scoring
    3 Point Shooting Coach*                              Guard's 3 point Shooting
    Dribbling Coach                                         Dribbling Rating
    Timing Coach*                                       Foreward's Block Rating
    Passing Coach                                           Passing Rating
    Free Throw Coach                                        Free throw rating
    Conditioning Coach                                      Endurance Rating
    Motivational Speaker*                       Non Starter Field Goal and Defense
    Workout Facility                                            Strength
    Plyometrics Coach                                       Dunk Rating
    Defensive Coach                                         Steal Rating
    AN asterisk means that that coach does not work for the entire team.  He only
    gives a stat boost to the positions listed.
    Section 5---Making the NCAA Tournament in the Dynasty or Season Mode
    There are 64 spots in the NCAA Tournament.  31 of these slots are reserved for
    winners of the Conference tourneys.  Winning your conference is the "surest"
    way to reach the tournament.  In theory a team can have no wins during the
    regular season and string together 5 or 6 wins in the conference tourney and
    make the NCAA tournament.  When it comes time for the Conference tourneys pile
    up the wins and you will make it.
    And if you don't: The Selection Committee
    Unlike the real NCAA, this game does not have a selection committee so it picks
    based on a mathematical formula.  This is your RPI or relatvive power index.
    This comes into play if you don't win the conference tournament.  While the
    tourney route is the surest, this is actually a bit easier, if you win a lot in
    the regular season, but requires a bit of preseason setup. When it is time to
    make your non-conference schedule, try to get as many ranked teams to play
    yourr team as possible.  This should give you a reasonably high preseason RPI. 
    Win as many games as you possibly can.  Your RPI may go down a bit over time
    because the relative strength of your opponents may change in strength over the
    course of the season. Essentialy what you are hoping for is for your opponents
    to lose to you, but to win against everyone else they play against, so their
    RPI will not go down as much. On a side note totally destroying teams
    constantly is not always such a great idea especially if you are going for a
    number 1 ranking in the power polls.  The CPU will read this as  a "weak"
    schedule and your RPI will suffer a bit, since a team that you beat by 30 plus
    points is going to slide down the rankings by quite a few spots, moving teams
    that you are not scheduled to play  up the rankings.  You will still make the
    NCAA tournament, but you might not get the no. 1 seed.
    If you want to check on you's status as the computer reads it at the moment go
    to the Sporting News choice on the main screen.  After a certain number of
    weeks the Tournament watch option will become availible.  Once inside there are
    three screens; On the Bubble, Best of the Rest and Automatic Bids. Automatic
    Bids are the teams that have a high enough RPI to make it regardless of how
    they do in the conference tournament.  Best of the rest is the next best list. 
    Most of these teams are going to go to the Big Dance as long as there are no
    major breakdowns on their part.  Bubble teams are on the fence.  A few of them
    will qualify for the tourney, but most of them won't.  At best mayby 5 of them
    get to go if they don't win the conference tourneys.  If you are here you got a
    bit of work to do.  If you are not on any of these lists you HAVE to win the
    conference tourney.  Or turn down the difficulty and try again next season.
    The Maui Invitational
    For the life of me I can't get invited to the stupid thing.  Someone else has,
    so for now here's IQB833 and his thoughts on the Maui Invitational:
    IQB833 Says
    "I read your faq on NCAA MM 2004, its really useful especially about the Team
    Extras stuff. about the Maui Invitational, i think that you have to be in the
    preseason top 25, or maybe even 15, to  get an invite. I was Illinois
    (preseason #14) once and got an invite. i've also been Cincinnati (preseason
    #13 i think) and got an invite. However, i am currently Texas (preseason #12), 
    but didnt get an invite, so i think you have to be in the preseason top 15 to
    even have a chance to get in the Maui. hope this helps"
    If anyone else has a clue on what the deal is with Maui let me know.
    Section 6-Dynasty Mode  **Coming Soon**
    Section 7--- Legal stuff
    Copyright 2004 George Reeves Jr (AKA-Das, Dascomander)
    This copyright is protected by international law. Any use of this FAQ, or any
    part of this FAQ without the Authors permission is forbidden, by anyone, and I
    mean it.  If I give permission my Faq may only be used as is with no revisions
    or changes to it in any way.  I will check these things.  If you really  want
    to  use it my Email is at the top of the FAQ. Contact me and ask.  Gamefaqs
    (www.gamefaqs.com) DOES have permission to use my FAQ.Cheatcodecentral
    (www.cheatcc.com) also has permission to us my Faq.
    NCAA MArch Madness 2004 Copyright 2003 Electronic Arts
    NCAA March Madness and most everything else in the game is a trademark of the
    NCAA or the respective schools in the game.
    Except The Sporting News.  I'm not sure who holds the trademark or copyright to
    that, but it's theirs.
    Thanks to Gamefaqs for being a terriffic site thats come in useful many times
    over the years.
    If anyone has any idea on how to get invited to the Maui Invitational in the
    game please contact me.  I've never been able to trigger an invite.  Let me
    know and Ill credit you ( and we all want to get our name in a FAQ right?)

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