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"Your after the ultimate terrorists threat and the free worlds worst nightmare!!"

Shadow Ops : Red Mercury

This game that was made by Zombie and published by Atari is one of the many Ops games that have been released recently. It seems Ops is the new fad in game names. Even though the name is fairly generic the game isn't. Atari and Zombie went to great lengths to ensure people were entertained with a great game and a good story. What we have is a decent fps in a market that is flooded at the moment.

The Game:

You begin the game in search of a nuclear device that is small enough to fit in a briefcase yet lethal enough to take out a city. You are a soldier bred for this type of mission. Stealth and the ability to be lethal with an arsenal of weapons is an asset when you have an army against you. The game drops you off in the middle of a hot spot and from that moment on your battling against incredible numbers. As you chase down this terrorist bent on destruction you will go through many different locations, open terrains, closed sub ways with trains whipping by and the mean while you will have to take advantage of your surroundings keeping undercover and sniping those you can. There won't be to many breaks so keep your whits and keep your head down.

The Graphics:

The game has distinct dessert look and feel. The graphics are decent and I only noticed a couple of experiences with any locking up. The CGI is done well although it dosen't measure to the standards set by games like Halo and RTCW. However things are just rather bland rather than not good. The one main disappointment with the game is how the enviroment is not affected by you. Bullets don't smash glass etc nowadays thats not acceptable. When you shoot a window it should smash not clunk.

The Sound:

Well they decided to with THX and thats sweet the dolby 5.1 surround sound and the sub woofer really highlighted the shots and explosions and yells of the soldiers. The music is decent and the tempo perfectly matches the scene at the time. From fast paced thumping to nice slow methodical are the rhythms. The weapons are replicated well audioly. The explosions are really thunderous and the weapon fire does seem real as well as different weapons having there own sound. One of the coolest audio displays is that for each shot you take you hear a clink as the shell hits the floor a real nice touch.

The Play:

Shadow Ops plays pretty well. The controls are pretty standard fps stuff. You have your trigger as the fire the right trigger is your zoom. The black and white buttons are the grenade toss. The shooting seems pretty real head shots are lethal and saving ammo is a good idea as it can run low very easy.


With Live and about 24 or so missions this game should keep you busy for awhile.


A very decent fps on its own but fails to meet the standard some like Halo have set. A good game that is worthy of a purchase.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/28/04

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