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"Average fps"


Shadow ops is a game that we saw at E3. It looked like it would be a good first person shooter. But finally when it hit store shelves many of us thought of one question. What happened? Here is what happened.

Graphics 5/10

The graphics in this game were okay, but there's been better. The cutscene at the begining of the game looks good. But when you actually get to play the game the graphics are average to say the least and the environment just isn't that detailed.

Gameplay 3/10

The gameplay in this game is lacking. enemy A.I is very stupid as they will often take up positions by exploding barrels. stand out in the open they even run up in your face acting like they don't notice that huge machine gun in your hands. Also multiplayer is a joke. Co-op is just to plain. it just doesn't seem like they put much time into it. For capture the flag and all the other things instant respawns kill the fun. you storm a base and are running for there flag you kill them and they instantly pop back up. basically everything in this game has been done better in the past.

Controls 9/10

This is one of the few things good about shadow ops. The controls are great and it feels better and easier and way more fluid then some other games. You can easily swap weapons in the middle of a gunfight. This part of the game does not fail.

Storyline 3/10

Terrorist have a nuke that fits in a backpack that can kill millions. I've heard it before. For some reason war games like to use nuclear weapons a lot in there storylines. In fact they use it to much. The voice acting puts about one point above laughable but not much more.

Overall 4/10

Shadow ops is an average first person shooter and even that might be saying a little to much. It just does not deliver enough fun like some other first person shooters do. My recommendation leave this one on the store shelves. because it will most likely dissapoint you.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 08/07/04

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