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"Loud mouthed rabbit chained to mind case weasel, oh yea, fun!"


You would never believe it. A game with more pizazz than Paper Mario, more danger than Crash Bandicoot. And with the stunningly screwed over story you'll be fighting to save animal kind.


Tough to say. At times the controls get way to complicated and you'll have to do some complicated jump maneuvers all over again but you'll get the hang of things.

GRAPHICS: 86/100

This is not one to talk but it's not the worst I've seen. Only a few problems have showed up with the graphics for this game like see through walls and position of the characters.

MUSIC: 94/100

The music is very active and crazy to keep up with this game. It's has a technical sense that goes with your location.

SFX: 92/100

A lot of the sounds may get annoying but overall they're pretty good for a game such as this. The sounds made hardly lag or stop when in 'combat' and make an intense rush of energy on surround sound.


All of them are detailed and make you just want to beat the crap out of them. You fight many security guards as well as scientists. And with their voices they make the game extremely realistic.

GAME-PLAY: 96/100

You will find your self playing over again as you whip burn and freeze a loud mouthed rabbit to victory. You break out of a lab test where you are about to be fused. You escape in chains which Spanx the mind case weasel likes to use to whip people with Redmond the badass loud mouthed rabbit. You must fight to defeat the humans in an all out battle of man vs. animal.


Sometimes it's to easy sometimes it's to hard to beat but over all it presents a challenge that you may face over and over again.

ENJOYMENT: 100/100

Endless hours of craziness and excitement you'll be hanging on the edge of your seat with bloodshot eyes from constant game-play. You must defeat the humans before it is to late.


You never stop playing until your dog has to go out or you have to eat. Unless you just so happen to live in your moms basement.


I rented it for 2 months and still could not beat it after hour of play I had to return it. I was so mad that I never got to finish. So buy it instead.

OVERALL: 92/100

pLaY iT yOu'Ll LoVe It

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/28/04

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