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    Secrets FAQ by jimfish

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    -----------------------------------------------------------TRIVIA GUIDE
                          *          An FAQ           * 
                          -            by             -
                          *       Steve Taylor        *
                          -  Began: 24/September/05   -
                          * Finished: 03/July/06      *
                          - E-Mail: jimfish@gmail.com -
    To cut down on massive lists and TOCs, I've just made simple Ctrl +F strings
    for you. Want to visit the actual weapons list? Just type W-G in the search
    function. The guide's not that hard to navigate either way, but just a small
    feature to make it a little easier.
                                     Table of Contents:
                                   (I-I) Introduction (I-I)
                                   (C-M) Contact Me   (C-M)
                                   (H-T) How-To Read  (H-T)
                                   (T-G) The Guide    (T-G)                        
                                   (W-G) Weapon Guide (W-G)   
                                 (I-I)     INTRODUCTION   (I-I)
    Remedy, the developers of the original Max Payne title have joined forces with 
    Rockstar Games to create the dark and gritty sequel Max Payne 2: The Fall of 
    Max Payne for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC. The bullet-time fight sequences that 
    made the first title famous are back, and are more stylish than ever. A 
    revamped physics engine and detailed interactive environments turn slow-motion 
    shootout levels into breathtaking cinematic experiences. Rockstar Games has 
    ensured the production values in this tragic film-noir love story are top 
    notch, complete with movie quality voice acting, motion capture, and 
    roller-coaster storyline.
                     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    In 2001, Max Payne arrived to set the benchmark for action gaming, earning 
    countless awards and revolutionizing the genre with cinematic combat sequences 
    fuelled by the groundbreaking use of slow motion and compulsive narrative
    driven gameplay. Now, working together with Rockstar Games' New York-based 
    production team, Remedy has combined Max Payne's hallmark gameplay with all new
    innovations and unmatched production values. Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne
    has raised the bar for action games all over again.
     Storyline - a violent, Film Noir love story between a cop and a femme fatale
     murder suspect, between Max Payne and Mona Sax. Dark, tragic and intense, the 
     story is a thrill-ride of  shocking twists and revelations.
     Max Payne's signature slow motion gunplay has been improved on every level. 
     Get ready for Bullet Time 2.0.
     New guns and new moves make action more cinematic and intense than ever 
     Fully integrated Havok physics engine allows for interactive environments 
     creating incredible combat scenes. Ragdoll characters and physics in slow 
     motion create breath-taking combat scenes.
     All new AI - cooperative NPC's fight with Max and more believable enemies 
     create tension and more interesting and varied challenge.
     A stunning level of detail: Extremely detailed environments with 
     photorealistic textures, highly enhanced radiosity lighting and extremely 
     lifelike characters (including facial animations & lip synchronization) 
     provide a visually staggering cinematic experience.
     Massive production values - including a motion picture stunt crew, 
     professional talent for voice acting and graphic novels, motion capture and 
     authentic digital source material from New York City.
    Author's Note: Whoa! After a long period of me no longer writing reviews or
    FAQs, this guide was left unfinished in a rather crude state, but now, I'm
    determined to go back once more and finish all my guides, reviews and God knows
    what else from whatever state I left them in. First up was this guide. I've
    never written a secrets guide before, so it was a new experience. All my other
    guides came from demos and such, but at least with a secrets FAQ I could be
    comfortable, since I spend all my gaming time to finding hidden content and
                               (E-M)     E-Mail Me     (E-M)
    Yes. It's official. I love the attention. Gimme your e-mails. Make my head 
    To send me mail that I will read, please set it up with the following fields:
          E-Mail: jimfish@gmail.com
    Subject Line: Max Payne 2 Secrets Guide
    Now that you've got my interest, you must abide by the rules below, or else it
    won't be read and instead, ignored. Please, if you want your voice to be heard,
    follow the rules/guidelins.
                                         THE DO'S
    - Inform me of errors that I've made. Either constant grammar or factual info. 
    - Pass on strategies and solutions on how to solve parts of the game which I
      have not mentioned.
    - Memorable quotes.
    - Information, your opinions on the game...
    - Ask for help about things not mentioned in the guide.
    - Write in words. Not internet short cuts.
    - I like to read e-mails with proper formatting and grammar. Please do be sure
      to write your e-mail like so.
    - And please, read through the guide before even thinking about contacting me.
      I've had many e-mails in the past about my other guides where they ask me 
      questions which were answered, or not answered in some cases, since some were
      about the demo guides I had wrote.
                                        THE DO NOT'S
    - Send me chain letters or spam. That's one big no-no.
    - Send attachments. In some cases, I do accept them, but usually for pictures
    - Call me names/Insult me/Threaten me/yadda yadda yadda... 
    - Use child like e-mails with crap colours. I don't want size 32 bright yellow
      font on top of a lime green background.
    - Type in alterNaTiNg CaPs LiKe ThIs or just in ALL CAPS AND STUFF.
    - No stupid 1337 speaking. If I see it, it's deleted in a flash.
    - Ask irelevent questions which I answered in my guide. It irritates me to have
      that done.
    See those rules? Well...they're more like guidelines anyway...but it doesn't
    matter either way! OBEY THEM OR DIE!
                         (H-T)    HOW TO READ...Weapons Guide     (H-T)
    Yes, I know you can all read. Otherwise you have no clue to what I'm saying, 
    but here's a short things to help your browsing of this guide's weapon section
    more easy:
    1.a.  The Box! 
                        -    Range:       N/A       -
                        +    Accuracy:    N/A       +
                        -    Fire Rate:   N/A       -
    This little box is the stats box. These ratings are upon my own personal
    opinion and what I believe the weapon can achieve, but trying them out yourself
    to see what works for you is the best idea, but the list below should help you
    out with finding that perfect weapon.
    1.b. The Categories!
    As you scroll down, you'll see a large ASCII Banner. This is simply a divider
    between the weapon categories. E.G, Pistols, Sniper Rifles...
    Helps make viewing easy with grouped sections.
    1.c. The Weapons!
    Each individual weapon has it's own description and mini-section to it. At the
    end of each of the weapons, I ruled off it off and went on for the next one.
    As with the categories, it helps make reading a little easier.
    Max Payne 2 does not have any unlockables in the form of weapons, or unlimited
    health and ammo cheats. Instead, the unlockables are in the sense of different
    modes and difficulties.
                           Unlockable	:           How to Unlock:
                           -----------           ---------------
                        Dead Man Walking   |    Complete on Detective Mode
                        Dead on Arrival    |    Complete on Hard Boiled Mode
                        Hard Boiled        |    Complete on Detective Mode
                        New York Minute    |    Complete on Detective Mode
    Part 1, Chapter 7 cont.
    After jumping from the start to the apartment balcony below, cut through the 
    apartment. When you see the yuppy in a suit run out of his apartment and cry
    for his life, open fire and kill him. 
    If you do this fast enough, the cleaners in the lobby will be stuck fast and
    won't be able to move. It's similar to the glitch below. You are then able to
    toy around with your new found cleaner statues. I suggest saving when they 
    are frozen and reloading after you kill them. Grenade them, shoot them with 
    every gun you have. It's up to you.
    This is extremely hard to achieve, though, but it can be done with a couple of
    Part 1, Chapter 7 cont.
    In the part where you are on the scaffolding after sending the guy flying off 
    the lift, toss a molotov into the window of the apartment where the suit gets 
    shot out (before he gets shot out).
    If done correctly, the suit should die, and when you enter the cleaner won't 
    move. Since he can't shoot the dead suit he is stuck "waiting". Also, the sound
    effect which is heard is a shotgun, although the cleaner inside only has 
    Deagles. The gun shot SFX still plays after you drop down from the scaffolding,
    even if you were to throw a grenade in there and kill them both, leaving nobody
    left to fire a gun.
    Any lift in the game
    Push an object/body onto the lift, and watch (as the lift moves upwards) it 
    fall through the floor.
    "In the first part when playing with Mona, you can shoot a body onto the lift 
    in the construction site. And when it goes up, the body should get stuck 
    halfway in the elevator.
    One time I managed to get it stuck in the right position, and the legs began 
    freaking out, almost like they were dancing. It's hard to do, but I saved it 
    so if I can find a recording device, I'll surely post the video." ~ A GameFAQs
                                       NEAT STUFF
    Death Lines
    Some areas, you can fall and die. Though through some planning and good 
    jumping, you can usually make it safely down. But some places the programmers 
    REALLY don't want you to go. In these areas, a "death line" is created, and as 
    soon as you touch that line, no matter what, you will die. These are usually 
    in areas where if you fall and live, you can be in a previous chapter. There 
    are exceptions though.
    Part 1, Chapter 4, con.
    After getting back to the 3rd floor after dousing the flames, get to the 
    windows of the building where Max needs to jump out from. Now, instead of going
    out of the left window, go out of the right window. There's no ledge outside 
    it, but there is to the far right. Save before attempting this, as it's tricky.
    Enter shoot-dodge and try to jump to the ledge. Can't make it? Then try diving 
    on to it. Once you do make it, you can begin to get closer to the ground floor,
    but if you actually touch the floor or top of the cars, Max will instantly die. 
    You can, funnily enough, shoot the boxes from around the area and make stepping
    stones for Max to jump to. You won't be able to get too far, but it's possible.
    Part 1, Chapter 4, con.
    Remember the hobo down on the first floor who was about to be shot dead by the 
    cleaners? Yeah, well, he dies anyway. Everytime. It's meant to imply that the 2
    cleaners who patrol the floor killed him, but that's not the case. If you shoot
    his leg a couple of times, he'll get scared and begin to run away from you as 
    you get close to him. Chase him into the elevator and hit the button and chase
    him out up to the 7th floor, leave him here and make sure he doesn't get back
    into the elevator, then go back down to the basement and talk to Ed.
    As soon as you finish talking to Ed, the hobo will instantly die, even if he's 
    up on the 7th floor away from danger. Head up there and check it out.
    Easy kill
    The cleaner on the window cleaners lift in Part 1, Chapter 7 cont. will die 
    from any hit. Even the lowly power of a grenade bouncing off his face. Funnier 
    still is that you can push him off to his death by jumping into him, he even 
    has his own death line just below the lift. Experiment with all the weapons 
    you've got.
    Don't die from fall
    As far as I know this only works in one area through the entire game. In the 
    abandoned building as Max. When you reach the enemy that dies by falling in a 
    hole onto a pile of chairs, get up as close as you can and dive into him and 
    shoot kill him. If done correctly, you will both fall down the hole and while
    the camera is "following" his corpse you can not be killed by anything other 
    than a death line.
    Developer's Tribute
    A hidden room can be found in Part 1, Chapter 7 where Rockstar pays tribute
    to a developer who passed away. To find it, take the window cleaner's lift
    down to the lower ledges, and over to the window. Turn around and jump over
    the scaffolding pipe and follow the ledge around. Jump through the window
    and you'll come across a dedication shrine.
    See a different Ending
    If you beat the game on "Dead on Arrival", you'll view a somewhat different
    ending than you would on other modes.
    Fidelis ad Mortem
    On Part II, Chapter 1, There is a hidden weapons cache. To find it, turn around
    from Max's starting point and run to the door in the distance. Jump on the 
    crate and then over into a small section with some more crates. Weapons are
    hidden in the far corner.
    Hitting the switch in the funhouse on Chapter 1, Part II over looking two 
    cleaners will trigger the fake wall falling over. They'll get scared and 
    realise it's not real.
    Easy way down
    To get down from the syringe control platform, simply hit the switch and then
    drop onto the main body of the syringe. Jump off and then duck behind the 
    cardboard cutouts. If you stealithly avoided the guards in the other room,
    they'll come running to check it out, but if you remain hidden behind the cut
    out, they'll just leave.
    Get impaled.
    Take the method above, but instead of hitting the switch, just drop onto the
    syringe and onto the floor below. Shoot the cleaners and stand in the elevator,
    to the front of it, or behind it. Then, throw a grenade (Molotovs are better)
    into the centre of the room, but make sure it hits the two cardboard people
    to the left. When it explodes, the syringe will fall and smash into Max. Ouch.
    Sometimes the force is so great, Max flies and falls through the floor and into
    the sub-levels. The floor isn't solid, so Max can't explore down here, but he
    already did in a previous level.
    A test of Havok.
    I'm not sure if this is true (I know the room exists, but whether or not Remedy
    put it in for you to play with I don't know), but I do believe Remedy stuck in 
    a room filled with all sorts of things to do during Part I, Chapter 5. After 
    you get behind the backdrops, go into the first room on your right. In here 
    will be all sorts of goodies: pyramids of cans, stacks of tyres, cardboard 
    cutouts, balls, sea-saws, switches and a device which, when pressed, launches 
    little balls into the stacks of items.
    Different Doors, Different Respones
    If you push at the doors of the apartments after stepping out of the elevator,
    you'll get all sorts of responses. The door to your right will be a man saying
    he's called the police, the far right door will be a cranky old lady, whilst
    the door behind you to your left will be...well, "orgasmic" to say the least.
    The same orgasm sound bite can be re-heard in Max's dream sequence later on...
    Paranoid Cleaner
    After you find the body of Cockmunch, hide behind the large pillar by the 
    dining table. A cleaner will come bursting through the door and begin to throw
    tonnes of grenades into the room. It's not helpful, but it does show off some
    of the AI that the enemies use; get behind cover, grenade and try to flush you
    out, and then go in and flank you. Nice.
    Mona stuck in a loop
    As soon as you regain control after discovering Cockmunch's body, run down the
    stairs and out the balcony and back into the apartment next door before going
    back through to the lobby, Max will say how he missed the elevator. Wait until
    Mona tells you to go back through the apartments and back upstairs. For some
    reason, even if you do go upstairs, she'll keep repeating the message, no 
    matter where you are in the level.
    Mona Yells at Max
    If you shoot at the cameras in the lobbies, Mona will yell at Max to quit it
    and how she needs to see what's going on.
    Max Payne Theme
    Max was able to play the theme on the piano in the original game, and he's able
    to do it again. There are two pianos in the game. One in Chapter 7, Part I, and
    the other is in Chapter 7, Part III. Hit the action button to hear him play.
    Skateboarding Payne
    Well, there's a skateboard, but it's not great. Outside Vinnie's car lot
    building, the one you're in when you start the level, will be a skateboard. IF
    you stand upon it and shoot it, it can roll about with Payne on it. 
    Vinnie scared...
    As you all know, Vinnie's a coward. But if you just stand around in the front
    parking lot whilst he goes off to run for his life in Part III, Chapter 5, 
    he'll yell at Payne to help or he can forget about Vinnie helping him. If you 
    still stand around, he'll go panicy and say he was only joking...just to avoid 
    the wrath of Payne, as well as the whole group of thugs about to kill him.  
                                     Striker Locations
    The Striker shotgun is effectivly the hidden weapon of the game. It's rarely 
    given to you straightout (I can't even think of a single case off the top of my
    head), and is hidden through the levels of the game. If you know of a Striker 
    location which I haven't listed, please, e-mail me and I'll add it straight 
    Part III. Chapter 4 continued....
    After you fight your way through the streets, instead of pushing open the green
    door and through the alley, continue down the street. Look to your left and 
    you'll see a barrel standing by a garage door. Shoot the barrel and stand back.
    When the dust settles, go into the newly opened room and grab the ammo from the
    shelves and the Striker from the box.
    Also, some Striker ammo is hidden on the top floor of the building you start 
    the level in.
    Part III, Chapter 5...
    Immedietly run straight forward and go into Vinnie's office. See his safe and 
    the very large lock? Shoot it off and then open the safe up. Inside lies the 
    Striker shotgun. Use it.
                               (W-G)    WEAPON GUIDE      (W-G)
    |       ##                   #                # #                            |
    |      #   ### ### ### ##  ###  ## ### # #    # # ###  ## ### ### ##   ##    |
    |      #  ##  #   # # # # # # # # #   ###     ### ##  # # # # # # # #  #      |
    |      # ### ### ### # # ### ### #     #      ### ### ### ### ### # # ##       |
    |    ##                              ###      # #         #                    |
    |   ________________________________________________________________________  |
    \-*/                                                                       \*-/
    Melee Attack
                        -    Range:       Intense.  -
                        +    Accuracy:    N/A       +
                        -    Fire Rate:   N/A       -
    This attack is your last resort. Using the butt of your weapon, you smash the 
    hell out of a bad guy. This requires you to be up-close-and-personal with the
    target, and it can take a couple of attacks to kill him. It's lethal, but it's
    not good to use when over-whelmed by thugs.
    In order to use this attack, get really close to an enemy (And I mean touching
    here...) and hit the Y Button. Using the business end of his gun, Max'll bash
    the enemy in. 
    Your run-of-the-mill grendades. To use them, simply line up your shot, 
    including trajectory and then hit the Fire Button. The range and accuracy of 
    the grenade are all down to you and your judgement. After a few tries with the
    grenades, you should be able to plot exactly where one will end up after being
    The grenade's actual blast radius is not that big, but it can take quite a few
    bad guys out and cause some serious burns and damage after it detonates. If you
    do have trouble with throwing grenades, whether the bad guy legs it before it 
    goes up or it's thrown too far, try to throw the grenade into a pile of 
    explosives or barrels. If the initial blast didn't get them, the after
    explosions will get them, plus it could even cause a pillar to smash into them. 
    They are also very easy to rebound off of walls, so if you're caught in a pinch
    try lobbing one of these off the walls to either kill the enemies, or flush 
    them out of their cover.
                        -    Range:       N/A       -
                        +    Accuracy:    N/A       +
                        -    Fire Rate:   N/A       -
    The traditional weapon is used through out the game as a serious weapon. It's
    simply a bottle, filled with petrol or liqour, is lit and thrown at the enemy.
    It's similar to the grenade in how you use it and like with the grenades, it's
    easy to line up your shot.
    These babies explode on contact causing balls of fire to spread. The radius is
    small, but if you throw one into the centre of a group of baddies, you should
    be able to kill them all off. Also, the Molotovs can be thrown at walls and 
    ceilings in order to reign fire down upon the enemies behind cover; an 
    excellent way of flushing them out.
    |                         ##   #       #       #                              |
    |                        # #      ## ### ###  #   ##                          |
    |                        ##   #   #   #  # #  #   #                           |
    |                        #    ## ##   ## ###  ## ##                           |
    |                        #                                                    |
    |   ________________________________________________________________________  |
    \-*/                                                                       \*-/
                        -    Range:       Medium    -
                        +    Accuracy:    Fair      +
                        -    Fire Rate:   Fair      -
    This is the standard weapon of the game, as it was in the original. As you
    would expect, it's not the greatest of weapons, but it's perfect for starting
    out. It functions quite well, with a medium length range and once coupled with
    a fair rate-of-fire, it's perfect for bringing down the perps.
    The damage it can inflict is not that powerful, but it can bring death on swift
    wings for the quick-finger. As I said, it's excellent for learning the basics
    of gun fights and Bullet-time.
    Dual 9MM
                        -    Range:       Medium    -
                        +    Accuracy:    Poor      +
                        -    Fire Rate:   Fast      -
    When you have two of these weapons, the accuracy is reduced even further, 
    meaning you'll need to be much more closer to yuor target. The firing rate is
    once again doubled as the result of weilding two of these.
    Desert Eagle
                        -    Range:       Medium    -
                        +    Accuracy:    Excellent +
                        -    Fire Rate:   Poor      -
    This is one extremely powerful handgun. It's one of the more powerful guns in
    the game, but the force behind it causes blowbacks with it's other aspects, 
    mainly rate-of-fire. The stopping power on the gun is usually around 1-to-2
    It's accuracy is extreme, way more precise than that of the 9MM. The range is
    quite large aswell, allowing you to bring down thugs from a massive distance.
    You'll want to save a few rounds of ammo for this beauty, it'll always come in
    Dual Desert Eagles
                        -    Range:       Medium    -
                        +    Accuracy:    Fair      +
                        -    Fire Rate:   Fair      -
    By picking up a second Deagle, you're a killing machine. By having two, the
    rate-of-fire is doubled, meaning you'll be keeping the baddies at bay. Sadly,
    as expected, the accuracy is decreased, but that happens with all dual weapons.
    It's an excellent pair and when used in Bullettime...well, you can imagine the
    |                                                                             |
    |              ## #        #                                                  |
    |             #   ### ### ### ### # # ##   ##                                 |
    |              #  # # # #  #  # # # # # #  #                                  |
    |               # # # ###  ##  ## ### # # ##                                  |
    |             ##              ###                                             |
    |   ______________________________________________________________________    |
    \-*/                                                                       \*-/
                        -    Range:       Close     -
                        +    Accuracy:    Terrible  +
                        -    Fire Rate:   Poor      -
    Pump-Action Shotgun
    Another basic weapon for you. The 9MM makes the perfect partner for this weapon
    and it's another great gun to practise with. This shotgun is the basic shotgun,
    which is most common and more widely used. The gun holds a maximum of 8 shells
    and is sadly, single shot, meaning you need to pump it to fire again. 
    The accuracy is quite good, but the spread of the pellets can be too much if it
    is fired from too far. The ranges are as follows:
    -Close Range:
    This will kill instantly, sending those punks flying. If firing into a group,
    you are guaranteeded to kill at least one, maybe two. The rest of the enemies 
    will be severely wounded and scattered.
    -Medium Range:
    This will causing wounds for the enemies the majority of the time, but if you
    are really lucky, you can take a thug out. Just the one mind you. The rest of
    the shot will spread out, hitting the other baddies if they're caught in the
    firing line.
    -Long Range:
    Sorry. No dice. You'll be lucky if you could hit the broard side of a barndoor.
    You might be able to score a lucky hit by a stray bullet hitting a bad guy in
    the arm, but that's just pure luck. 
    Sawn-Off Shotgun
                        -    Range:       Close     -
                        +    Accuracy:    Terrible  +
                        -    Fire Rate:   Fast      -
    This is the least-used of all the shotguns due to it's poor performance rates.
    Sadly, you can't dual wield these, and I'd love to have seen that feature, but
    Max couldn't handle it.
    It has a really poor and horrible accuracy. Like the Striker, it does have an
    extremely fast rate-of-fire; you wouldn't be able to realise the two shots 
    since it fires pretty that fast, and directly at the same time. Due to it's 
    really fast fire-rate, it suffers with the worst reload rate I've seen. If you 
    fire off both rounds, you are vunerable to fire from all sides. At close range,
    you are bound to hit, and from what I have seen, it's a true killer. Anything 
    other than  close range will result in nothing. No kills. No hits. It's nice 
    for when a thug comes around the corner looking for you and you present him 
    with a face full of sawn-off.
                        -    Range:       Close     -
                        +    Accuracy:    Terrible  +
                        -    Fire Rate:   V. Fast   -
    The real beauty of the game. This is effectivly the secret weapon of the game,
    as no enemy has one and it can only be found in "out-of-the-way" places where
    you wouldn't normally venture out to.
    This is the only autmoatic shotgun found in the game, but it does nothing out 
    of the ordinary from the other shotguns except it can fire loads more than the
    other slow ones. With all the shotguns, this one has lously range. 
    From a long distance, the spread of the shot wouldn't even hit the enemy. 
    From a medium range, you could just about hit one of their limbs and cause some
    severe damage. 
    Now, the real range. Once you're up close range with the enemies, this weapon
    will be sending them tens of metres backwards.
    The rate of fire is one of the most fastest in the game, if not the fastest.
    This is an excellent weapon to have when you're pitted up against whole hordes.
    It's perfect for ripping those goons apart.
    |                                                                             |
    |          ##     #       # #         #     #               ##                |
    |         #   # # ###     ###  ## ### ###     ##  ###     #   # # ##   ##     |
    |          #  # # # #     ### # # #   # #  #  # # ##      # # # # # #  #      |
    |          # ### ###      # # ### ### # #  ## # # ###     # # ### # # ##      |
    |        ##               # #                              ##                 |
    |                                                                             |
    |   ______________________________________________________________________    |
    \-*/                                                                       \*-/
                        -    Range:       Medium    -
                        +    Accuracy:    Good      +
                        -    Fire Rate:   Fast      -
    Once again, it's the basic weapon. It's the standard weapon used in most games,
    movies and can be found in real life being used by anybody and everybody. 
    It has fair accuracy and an pretty good firing rate, but it does have quite 
    poor stopping power - or it could just be the SFX they used for it which makes
    it sound like people playing with bubblewrap that lowers its seriousness. 
    Thankfully, the MP5 is equipped with a scope! The accuracy is let down because
    the bullets go all over the damn place, but it's contained to a small area 
    which can be used to your advantage. The MP5 fires at a really incredible rate
    and can take out a couple of groups of thugs with ease, but as mentioned, the
    accuracy lets it down slightly.
                        -    Range:       Medium    -
                        +    Accuracy:    Poor      +
                        -    Fire Rate:   V. Fast   -
    As anybody knows, this is The Gun. Famous for it's worldwide use by militant
    groups, drive-by shooters and just general gun nuts. It's not about precision
    aiming, it's all about emptying the whole magazine. After the smoke settles,
    the entire room is destroyed and obliterated. (If you ever saw that video of a
    guy playing with one of these, he fired non-stop at a standard wooden door from
    a medium range, you'd know just how powerful this gun can be. After all, the
    door was nothing but a couple of shards of splinters.)
    It's a doddle to waste whole rooms of baddies with this weapon, thanks to it's
    sheer unstoppable firing rate. Its effectiveness does deterirate over long 
    distances, but it can still bring them down none-the-less. 
    Dual Ingrams:
                        -    Range:       Medium    -
                        +    Accuracy:    Terrible  +
                        -    Fire Rate:   V. Fast   -
    If you read the above, you'd know that this is a gun where firing-rate is what
    it's all about. Like with the pistols, weilding one of these in each hand will
    lower the accuracy even more. But what we lose in accuracy, we make up in sheer
    force and firing rate. With twice the speed. This is perfect for bursting into
    enemy-filled rooms and clearing them out in seconds. Medium range is as far as
    you can get for a single target, anything further and it'd take both guns to 
    bring him down. Best to use them against whole groups if standing from long
    |                                                                             |
    |         #                   #   #      ##   #   ##  #                       |
    |        # #  ##  ##  ## # #  #  ###     # #      #   #  ###  ##              |
    |        ###  #   #  # # # #  #   #      ##   #  ###  #  ##   #               |
    |        # # ##  ##  ### ###  ##  ##     # #  ##  #   ## ### ##               |
    |        # #                             # #     ##                           |
    |                                                                             |
    |   ______________________________________________________________________    |
    \-*/                                                                       \*-/
                        -    Range:       Long      -
                        +    Accuracy:    Extreme   +
                        -    Fire Rate:   V. Fast   -
    This is best assault rifle you'll be getting on your hands on! It's the
    traditional rifle found in all games, and Max Payne wouldn't be a shooter if it
    didn't decide to shove one in. 
    This rifle is strong and powerful, taking down enemies in 1-to-2 hits and that
    is at whatever range. The accuracy of this gun is soo immense, you can pick 
    enemies off with it as you would with a sniper rifle. It doesn't have a scope
    like a Sniper or the MP5, but it sure does have the force and precision behind 
    it all.  
    The fire-rate is beutiful. You'd be able to walk into a tight corridor or hall
    packed with thugs and slaughter them all before they squeeze off a single 
    round. It is certainly the gun you'll want to be using the most. So once you
    have it, use it!
                        -    Range:       Medium    -
                        +    Accuracy:    Good      +
                        -    Fire Rate:   Fast      -
    The AK-47 and all its counterparts is another gun that makes up FPSs and 
    shooters in general. GoldenEye, Hitman, Metal Gear Solid, Freedom Fighters.
    When you think shooters, this is the gun that'd popped into your head.
    It's accuracy is a couple of steps down the ladder compared to that of the
    might M4. The rate-of-fire does compete and is on the same standards of the MP5
    and the M4, as well. It's stopping power is hard to determine because of the
    accuracy letdown, but it's powerful close up. The accuracy is confined to the 
    centre of the cross-hairs and just outside of it, meaning it can be used for
    some fair-range headshots as well as close gun fights.
    |                                                                             |
    |           ##      #                 ##   #   ##  #                          |
    |          #   ##      ### ### ###   # #      #   #  ###  ##                  |
    |          #  # #  #  # # ##  #      ##   #  ###  #  ##   #                   |
    |          # # #  ## ### ### #       # #  ##  #   ## ### ##                   |
    |        ##          #               # #     ##                               |
    |   ______________________________________________________________________    |
    \-*/                                                                       \*-/
                        -    Range:       Long      -
                        +    Accuracy:    Good-ish  +
                        -    Fire Rate:   Fair      -
    This sniper is pretty lously to be fair. It has a very poor zoom function and
    the bullets can go anywhere. It takes about 2 shots to kill somebody, and there
    is its fast rate of fire which can go either way; plaster the baddy, or miss 
    him all together.
    There's not much to say about this gun, except it's horrible to use, and you
    won't be using for long. 
    (Psst...I found that it's way more easier to fire by simplying lining up your
    shot without the zoom. It makes you feel super cool and it's a lot less
    frustrating than having your snail-pace zoom slugglishy chase a bad guy across
    the screen, missing each shot.)
    Sniper Rifle
                        -    Range:       Long      -
                        +    Accuracy:    Excellent +
                        -    Fire Rate:   Terrible  -
    This is the real sniper of the game, not that stupid Dragonov one. It has sheer
    precision aiming, being able to pick enemies off with twice the level of zoom
    than the other sniper. The power behind it is enough to stop dead a perp in
    a single bullet to any part of the body. It is let down by the rate of fire but
    sniper-studs will be in love with themselves as they quickly disperse multiple
    enemies with a single shot each in seconds.
    ...Or was that just me?
    Oh well, the best snipers in the world use bolt-action.
                                   [END OF GUIDE]
    Legal Information and Acknowledgements:
    Thanks to:
    -Father Christmas for bringing me this game one Christmas morning...
    -GameFAQs: For hosting yet another guide of mine. Admins, keep up the good 
    -Boxing Day! The useless holiday that comes directly after Christmas which 
     allowed me to play this undisturbed.
    -http://www.network-science.de/ascii/'s wonderful ASCII generator!
    -And God...the Dude who lives upstairs. 'Wonder if he has a Dell...
    -A bunch of users who are really awesome, but couldn't mingle there
    way on the list because they didn't actually do a thing to help, but I'm sure
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    Pfft...that's a lot of legal mumbo-jumbo, ain't it?
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