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"Max is back for more action and poetry!"


Max Payne is back and he is still troubled. Suffering from those demons that plagued him in the first one seem to have continued their hold on him. He is now back on the NYPD, and during a routing murder investigation he happens to run into Mona Sax. A woman he had thought to be dead, in fact the same woman he saw catch a bullet to the brain. He decides to follow her, knowing she holds all the keys to the questions that haunt him and give him nightmares. Along the way, a love starts to blossom between the two...and some steamy scenes erupt, go Max go!


Max takes ass kicking to a new level with his amazing bullet-time! This feature is also brought back to us, but even better than ever, as the back of the box states. Max can now do some Chow Yun Fat style moves with his guns. Seeing the camera spin around him in slow motion as he reloads his guns is truly decent and hip. You can use this feature when engaged in heavy gun fights to dodge bullets and improve your aim to blow away some bad guys. You get a pretty sweet arsenal of weapons to use also, grenades and Molotov cocktails are good for clearing rooms and blowing down walls to uncover some alternative ways of escape. Machine guns and sniper rifles are here for your killing pleasure too, you are also able to rescue some people along the way and they will help you blast your enemies! Cool feature, you'll no doubt have fun with this bad boy.


Here's something, Max doesn't look angry all the time anymore! Wow, the graphics are mighty sweet and so realistic you'll swear this was a live action movie. The character models move perfectly and rag-doll physics are now incorporated! Allowing for some really neat effects when enemies are blown off their feet by grenades or shot up with your firearms. The fire effects are exquisite and bright, blood splattering is fairly good although when some are shot, it seems to spurt late or not at all. Otherwise, everything else is cream cheese. Also, the graphic novel style cut-scenes are back...and they are awesome as usual, I love them.


Control's like a charm, feels like an FPS to be exact. You move\strafe with the left thumb-stick and aim with the right thumb-stick, fire your selected weapon with the right trigger. Jump with the ''A'' button, use bullet-time with the ''B'' button, use your secondary attack with the ''Y'' button, snipe with the ''X'' button and reload with the ''Black'' button. Also, your ''White'' button is used to take your best friend...the ''Painkillers'', everything is tight and feels great in your hands.


Max Payne is here again to shoot up more bad guys and looks cool in the process. If you are a fan of the first, you will adore this title, it is great and totally lives up to what I expected. Even people who try it the first time should enjoy this game, it is fun, violent, unique and looks very realistic. My main beef is that is just plays a little like the first one, which is not bad at all but a little extra spice should have been added besides some graphic upgrades and more bullet time moves. It is also pretty short! All in all, I say go out and purchase this will have an exciting experience.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/07/03

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