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"Would have been wiser to just pop in the first Max Payne and play that to get my Bullet Time fix, and just wait for the price to drop for Max Payne"

For those who have not had the chance to play the first Max Payne, despite it being on X Box, Playstation 2, PC and (recently) Gameboy Advance, to you poor unfortunete few; You missed out on quite the action romp.

Max Payne 2 is quite the sequel to Max Payne, in the sense that it keeps many of the same gameplay elements, keeps the same style, and expands on the story directly. So playing the first Max Payne would help you understand the story in Max Payne 2, but it is not necessary. The controls are pretty much the same and the game feels almost exactly the same, which is good and bad. The first Max Payne was (and still is) a game that I can play over and over, just because the bullet time is so cool and fun
(despite the fact that I knew where all the enemies were and the level layouts like the back of my hand). So Max Payne 2 dwelves in the same areas and offers the same gameplay and bullet time fun of the first. However, there were some that thought the first lacked any replay value whatsoever, and they will say the same about Max Payne 2. And undoubtedly they will mention the length of this game, which is pretty short. Then again, 8 - 10 hours seems to be the standard for great (cinematic) games nowadays (Manhunt? Metal Gear Solid 2? Zone of the Enders 2?)

Some may also gripe about the numerous cut scenes; this is a very cinematic game and it delivers a very well written story and a very good atmosphere.

On a more conventional note; the sound and voice overs are top notch as usual, the graphics and particle effects are great and, of course, the environmental interactivity make the action all the more fun. On an odd note, when I first played the PC version (at the highest graphical level and resolution), it seemed like everything was falling over (shelves, books, etc) but on the X Box I did not note as much environmental interactivity ... perhaps it is due to the technical differences, but it's fun regardless.

Also, X Box got the better version over PS2, just like the original Max Payne.

On a usefull note; this game is great, however, I don't know if it was worth the $50 I shelled out for it... perhaps it would have been wiser to just pop in the first Max Payne and play that to get my Bullet Time fix, and just wait for the price to drop for Max Payne 2. Anyways, that was just a thought.

My point is;this game is Max Payne, and offers little new to the table, but it is a fun game and quite the experience.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/23/03

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