"In a word: More"

The company Rockstar is widely known for its titles to be in the more adult theme 'd category, with titles like Grand Theft Auto, and the original Max Payne. They build upon those key signature parts of the company with a new title they've just put under there belts: Great Story Tellers. Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne is a tragic love story mixed with relentless action and fighting sequences, and plays out a lot like a movie type plot, although I won't spoil anything that isn't already known, the Main Character is, of course Max Payne, and during a routine investigation of gun shots, and murder, he finds ghosts are not so far gone as they appear.

Story 10/10

Perfect...its mind blowing story telling. Remedy and Rockstar bring back the great comic book style cut scenes, and even adds in some nice regular cut scenes to tell this story. Max runs into an old ghost named Mona Sax, who he thought had died in the first Max Payne (I highly recommend playing the first game before doing anything but drooling over this one), along with a few other familiar faces, the story is so full of twists and turns, this part alone literally makes the game a 6, right off the bat. Playing it, and watching it unravel is a lot like reading a great book, it has you wanting to keep going till you finish. Trust me, after playing this game, you'll be craving, begging Rockstar to make a part 3 in the tragic and twisted episode of Max Payne's Life.

Graphics 10/10

A huge upgrade from the original Max Payne. As the followers of the series may have seen, the first version of the game had little or no facial textures to speak of really, they had photographs of one expression and used it for each character the whole game, this is not so in the second game. Max, looks more distinguished, and a lot older, and stressed out, and considering what he's been through, that is a given. However not only do the faces look more defined as a whole, they've added in things like lips actually moving when people talk, blinking, and the environments look a lot more realistic this time.

Gameplay 10/10

Some problems with the first game was when Max moved, mainly from side to side, it appeared really clunky, and he almost moved too fast, they solved this problem and made him look more realistic while he did his run n gun technique. One advantage this time around is being able to fire your gun, and have a secondary weapon ready if needed. Grenades, Molotov Cocktails, and a basic Pistol whip can be assigned to the Y button to make things easier for max if he runs short on ammo before the battle is over. Another one is the new version of Bullet Time has been changed for Max's advantage, unlike before, where when you used bullet time, everyone moved at the slower pace, but this time as Max shoots people in bullet time, he speeds up, and they slow down, giving him a huge advantage and it makes taking on a huge group of people that much easier. One last addition is being able to play as a secondary character, Mona Sax, at certain points of the game.

Rent or Buy?

No question....none at all this is a must have game, no, thee must have game of the end of 2003, and into 2004. The only thing I want from this game is for them to make a part 3 in the series, and trust me, you will not regret buying this game at all. Rockstar once again lives up to the image its name presents.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/28/03

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