To start things off Max Payne 2 The Fall of Max Payne is obviously a sequel to Max Payne this game will explain what happens in the first one. So you do not need to go get the first one just to know what is going on. It would have more detail to what just happened.

GAMEPLAY 7/10 The gameplay is not the highlight of this game. It's fun, but it's one of those games that get boring after doing the same thing for an hour. the whole thing is pretty much identical to the first one. You can also play as a different character for a bit. The levels I thought were better made and not as dark as before. Also what was a nice addition is that you can find random people who insist on helping you kill the enemy like a swat team.

STORY 10/10 This game has a very good story even though it's hard to believe, but it starts off with a bang then it just gets better with Lots of twists, and romance. the story is what made me enjoy this game so much. It Fills in some of those holes left from the first one

GRAPHICS- Almost the same thing, they changed Max's face nothing special.

SOUND- Nothing seems to be wrong with if you don't pay attention to the effects then nothings wrong with it.

Controls- controls are not so bad its a bit sensitive and then you have invert aim which you can change then everything should be fine.

Is it better- I think yes a lot better in almost every way, but no more constipated face or hip leather jacket. But the gameplay is a bit better. they story is still real good. Also if you didn't like the first one this one is better it's at least worth a rent.

REPLAY 5/10 You start off with one difficulty after you have beaten it you get harder ones. Maybe a month or so later it can be fun again who knows.

Rent or Buy- It would really depend on the person you are it's a short game so no problem beating it in a week. I think it's a good game to have, or else wait for it till it gets cheaper.

Overall- This game much better than the first they have added the rag doll so it is more enjoyable to kill people just to see how they would land. It is still short maybe even shorter than the last. Overall it's a good game I was not much of a fan of the first one but this one is impressive not much more else to say.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/28/03

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