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Who can take an old as heck formula(Shooting+Babes=Sweetness) put in a better than average plot, some kickass gameplay and one of the best in-game features ever(bullet-time) and still make somthing that doesnt get old in 10 seconds? Rockstar can. This game rocks. It is definelty labled as one of those ''casual'' games, but I can assure you that it isnt.

What is it?
Max Payne 2 is the sequel to Max Payne(duh!). It stars a NYPD cop who's family gets killed by junkies. In the first game he sets out for revenge. In this game he is just trying to run! The story in this game is great. Almost the entire game(until the climax) is just a flashback. This has been done before but none have been done quite as well as Max Payne 2's was done.

Control 10/10-
I love the controls in this game. It really seems like this game was made for Xbox. From the spot on aiming to jumping though the air in bullet time, the controls are flawless. Controlling the game just seems natural and easy in this game. The over the shoulder aiming makes for spot on accuracy. Even if you play this game with a ''Duke''(big Xbox controller) you will still feel as if the controls are spot on. I also loved how the controls werent complicated. Right trigger- shoot, left trigger- shot dodge(slowed down diving
), right stick-aim, left stick- move. Then you use the d-pad to choose your weapons. During the game i found no spots where i fumbled over the controls.

Graphics 7/10-
This is Max Payne 2's downfall. Its graphics just seem to PS2ish to be an Xbox game. The faces look flat and the characters look jaggy. But i loved the dark atmosphere. The dark graphics really set the stage for some of the freaky levels(jail cell nightmare anyone?). And in the dream levels they added a really coo looking blur effect to movement. Overall the graphics dont shine but they dont suck either.

Sound 8/10-
The sound in this game is good. All of the guns sound real. And if you have surround sound then it just makes it better. Firing an AK-47 into an unsuspecting group of bad guys in the middle of the night at full blast could wake the whole neighborhood(and possibly might make them want to shoot YOU with an AK-47). But the best part about the sound is the voice acting. Wow. The voice acting is spot on. All of the actors were believable and they all fit perfectly with the characters. Everybody voice is so good. Sometimes i would sit in front of the in-game TVs just so i could hear the great voice acting of the ''Captain Baseball Bat Boy'' cartoons. And there is one particularly naughty part where the voice acting really shines(but i dont wanna spoil it!).

Overall 8/10-
I loved this game. I just kinda connected with it! Some of the levels are hilarious(one of them has you escorting a guy in a giant costume thats rigged to explode) and others are just plain fun. The plot really kept me going throughout the whole game. Even if you get bored(I have to say the levels get boring and repetitive about 3/4 of the way though:( )you'll still find yourself playing just to see what happens in the plot. But I do have some gripes with the game. Its just to short. This is a problem that plagued the orginal and plagues MP2. I beat it in a rental. So if you plan on buying wait till the price goes down. Overall this game is simply brilliant. Great level design. Great mechanics. Passable graphics, and one of the best game stories ever make this game a must play for all the fans of the original. And for all those who havent played the original....well....GO PLAY IT!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/06/04

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