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"The Film Noir Love Story"

This was a really enjoyable game. Max Payne is, and always shall be on my list of games with great voice acting. It takes all of the elements from a noir, revenge action movie, but in an interactive fashion. This quite possibly one of the best games released by Rockstar Games, of all time.

Story: (10/10)
You play as Max Payne, at the end of the last Max Payne game Max was arrested for the murder of the head of the Aesir corporation. But Max was released shortly there after, Alfred Woden, fulfilled his promise to Max. Because of the events Max left the DEA, and rejoined the NYPD. One night when he was on his way back to the station, he receives a call that gunfire was heard from a warehouse. Being the nearest cop on the scene, Max investigates, there at that warehouse, he is re-acquainted with someone he thought was dead. Mona Sax. The plot is just a beautifully written, and well-told story, that has brilliant use of graphic novel cutscenes (I for one would like to see an actual Max Payne graphic novel).

Graphics: (10/10)
The graphics on Max Payne 2 (whether it's on the PC, PS2 or Xbox) are beautiful, and look gritty. Especially in the graphic novel cutscenes, They look like they got someone like Frank Miller to do those scenes. The actual gameplay graphics look just as good as the graphic novel sequences. The game uses a nice ragdoll physics system. Which is implemented perfectly with the bullet-time action of the game. Dead people in games with ragdolls look very neat. And Max no longer looks like he's in desperate need of a laxitive either. He does look just as banged up as ever though.

Sound: (10/10)
The music in Max Payne 2 is really cool, and lends itself well to the movie inspired atomosphere of the game. It's all a sullen sounding gloomy soundtrack. The game also boasts a top notch cast of voice actors. These are some great actors who should have won an award of some variety for the voiceovers. The weapons in the game sound really realistic, the presentation of the entire game makes it look and feel like a movie. My favorite voiceover would have to be Vladimir Lem, the Russian mobster, he has a really cool Russian accent, and doesn't sound over the top.

Gameplay: (9/10)
The gameplay is a really solid part of the game. You control Max using a pretty standard, first-person-shooter style of control. The game uses a somewhat interesting choice for the health items in the game. Instead of finding medical kits, or stuff, you use painkillers. But the real fun in the game is the bullet time aspects, if you shoot someone with a shotgun his body falls in slow motion. It's really fun shooting a body up a wall with an M-16. And Rockstar even was so generous they got rid of those stupid dream levels that were in the original Max Payne (they are my most hated aspect of the original game. Unfortunately the game is a little on the short side, and the ending does leave a lot to be desired. Never the less it is still a worth while game to pick up and play.

This is definitely a great game to play. Everything from the presentation, to the voice acting, to the fun of the gameplay, everything is just perfect. Especially now that it is available for the really low price of ten dollars. This would definitely make a great movie. As long as they kept the same great script-writing.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/26/05

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