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"4 commandos...3 worlds...Billions of enemies...Great Game. (ALERT:Contains medium spoilers to gameplay!!!)"

Star Wars Republic Commando has got to be the greatest game I have ever played, bar none. Every single aspect of it is amazing and it all adds up for a fast paced, action packed game.

Story: 10/10
The story puts you as the commander of an elite group of commandos affectionately known as Delta Squad. Your team consists of Scorch (62), your ironic humorist who loves blowing stuff up, Fixer (40), your technologically inclined by the book technician and Sev (07), your cold blooded killer who loves to snipe down enemies from afar. The story is set between Episode II and Episode III and your are tasked with undergoing covert operations too sensitive for an invasion force. Equipped with only the best of tech and your trusty Vibroshiv, you tackle thousands of neverending waves of enemies on three different campaigns. I'd say that is a pretty good story to set out a plan for the unending violence that comes once you start the game.

Gameplay: 10/10
This is the best squad AI ever seen. From your point of view in the game, all of your vitals are displayed and a really cool thing is that you can check on your team from inside your helmet and see how healthy they are and whether they are currently assigned to something or not. The manuevers which your put your squad through are very different, including sniping, anti armor, door breach, door slice, slice console, grenade position, and turrets. Simply point and click, and a squadmate will assume that position. If the specialist in your squad is available to assign, eg. Scorch is free and you want to demo a door, then they will go. You can also do manuevers yourself, which is a nice touch. Also, your comrades are "smart" and will find cover, revive their squadmates and heal themselves. The things you can do are ENDLESS! As for the rest of the game, the enemies are smart as well, using different tactics to kill you and the rest of Delta Squad. (Think picking up your grenades and throwing them back at you.) You can really get immersed in this game. While it can get hard (think having to blow a bridge when there are droids advancing on you while they have turret coverage and are coming infinitely out of droid dispensers and having to kill a Spider Droid after.)This game's level of immensity is very high. They game may be a little short, but it packs a powerful punch for every second. The game also sometimes splits your team up to explore different places individually.

Equipment/Tech: 9/10

The weapons in this game are simply put, cool. You start off with a customizable blaster rifle that can be changed into a sniper rifle and an anti armor gun. Later on, you find things like massive ACP Repeaters that can tear things apart. Also included are the wookie bowcaster and ACP Array Gun, a shotgun of sorts. Unfortunately, this section does not earn a ten because the game only lets you carry one secondary weapon other than your rifle and a pistol which you always carry. Also, you can't bring secondary weapons from one level to the next. And Grenades! There are 5 types of grenades to use to obliterate your enemies, with each doing something different and being suited for a different group.

Enemies: 10/10

Enemies are great in this game. With about a dozen or more enemies from three different factions attacking you from every possible angle, with enemies becoming increasingly difficult to beat and increasing in numbers. I mean, like, they have a droideka dispenser, which infinitely rolls out the fearsome droidekas which can tear you apart. Also, the Trandoshan's heavy merc can literally rip you apart with his massive machine gun. I really enjoyed the variety in enemies and enjoyed using seperate strategies for each of them. (Tip: don't shoot battle droids - instead, use your blade to rip their heads off. )

Graphics: 10/10

The graphics in this game are nothing short of excellent. With every single level/environment you play in incredibly detailed and interactive, and responsive to things that happen, this game gets an A+ for picture. Nothing is brand new - everything is weary and battleworn and the battle droids are black this time - nice variation.

Sound: 10/10

The sound earns its high marks for the squad communication. The rest of the effects are good and realistic, and the background music is effective at immersing you in the game. But what makes this a 10/10 instead of an 8/10 is the conversations you have with your squad. Always eager to help and often injecting sarcastic comments with the usual "Need...Medical...Assitance" help blend this game into a reality that takes you into the mind of the commando. I really felt it.

Multiplayer: 4/10

God, I hate this multiplayer. With only about 5 maps to choose from, this multiplayer mode falls dreafully short. It is incredibly easy to die (Think 2 shots from a blaster rifle is the chest). I found the change from the helmet to a more docile simple first person shooter with only vitals etc pretty bad. Too bad you can't lead a team made of your friends or have some sort of co-op mode.

Apart from the multiplayer mode, BUY!!!! (I got mine used for about 35% off)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/18/06

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