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"Squad Based Combat At Its Finest."

I recently picked up this game, and by far, its the best Star Wars game ive ever played, not to mention one of the best shooters.


You start out being hatched after the cloning process. After a few scenes, and a being told that you are a Special Clone Trooper whos data has been altered to be superior to other Clone Troopers, you land on Geonosis. Your first objective is to gather the 3 other members of your squad. Each member of your squad is trained in a special area. Sev(07) is your sniper, expert hunter, and local badass. Fixer(40) is your hacker, he opens doors and slices databanks. Last but not least, Scorch(62) is your demolitions expert, he blows up debris and doors in your way, and hes funny while he does it. There are 15 levels, spanning 3 worlds.

Overall: 8/10


The best part of the game! The squad AI is probably the best ever made. With a simple push of the A button, you can command your troops to do just about anything. They can take up sniping positions, blow open doors, hop into turrets, heal themselves, and attack certain targets. The A button plus a directional button tells your squad to either search and destroy, move out, or secure an area. Your primary weapon the DC-17m Assault Rifle will be your main weapon. It has 2 attachments, a sniper rifle and an anti armor attachment. There are also other weapons, among which are DC-15s Side Arm Blaster, ACP Repeater Gun, and the awsome Wookie Bowcaster. There are also 4 types of grenades, Thermal, Electrostatic Charge, Sonic, and Flashbug. The button lay out is almost identical to Halo, which for most, is a blessing. You use the triggers for firing and throwing grenades. X to reload, Y to jump, and B to melee. The d-pad changes between your different weapons.

Overall: 10/10


Not much to say here. Its very well done. (As with most things Lucas Arts makes) Many songs from the Star Wars movies are in the game, and a few new ones.

Overall: 8/10


The graphics are superb. They rank right up there with Halo IMO. If you stab a Geonosian with a melee attack, there blood squirts onto your screen, and is whiped away with a lazer cleaner built into your helm. All the creatures look real. The only beef I have is sometimes if you turn to fast, the framerate slows down.

Overall: 8/10


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/07/05

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