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"If this does not get you ready for episode 3....nothing will!"

Star Wars Republic Commando (referred to as SWRC from now on) puts you right in the middle of the action as a commando for delta squad. Delta squad is an elite group of the clone solders sent in for the hardest missions, kind of like navy seals or team rainbow in rainbow six. Get ready for intense fire fights and overwhelming amounts of enemies in the great first person shooter.

Game play: 10/10
The Game play is very simplistic. Commands are issued by the push of one button, and include door breech, slice (hack), snipe, anti armor, and grenade post. The actually fighting is can be hectic to say the least. At some points you are outnumbered ridiculously, but your teammates AI is by far the best I have seen lately. For example, If you post one to a sniper position, then you try to snipe or shot anyone in the area he is covering…he will kill them before you most of the time.

Unlike other squad games, SWRC keeps the action fast paced. You will not go a long time with out some kind of enemy interaction. Also, there are not many cut scenes. The missions are linked together. So instead of doing a mission then watching a cut scenes briefing the next mission……you next mission is given on the fly, making you adapt quickly.

Story: 9/10
The story in SWRC leads into the upcoming Episode 3 movie. You are sent on 3 separate campaigns. You will battle droidsand insectoids on Geonosis (where the clone wars began in episode 2). Then you fight to take back a stolen assault ship, before fighting along side the wookies on Kashyyk.

You will fight along side you 3 squad mates for most of the game. Although in some parts you will be split up to complete several tasks quickly.

Graphics/Sound: 9/10
The visuals in the game are very nice. The game runs very smooth without any hitches in the frame rate. Although these are not the best graphics you will ever see on a Xbox game, they are the best graphics of any recent Star wars game.

The sound is top notch. Each of your squad mates has a different voice and personality. They are constantly filling your ear with comments about the enemies you fight and each other. After playing for a short time, you will begin the recognize each team members voice. I would list my favorite quote in the game, but it contains a minor spoiler. Let's just say it happens when you find a hidden item.

Playtime: 8/10
This is the only problem with the game in my opinion. It is not that is short (around 10-15 hours, which is average of FPS's now days) , but you are left wanting more. One more short campaign would have done the job for me.

Same is said for the replay value. For most people, there will be no replay value, but for some (including me) playing through again would not be a chore by any means.

In conclusion, I feel this game is a must buy for star wars/FPS fans, and a rental for non star wars fans. The single player campaign is great, but short. Crank the difficulty up to hard that is certain to add hours to the completion time

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/07/05

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