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"Short and Sweet"

Gaming has been graced with Star Wars greatness since before we could remember, but lately we've been getting quite a few competitors for the throne of Greatest Star Wars Game Evar. Noone can deny the great experiences that could be found playing Battlefront or KoToR 1 and 2, but this game hangs in there with those big boys.

Graphics- The graphics are very well done, what else can we expect from Lucasarts? The Commando armor is beautifully rendered with an extreme amount of detail, down to the burn marks on the side of the helmets. The Clone Troopers, Droids, Wookies, and other Aliens are all very nicely detailed, and one could not expect less from a Star Wars game.

Sound- It's Lucasarts, what else do you expect besides great sound?

Story- It revolves around events leading directly into Episode 3. Without spoiling, you're basically the leader of specially bred clones, labeled Commandos. You work in a small group of 4, each with their own specialties, and you do missions for the republic. The story is actually not that bad, considering it doesn't go into too much depth or anything. It's Star Wars.

Gameplay- This game's gameplay definately shines.Your troopers are very responsive and just as smart as you are, they never openly expose themselves to enemies, or completely ignore any cover. Giving them orders is also very simple. You make directions with the A button over context sensitive areas. You look directly at a spot, and if your troops can do something with that spot, press the A button and they do it. It's very simple, yet provides a lot of strategy and different ways to go through levels. There are a good amount of Guns around to keep you from getting bored with the weapons, The levels are all very well paced, speeding up and slowing down at just the right times and are never repetitive at all. However, for the faint of heart, this game is pretty difficult and very frustrating at times. You might want to stay away if you don't like challenges.

Replayability- This game is VERY short, VERY VERY short. It's beatable on the day you get it, if you can dedicate eight or nine hours to it at one time, you can finish the game. However the game does provide you with enough creativity during missions so that you might want to play through them several more times to do things differently. Plus there's always harder difficulties and multiplayer. Which leads me to....

Multiplayer- To be plain and simple.... it's nothing special. You don't get to lead a squad like in the single player, and it's not very unique. It's basically deathmatch, and team games like Halo, but not as well done or thought out. It's more of an afterthought to the excellent single player campaign. Some people might like it...

Overall- This game is excellent. The multiplayer and length are holding it back, but other than that, it's not just a good Star Wars game, it's a good GAME.

Buy or Rent? If you are a Star Wars fan of any degree, go out and buy this game, no worries, it's wonderful. For shooter fans that aren't familiar with Star Wars, rent it, you might not enjoy the subtleties that a Star Wars fan would, but it's good enough to warrant a rent even if you aren't a Luke Skywalker stalker.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/07/05

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