Review by shadowerz9

Reviewed: 03/14/05

Great game, really great game

Over the past years of Star Wars games, it has improved time after time after time. I think this game shows all the hard work and effort they put into all of the games combined. Lucas Arts has outdone themselves this time.

Graphics: 10/10
The beautiful environment, the blood spattering on your screen and the characters are what gives the graphics a 10. The effects are great too, making it seem more realistic. The details on every, little bit and the background is just amazing. This game earned an A+ for graphics.

Game Play:9/10
Some people like shooting at stuff all day but some find it not very exciting. But this is no ordinary plain First Person shooter, you can give orders, blow stuff up and even more. Besides from the flaws I’m about to tell you, this game gets an A+ on Game Play. The flaws are that there could have been more interactive objects and add different things to the background instead of a bunch of scrap and boxes. That's it.

Since Lucas Arts is an expert at sound (their movies!), this game has great sound. The explosions sound awesome and the characters give you some comic relief in their conversations. Earned an A+.

Replay Value: 9/10
If you're like me and like to just see the ending and that's it, this is a good game for you. After you’re done, you can play split screen multi-player, go on Xbox Live and play the game on a harder level.

Buy or Rent: Buy for most people
Yes, if you're a Star Wars fanatic, by all means buy this game. For the person who is not a Star Wars fanatic but like realistic first person shooter games, this one is perfect. Buy.

This game isn't perfect, but really close. You'll love this game trust me. The only reason some people would rent it because they don't really like shooters ot like doing the same thing again and again. But besides from that, this game is amazing.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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