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"The beginning of Star Wars, for me anyway."

I never really played any Star Wars games or cared much about them. Until this game came along. When I bought this game for $40 I wasn't expecting a fantastic FPS. Since no store around me had this game available for rent and I had a spare $40, I went ahead and bought this game.

Single Player-
The single player in this game is amazing. I was absorbed into the story and I didn't take my eyes off the screen until I was 2 hours into the game. It felt long to me, but I guess everyone thinks it is too short. If anyone is looking for a fun FPS single player experience, This is the right game.

Xbox Live is average. You run around in teams trying to kill each other. Pretty basic. A good thing is there isn't a leader board. At least not to my knowledge. If a cheater or glitcher wants to do that crap in here, it's pointless. Look elsewhere if you want a good multiplayer experience.

Graphics: 9/10
Has very nice graphics. Maybe not the best on the Xbox, but better than most.

Sound: 10/10
The voice acting is great, no flaws here. The explosions, guns blasting, even to the smallest detail is very awesome sounding. They got into great detail with the sound in this game.

Game Play: 9/10
The command system is easy to use, tap the A button and they are doing what they are told. A lot easier to use than some of the other squad-based game I've played, Full Spectrum Warrior, Brothers in Arms, ETC. They have close to no cut-scenes in this game. A few more cinematic scenes would have been nice.

Replay Value: SP: 6/10
MP: 9/10
In single player, you don't unlock anything. Nothing to go back and try to earn or look for. You unlock everything on your first time through. No much replay value in the Single Player, sadly.
In Multiplayer there is reply value, of course. There usually is replay value in multiplayer.

Overall: 9/10
This is the first Star Wars game I actually enjoyed. It was definitely worth my money and I bought KOTOR after beating this game and I am enjoying that too!mI guess I can thank this game for introducing me to some great games I was missing out, like KOTOR.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/22/05

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