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Reviewed: 03/28/05

Master Yoda wants YOU! That's right. YOU!


Star Wars. You start thinking about Jedi Knights beating people up and stuff. Then the battle droids and clone troopers. Stormtroopers and Rebel forces. Republic commando is all of these, but stormtroopers and Rebel forces are not in there. No Jedi Knights either. Instead, we go back to Episode 2-3 and play as republic commandos. Think of this as the Star Wars SWAT team with only 4 people. It does surprisingly well and you have to try this to believe it. Or you can just give the game dealer the money and keep it forever.

Story: 9/10

We move away from the main part and go to the life of 4 republic commandos. You are one of them and you have 3 squad-mates. Your squad is dropped off in the middle of Geonosis, in that big battle in Episode 2. All the things you do are just other things that may not be in the big meat of the story, but certainly takes place there. You move your way to parts of Episode 3, in the battle to save the wookies on their home planet. The story is good, but it may spoil some stuff from Episode 3, since it’s the last Star Wars movie to be put in theaters/video.

Game-play: 10/10

It’s just another FPS game. You start out with an introduction by Taun We, some thing at Kamino where you were born. You are told that you are an commando and she starts to explain things. The really cool part is that in some cut-scenes, you can look around. In that same opening, it showed you and your squad-mates practicing in a virtual reality thing. You got to participate in it and then you get to resume after 5 seconds of that. This is unique and stylish.

You land on Geonosis. Like the title says, it’s “Republic Commando”. You’ll have to command people to do some work, but you can’t command anybody but your squad-mates. I was nervous about commanding a whole bunch of guys until I learned that. Your 3 squad-mates are Scorch, the explosive kind of guy and sarcastic, Fixer, the guy who likes messing with computers, and Sev, the dude who really, really likes killing stuff.

Basically, you shoot stuff with your guns, but you just carry a pistol and rifle (they’re lasers). It sounds like shooting with the same weapons is going to get a bit boring, but it’s actually not. You can attach certain parts to your rifle and your pistol recharges. It’s nice, but it’s not enough. Thankfully, you can pick up other weapons. Ammo is not much of a problem. It’s just where it’s located. You expect a number at the bottom of the screen, but it’s actually on you gun. A number and a clip showing how much is left. The problem is that some guns make me search for it. I picked up some yellow laser this Geonosian punk dropped and I looked all over, but I ran out. After a little bit, I found it, so new players might feel frustrated on where the supply number is.

Ah, your squad mates. They can do almost everything you can do and some things you can’t. Holding the A button, you can then press on the D-pad that activates the prompted command. Form up or cancel what you’re doing. They can fend for themselves, but you find yourself babysitting them when they are low on health.

In some situations, you have to order a squad member to hack a console or plant a charge. You have to provide cover fire. If you don’t want to cover him, you can also command other members to take a sniping position or a grenade position. Of course, you can hack or plant charges yourself, but you will have to rely on your squad members to protect you. The really cool command is the door breach maneuver where one plants a charge, the other stands behind a wall, and the other one just stands there (you don’t do anything). When the charge goes off, the person behind the wall throws a grenade in, and everybody goes nuts!

Something strange has gone into the Star Wars video game: GORE! AND BLOOD! For the first time, Star Wars has gone to the gory side. Blood spatters everywhere and sometimes, heads fall off of creatures. It’s just strange that battle droids bleed. Also, I also saw some reptile guy get impaled on a wall of spikes. YOW!

Control: 10/10

Squad commands are really easy and shooting is just like any other Xbox shooting game. It’s just that I always have to stand in one spot to issue a hard command.

Graphics: 10/10

Really, really good. Why can’t all video games have this kind of graphics. Totally digital looking stuff. Oh yeah, if you get close enough to an enemy and give it a bloody death, a bunch of gooey stuff gets on your visor. The sweet colors of blood. No, it’s not red blood. But the wookies look weirder than I thought.

Sound: 10/10

If you have surround sound, this is a blast. A real big blast. Lasers sound like they are really from Star Wars and I really like listening to squad mates talk. It makes you feel like they are actually there. Scorch, your demolition dude, is really funny and sarcastic. Sev likes talking about his kills. Fixer, well, I don’t really know what he is talking about. I really like their conversations.

Music: 9/10

This is something new. Could this be possibly the new song in Episode 3? I don’t know. It’s just good, that’s what. The music at the main menu sounds way, way, way different than any other music I’ve heard on Star Wars. Also, I don’t notice very many themes from the series itself. Well, who really cares when this new music is great?

Multi-player: 9/10

You need 2-4 players for split-screen and lots of people for Xbox Live. There are some nice multi-player modes that all FPS games have. The problem is that there is not enough customization for the maps. I don’t think you can select the weapons you want there. It’s great that you can customize your outfit. Multi-player is really fun, but it could have been improved.

The real disappointment in multi-player is that there could have been a co-op mode. There are 4 squad mates in the game. Xbox has 4 controller ports. It would have been PERFECT! But no. No co-op mode here.

Overall: 10/10

We’ve gone where no Star Wars game has gone before and it did a great job. With few disappointments and a steady campaign mode, ST:RP is a must-have for all FPS fans and Star Wars fans. Checking it out for a while is not a bad idea either.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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