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Reviewed: 04/03/05

I should not have enjoyed this game as much as I did

Star Wars: Republic Commando (2005/X-box)

Republic Commando is a game that allows you to take control of an elite squad of clone troopers in the fight to save the republic against the Separatists, well giving you a small amount of information on what's going to happen in the third Star Wars film.

Graphics 10/10
It's nice to see a game these days that actually tries to look realistic and succeeds at it, instead of using cell shaded graphics or some other kind of stylize graphics. I do enjoy alternative graphics, but with all the power the X-box has, I'm just glad to see someone putting the big, black, box's power to good use.
If you where going to fault the game, then it would be in the fact that there are only three different levels. Well each level is a decent size; it might have been nice to see more variation on each level.

Sound 8/10
With the invention THX sound in most Star Wars games, it becomes difficult to fault the games sound quality. This games problem come from quantity, because if you don't have 5.1 surround sound hooked up to your X-box then some time you'll have various sounds not actually happening, even if you can plainly see it happening on the screen. This I suppose is not a really big problem, but I don't know any X-box owner with 5.1 surround sound hooked up to their console, so this sound fault would really distract from the overall gaming experience.
Accept for this one problem, the game is perfectly fine. The voice acting is great and any fan of Star Wars should recognize a lot of the voices in the game. All of the music is well timed to add a good level of depth to the game, though without 5.1 it is doubtful you will really hear it all that well.

Game play 8/10
The game play in Republic Commando is one of the more controversial elements. The game tries to find a balance between strategy and all out action. To this end, the game uses a one click system. It lets you point at an object or location and allows you to do a single action at that location. Well some people may think this is too simple, I personally think it was under used. There where lots of location that could have been used as defence positions, but they where ignored by the designers. An interesting idea was making the characters immortal. If your characters die, he can be revived by another squad member. The only way to lose the game is to have the entire squad die. This maybe useful for this type of game, because believe me, a careless gamer will be using this ability a lot.
Another thing about this game is the supply of ammo; the game seems to want you to use your squad heavily, because if you do to much your self you will find you running out of ammunition very quickly. The designers must have noticed this because they have given you an unlimited ammunition pistol.
Even with all these elements working against games, I still found it very enjoyable. This kind of game is one of my favourite varieties, it has Halo style characters with there incredible powerful personal force fields and armour, as well as their Swiss army knife of guns.
Out of everything this game does, it would have been a must have if it had included a co-op mode. What would have been even better is the ability to have four people in the main game; four experienced players would more or less make your team invincible. Well since it is not in this game, maybe it will be in the sequel.
One thing that this game does better than any other, even Halo 2, is the A. I. of the characters, both on your team and the enemies. Your team is smart enough to avoid trouble, hide when there shield are down and hunt the enemy when needed. Well your opponents, at least the non-droids will hide, throw grenades and snipe.
Though the only real enemy that is a problem are the super battle droids, stay out in the open to long and one of them will take you out with a rocket.

Story 7/10
Well there is no real depth story to this game; there is a lot of character back story, as well as small hints to where Episode III is going, but otherwise it is quite thin.
The back story is a pretty much standard military storyline, i.e. kill the enemies, planet bomb, kill the enemy some more, hack the computer and escape well killing some more of the enemy. Not exactly an award winning story line, but for this kind of game, if you want anything else, you are going to be let down. The majority of the games story comes from caring for your squad, each member, even though they are clones, have very different personalities. Delta 38, Boss, is your character and is a very good balance between a military leader and someone who can enjoy a joke. Delta 40, Fixer, is a different matter, instead of being a mix, he is all military. Delta 07, Sev, is the sniper of the group and has a very twisted view on life. And finally there is Delta 62, Scorch, as you might have guessed he enjoys blowing stuff up and spends most of his time telling jokes.

Replay 4/10
The replay on this game must have been of rushed. The split screen is nothing more than a squashed view from the main story. The levels are tiny, good for about 4 players, any more and it's becomes to full. There are no creativity on the modes, just death match, team death match, capture the flag and assault, nothing that you can't get a better version of in other games.
As for the main story replay, accept for maybe going through on a higher difficulty, there is not much need to do it again, especially since it is so short, I completed it in one day. Maybe if there was some kind of co-op I might have enjoyed it a few more times.

Overall 7/10 - 74%
This game is crying out for sequel, the basic are all here, good A. I, great graphics, maybe a few touch ups on the sound and game play and a complete rework of the multi player and game length and we could have one of the greatest X-box games of all time, possible even X-box 2.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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