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"A strong ally of the Force"

The Star Wars franchise never really used did a squad based shooter before but now they have and it is amazing. Star Wars Republic Commando combines FPS action with squad based strategy. It becomes a very unique game and one of the FPS shooters I played this year. Star Wars Republic Commando has story events that happen after Episode II and before Episode III. You play as clone leader named "38." The Republic made a special group of clones that battle more effieciently than all the other clones you see in Episode II. After an impressive opening sequence, you are sent to Geonosis to kill a Geonosian War Chief. One of the things I don't like about this game is the first level. It just isn't that fun. After you get all the members of your squad, it gets a little better. The reason its not fun is because you start out with just a lame ass blaster. All the enemies are droids or geonosians. Each enemy in the first level takes like 10 shots and it doesn't really get much better. After you finish the first level and get a sniper rifle, things get better.

On a gaphical level, the games pretty nice. I've seen better but its still good. Its clean and the framerate doesn't drop. Theres a ragdoll physics engine in the game but it's not really emphasized much. There are no cut scenes in the game which I found dissapointing. I think there was like 10 different enemies in the game. It kind of got repitive when you kept seeing the same old guys again. There's 5 different weapons. Your starting weapon, the DC-17, has two attachements. Sniper and Grenade Launcher. The other wepons consist of a futuristic chaingun, a shotgun, something sort of like a submachinegun, a laser beam weapon, and some grenades.

You get four different grenades: Thermal, Sonic, Flash, and EC. Thermal is making mince meat out of meaty targets. I don't remember what the heck sonic is for. Flash blinds things with eyes (not including droids). ECis a droids nightmare.

At many times in the game, you run into something called a droid dispenser. These things are asses. Whenever you run into them, you will be like @$%&. You try and hurry up and blow itup before droids come out. The droids you first meet aren't tough. When you meet droidekas and Super battle droids, they are ridiculously hard to kill without the right weapons. By the way, this game is pretty difficult. I barely made it past each level. You start out with health and a shield generator just like Halo. Shield heals automatically but your health has to be healded by things called Bacta. Whenever you get low or someone in your squad is low on health, you have to order him to get bacta. It's pretty easy, just point at the bacta and press A.

There are special places where your squad gets to use their special skills. Your squad members are 07(the sniper), 40 (the hacker), and I forgot the other guy but he likes to blow stuff up. If you need a door to be hacked just go up to it and hold A or tell you squad to do it by pointing at it and pressing A. You can assign your squad to sniping and demolitions at certain places. Sometimes, Scorch, the guy who likes blowing stuff up, is hilarious. He's always complaining and getting scared. Your squad always tells him to shut up.

A lot of the music is from the Star Wars films. Dialouge is clean and top notch. Carth from KOTOR plays scorch and the guy who playes Jango Fett in Episode II plays the leader. Droids say,"Uh-oh" whenever you throw a grenade at them. There's wookies in the game and they all have that nice Chewbacca yell we all love. I just didn't understand one thing. All the wookies are so fat, wide, and tall.

I had a lot of fun playing this game. I never really tried the multiplayer so I can't say anything about that. The squad is fun to command and blowing up droids is really fun. One thing bothered me though. This game is soooooooo friggin short. I beat it in two-three days. I suggest just renting it if you don't have Xbox Live. I would totally recommend buying it for $20. So here's my overall score:

+Squad is fun to use.
+Great Star Wars music
-Too short
-From what I hear, uninteresting multiplayer.

Funness (I know thats not a word): 9
Sound: 9
Length: 6
Overall: 8

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/18/05

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