Review by TFDM4EVA

Reviewed: 04/28/05

A Starwars game, but a starwars game that has ever ending action!

Personal comment:

I'm a great fan of first person shooters but not really a game when you have to rely on a squad to progress through the game. This game was different though the AI of your squad mates was excellent so you didn't feel it was a chore to order them around.

Story: 3/10

Nothing really spectacular here, its a star wars game so you can expect it to run along the same lines as the movies. The thing is that there is no real story, you just progress through the levels kill enemies and protect your allies. The player doesn't really get any history to the four main characters; this is in some ways good but bad for those who like a good story along with the action. I personally like to have a little incite into the world that these soldiers live in, and in the end you don't really think like you accomplished anything like you just "did your job" and is finished.

Gameplay: 8/10

To start of the gameplay is excellent. The controls are easy to learn and everything becomes second nature to you after a few minutes playing the game. Now if you have played the game Halo before the controls are very similar and so you won't even have to learn the controls except of course the squad command buttons which are well placed and practical. The course of the game isn't confusing and there is one only real path so you won't find yourself running around aimlessly looking desperately for where to go. The enemies are pretty smart and fight well. But they don't use cover much, which is helpful on higher difficulties. What I found most amazing was the AI of your squad mates (Fix, Scorch and Sev) they are not "little kids" when it comes to fighting and are very helpful throughout the whole game. On some squad based games I found the squad I had to be more of a hindrance than helpful, but in Republic Commando I found myself needing their skills to get me through the game which I found most surprising.

Graphics: 9/10

What can I say the graphics were breath taking!. The visuals of this game surpassed my expectations and were one of the most important features of the game to me. The surroundings are lush, detailed and a nice change from the graphics of the other games I have been playing. The characters are smooth and the enemies look very realistic. There are no cutscenes in RC which is bad in my opinion but they certainly made up for it with the gameplay graphics which I think stand equal or even better with giants like Halo and Halo 2. Another nice feature that I liked about the game was the HUD, the graphics on that were awesome and it really made your think you were fighting the robots that advanced at you and your loyal allies.

Sound: 7.5/10

The music was nothing special, was an ordinary but fitting mix of starwars music and a slop here and there of hard rock. The sounds of your guns and the enemies were the saving points of my rating of the sound because they were extraordinary. The guns you carry with you make realistic sounds and the enemies and the way they sound is nothing short of perfect. The gameplay sounds drew you in and made you really think you were part of an intergalactic war.

Fun rating: 10/10

What can I say?, I really enjoyed this game from start to finish. It never made me swear in frustration or chuck my controller at the TV. (Tip: If you want the game to last a bit longer play it on a high difficulty not easy).

Rent or Buy?

If you don't like FPS rent it first then if you like the game buy it!, its worth every penny.

Final Rating: 8/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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