Review by Nick_GE

Reviewed: 05/02/05

Rainbow Six + Star Wars = WINNER!

First off, I'm a huge Star Wars fan. I've seen all the movies, played a lot of the games, and even read a few books. Republic Commando is a fresh coat of paint on an old mansion.

The biggest feature of the game is probably the squad mechanics. And as is to be expected, they work superbly. If you say go, the squad goes. If you say heal, the squad heals. They usually follow your order to the letter...usually. I've run across a few situations where a squad member will not obey me or sometimes not move at all. Thankfully, these moments are few (I found only 3 in the whole game), and don't really hold up the gameplay for too long. As far as shooting, running, and jumping go, it's all basic bread-and-butter stuff, as has been in nearly every FPS since Halo. Speaking of Halo, the controls could have been ripped right from it. This is not a bad thing in any way. The only real changes are you hit Y to jump and the D-Pad to switch weapons. The black and white buttons are also used for grenade and visor mode switching.

Low marks here because there really isn't much in terms of a plot. Basically, your RC-1138, the leader of an elite squad of, you guessed it, Republic Commandos. The first mission has you invading Geonosis on the first day of the Clone Wars, the second mission sees Delta Squad investigating the reappearance of a Republic Assault ship, and the third and final mission takes place on the Wookie homeworld of Kashyyyk. In the Star Wars timeline, the game takes place between the Episode II and III.

The graphics in RC are really, really good. The character models look just superb, and each member of Delta Squad has unique armor so the player can tell them apart. All the guns sound like they would in the movies, and each has it's own unique model (duh!). The musical score is one of the best in a game ever. Most of the music is taken from a Star Wars movie, but is still use perfectly. When the game wants you to get pumped, it'll start in with a fast-paced musical track. Overall this game is simply a wonder to behold.

The worst part of the game is the end. After popping $50 on this baby, the fun is over in about 6-10 hours. There are a few difficulty spikes in the game, but these usually don't take too long to get past. A few unlockables add to the value, and multiplayer is fairly good (although the default look sensitivity is all over the screen, but that can be fixed). For multiplayer, you've got Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Assault. Assault is basically a reverse CTF.

The overall package of Republic Commando is great, and truly a gem for the Xbox and an exceptional Star Wars game overall. Although the trip is over quickly, it's an absolute blast while it lasts.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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